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Text Chapter 250 Loyalty

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    My secretary is the fox demon main text volume Chapter 250 Loyalty and integrity In Huang Ding Yu Maoqizong received Weizhi's five-step tracking reminder, and left to the southwest to find Xianmen and the cat demon queen, Weizhi immediately called  Chen Kuo was notified by phone.

    We only knew that Chen Kuo and his sworn brothers and sisters would definitely try to find a way to find a free door. Before Huang Ding arrived, Chen Kuo had just called him to ask if there was any "Seven Devouring Trace Mystery Technique"  may be passed on to outsiders.

    Of course, Weizhi did not tell Chen Kuo the specific content of his five-step locating and tracking. If he really wanted to do that, it would harm him and make him a possible counterattacker of the seven-phag locating and tracking technique.

    But Huang Ding is likely to encounter a very strong backlash this time. He is also looking for Xianmen and the cat demon. He is worried that if Chen Kuo is nearby, he will also be affected, so it is necessary to remind him.

    Weizhi only told Chen Kuo that Huang Ding had used his hands to carry out five-step tracking.

    Because Chen Kuo is quite familiar with the "Seven Devouring Trace Mystery", so just this sentence reveals two extremely important news:

    1. Huang Ding has received a five-step tracking reminder, and it is extremely possible to find the exact location of the cat demon and Xianmen;

    2. Huang Ding has been reminded by the five-step tracking. It is almost inevitable that he will be strongly backlashed. Although he does not know the specific method of backlash, it must be extremely violent. If he gets close, he may be hit by Chiyu.

    Before getting this news, Zhu Li had already told Chen Kuo that she had a way to track the location of the idle door.

    Originally, according to his idea, he first found Xianmen and the cat demon, figured out what was going on with them, and then looked at how to help them escape tracking.

    When necessary, he can create a vision of "the evil king is present", or make some noise about the "Purple Tail Phoenix Lord" to attract the attention of the real king Gaoxiu, and while covering the idle door, he can also carry out other activities.  The test of the "True Monarch Hunting Plan".

    Of course, how to implement it requires careful planning.

    The scene of Fatianxiangdi and Dominant Body state is too frightening, and not only under the spiritual vision, it is a real scene that anyone can see. There must be an area with no people as the space for casting spells.

    Moreover, many things had to be arranged in advance, prepared in advance, and the location had to be determined first, which was why he had asked the little secretary to run around and investigate everywhere.

    Now that Huang Ding found Weizhi to conduct a five-step tracking, Chen Kuo immediately had a new plan.

    Undoubtedly, Huang Ding is the first one on the list of true kings that he suspects and needs to be tested. However, he had no way to determine the whereabouts of each true king before, so if he really wants to start planning, he can only arrange according to the probability  .

    But now it's different, Huang Ding is probably the first real monarch to find Xianmen and find the cat demon, and Chen Kuo also has a secretary who can track the location of Xianmen, which gives him a chance to find the cat demon in a  An exact place and an approximate time to "arrange" Huang Ding.

    Yaomei Xiao Jiamiao went to Yuan Taizong to have a meeting with Mitu and Li Shiyou. After Chen Kuo came over, she planned to find a way to find her second brother, or see how to help him.

    But when Chen Kuo arrived at Yuantaizong, Huang Ranxiao, the patriarch of Yuantaizong, forbade Xiao Jiamiao and Mi Bunny to leave.

    Because the Fayan Sect Master immediately contacted Huang Sect Master after realizing where Xiao Jiamiao had gone and what he was going to do, and told her to keep Xiao Jiamiao under watch, and not let her get involved in the matter of Xianmen  .

    Since he wanted to stop Xiao Jiamiao, Huang Ranxiao naturally couldn't let Mi Bunny go¡ªcompared to Xiao Jiamiao, a spiritual disciple of the Fayan Sect, Mi Bunny, as a monster, was naturally more dangerous going down the mountain to get involved in this matter.  .

    Because of the previous rescue of Mi Bunny, Huang Ranxiao, as the suzerain of Yuantai Sect, actually has a good impression of Chen Kuo and his seven brothers and sisters.

    But Huang Ranxiao could agree with them to take Mi Bunny down the mountain to eat, drink and have fun, but he couldn't agree with Mi Bunny to participate in the idle door.

    ?After all, the matter of idleness involves the issue of buttocks, the issue of spiritual cultivation and the camp of demons, and it is "big right and wrong".  It is still uncertain what the current situation is, but what is certain is that the five major sects attach great importance to it, and many true monarchs and high-level practitioners participated in the investigation.

    As long as Mi Bunny can play a decisive role, it can fulfill their friendship of sworn brothers and sisters, but looking at it now, with the strength of Mi Bunny and Xiao Jiamiao, it is impossible for them to play a decisive role in the matter of Xianmen.  any impact.

    Xiao Jiamiao was naturally unwilling, and wanted to secretly find the second brother with Chen Kuo.

    If Chen Kuo is willing to secretly take her down the mountain, there is no problem, but according to his current plan, it is indeed not suitable for Yaomei and the fourth child to participate, so he not only persuades Yaomei and Mi Bunny to stay  Yuan Taizong even allowed Li Shiyou, who is free and a casual cultivator, to stay in Yuan Tai for the time being.?.

    Chen Kuo's request made them very puzzled, but because of the experience of leading a team to rescue Mi Bunny last time, they admired Chen Kuo very much, so although Chen Kuo didn't explain much about this meeting, they still obediently agreed  Stay in Yuan Taizong, waiting for his follow-up arrangements.

    However, Chen Kuo did not take anything with him when he left Yuan Taizong.

    The crow demon was taken down the mountain by him.

    Because this little crow demon named Ying Shuangxue, who was previously coerced by Zhai Hongyang to be a messenger and inquire about news, has firmly believed that she has switched to Chen Kuo's sect since she was captured, and is now Chen Kuo's man.

    Chen Kuo didn't take this seriously at first, there are already many demon spirits around him, and he likes to use tanks, cannons, skeleton armies, bloody abysses, gluttonous fat girls, etc.  With a real demon by his side, is he a villain or a decent one?

    However, this crow always makes troubles in Yuan Taizong, and when he makes a fuss, he shouts: "My lord is Chen Kuo and Immortal Chen! Even if you get my body, you can't get my person! I, Ying Shuangxue, am loyal and loyal!  If you don't let me reunite with the lord, I won't give in"

    I don't know who shouted "good birds choose trees to live in" before.

    The people of Yuan Taizong naturally wouldn't take it seriously. This crow is usually with Mi Huajun, and he is also cautious when facing Mi Huajun.

    Moreover, this crow demon has never done any real evil. With Yuan Taizong's behavior style, it is impossible to refine her, so she becomes more and more unscrupulous.

    It is obvious that she is relying on Yuan Taizong herself, and it is as if Yuan Taizong imprisoned her.

    This time when Chen Kuo came over, he was a little embarrassed to see her making such a noise. After all, he was the one who caught this guy. Strictly speaking, it was a trouble he caused, so he had to take her down the mountain.

    Originally, I wanted to let her find a deep mountain and old forest to practice, but judging by her current cultivation level, she was either caught by other spiritual practitioners and became a spiritual material, or was caught by other monsters and driven  Do bad things, or become a spiritual material

    So after thinking about it, Chen Kuo decided to just take her with him and treat her like a parrot.

    After correcting her values ??and worldview, and her cultivation has improved a lot, then find an old village in the deep mountains to give her a training place and habitat, and let her go to practice.

    Fortunately, Chen Kuo and the little secretary followed the door all the way, driving their own Corolla, and it would be really inconvenient to take her with them if they took a plane or train.

    Although Chen Kuo doesn't intend to let her directly participate in the real king's hunting plan, but if she is by her side, there is a high probability that she will guess something, or even know that they are tracking the location of the idle door, so Chen Kuo is on the safe side, or use the  He mastered the "Purple Tail Phoenix Lord" golden rune that was assimilated into supernatural powers, and left a seal on the crow demon.

    Generally speaking, this so-called contract seal is not very useful, unless it is a curse with strong side effects, but that heavy curse also has a strong influence on the caster, and generally it will not affect low-level demons like crows.  It was used by the little demon¡ªso Zhai Hongyang didn't cast any controlling curse on the little demon at that time.

    But besides directly trapping monsters and spirits, the magical power Chen Kuo obtained from the "Purple Tailed Phoenix Master" has also been developed by him to use some other functions - it can be used to delay sealing other monsters  ¡ª¡ªOf course, it can only be effective for demons with a cultivation level below the demon king.

    That is to say, if the crow demon has any rebellious behavior, as long as Chen Kuo is willing, she can directly block and seal her Yin spirit no matter how far away, making her lose her intuition and inspiration, which is equivalent to suspended animation.

    However, after being given the seal, Yayao Yingshuangxue cheered happily, and "Master" shouted even more joyfully, as if the "seal" was the "certification of her own person" given to her by Chen Kuo.

    Not only was Ying Shuangxue extremely flattering to Chen Kuo, she was also flattering to Zhu Li and Ganfanniu, but she quickly won the acceptance of the secretary, and Ganfanniu was also called "Senior Ganfan", "Sister Ganfan",  After shouting "Elder Ganfan" and "Boss Ganfan", he happily accepted her into the "Akuomen" and became their "Yaomei" and "Yaoyao" of Akuomen.

    Following the little secretary's induction tracking, they drove all the way to the southwest, and when they approached Caiyun City, they were basically sure that Xianmen was hiding in Caiyun City.

    So Chen Kuo immediately found a place to create the aura fluctuations of the "Purple Tail Phoenix Lord" to display his hegemony and test the real king - Mount Taihua not far from Caiyun City.
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