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Main Text Chapter 60 It's time for the test!

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    Chen Kuo and Yang Ningpu had an exchange, and they both felt that there were indeed frequent occurrences of supernatural events in Xianyue City in the past six months, which was a bit paradoxical.

    However, whether these incidents are all related to the "Mr. Zhai" behind the scenes this time is still uncertain for the time being, and we need to go back and do a backtracking and investigation.

    "If these incidents are really from the same source, what is the plot? Is it simply because they are unhappy with the sect and want to make trouble for us? Or is it a pure villain?" Yang Ningpu frowned puzzled.

    "I'm afraid we will have to find that 'Mr. Zhai' or confirm his identity before we can know why he did these things." Chen Kuo said.

    "Well, Senior Brother Fu and I have already reported to the Zongmen. I believe the Zongmen will make a regulation soon and send people down to investigate." Yang Ningpu said, then asked: "By the way, I listen to the Zongmen's procurement.  My senior brother said that he has placed an order with you for the first batch of 30 sets of portable and easy-to-install kits for the 'Five Elements Exorcism Circle'? But I heard that your delivery time is very late?"

    "No way, many of the components of this magic circle are very precise in structure, and the material requirements are also very high. It is slow work and meticulous work. No, I will go directly to the factory tomorrow to keep an eye on it, and make sure to give it to the 'Mao Qizong'.  'The quality of Daoyou's products is stable and reliable." Chen Kuo laughed.

    "Well, do it well. If this magic circle kit is easy to use, I believe our sect will have more cooperation with you." Yang Ningpu nodded with a smile.

    As he said that, Yang Ningpu asked curiously: "What kind of mysterious method did you use last night to 'eliminate spirits'? What powerful magic tools and talismans did you show off? Why do I feel that my little nephew admires you so much?  "

    Chen Kuo smiled and said: "Actually, I didn't do anything last night. I mainly helped Daoist Xiaowei. The three 'evil spirits' were all solved by Daoist Xiaowei's 'Hunyuanzhengfa Spirit Sword'.  It¡¯s Qi cultivation, it¡¯s powerful.¡±

    Yang Ningpu looked at Chen Kuo suspiciously, and didn't really believe his words - when he came here today, Weizhi's nephew obviously admired Chen Kuo very much, but when he asked him about the specific process, this little guy just said hey  Laugh, not elaborate.

    Before leaving, Chen Kuo gave Fuchong and Weizhi a bunch of Duobao products, and promised to give them a set of "Five Elements Exorcism Array Portable and Easy-to-install Kit" in return.

    Yang Ningpu, who was standing next to him, looked at the future star of hope of his sect, the potential Qi Cultivator, who was so close to Chen Kuo, and the senior shouted shortly, feeling a little dazed for a while, as if the three of them belonged to the same sect, and he was  outsider¡­¡­

    The "alumni" who donated the pavilion did not provide any useful information about "Mr. Zhai", and even if there was, judging from Chen Kuo's previous investigation experience, there is a high probability that he would not be able to catch the tail of "Mr. Zhai".  The guy is very crafty.

    After leaving the school, Chen Kuo did not go back to the company, but contacted his friends in the traffic police team, and went to the parking lot where the accident car was parked to look at the cars that were destroyed in the serious car accident next to the school, especially the earthwork car.  car.

    The earth-moving truck was the main cause of the accident, but the driver died on the spot. There was no way to investigate whether the driver was affected by any abnormalities, so we had to start with the car.

    Chen Kuo didn't want to use this to judge whether "Mr. Zhai" caused the car accident - the moment he found the "Headless Blood Doll" on the rooftop, he was already sure.

    He came to see the scrapped vehicles in the car accident in order to try to find the means by which "Mr. Zhai" caused the car accident, and see if there was a way to analyze his identity through these means.

    Standing in front of the earth-moving truck with a deformed front and a broken windshield, Chen Kuo called out Qianfanniu and asked her to help with the inspection.

    Although Ganfan girl yawned and looked tired and unhappy, she still got in and out of the car, burrowed around, and assisted Chen Kuo in checking for aura abnormalities¡ªbecause Chen Kuo promised that she would decide what to eat for lunch.

    However, after some inspection, neither Chen Kuo nor Qianfanniu could find any abnormal aura residue.

    Although it may be that it has been too long, the abnormal aura has dissipated, or it has been dealt with by "Mr. Zhai".  But it is more likely that the opponent's method is used on the driver.

    According to the investigation report of the traffic police, the driver of the earth-moving truck did not brake during the whole process, and even after hitting the overloaded van, he did not actively brake.  Stopped after the construction site.

    Chen Kuo speculated that "Mr. Zhai" was probably not staring at the car, but at the location. He waited to see a "suitable car" at the scene of the incident, and then used means to influence the driver of the earthmoving truck.

    He asked his friends in the traffic police to look at several surveillance cameras near the scene of the car accident, but unfortunately he couldn't find anyone like "Mr. Zhai".

    butWhile watching the surveillance, while chatting with him, a friend of the traffic policeman gave him a message that made him vigilant. In the past six months, there have been several car accidents with no brakes at all.  There is no problem, so it is very strange.

    So Chen Kuo wanted to go to the places where the car accidents happened, and then drove to the scene to observe it on the spot.

    Because at each car accident scene, Chen Kuo had to carefully observe the flow of aura and whether the overall Feng Shui layout was tampered with, so it was not until after 9 o'clock in the middle of the night that Chen Kuo ran to all four addresses.

    Near the four accident sites, Chen Kuo found two abnormal points, and after a brief investigation, he found signs of "evil spirits" being bred, and they all used the accident sites to create "Ten Directions Gathering Yin"  Array" layout.

    It's just that in these two places, the "evil spirit" is not yet active, and there are not many abnormalities happening.

    Chen Kuo thought about it, and did not take immediate action. Instead, he directly uploaded the two addresses and the situation he found to Fuchong, Weizhi, and Yang Ningpu on WeChat.

    He is going to go on a business trip as usual tomorrow, and let the old buddies of "Long Qizong" come and watch first.

    Facing his high investigation efficiency, Weizhisiao responded with a clenched fist and nodded "Yes", followed by a voice: "Don't worry, senior, we will keep an eye on it and try to find out the culprit behind it, and give those who died  revenge!"

    Fu Chong returned with a clasped fist expression.

    Yang Ningpu is a string of "".

    At noon the next day, when Chen Kuo took a simple suitcase and Wannian's backpack and went downstairs to the gate of the community to get in the car sent by the company to pick him up, he found that there was only the driver in the car.  Little secretary Zhu Li.

    "Where's Lao Li?" Chen Kuo couldn't help but wonder.

    Zhu Li smiled wryly and said, "Old Li just finished his lunch and was sent to the hospital with acute appendicitis."

    "What's the situation" Chen Kuo couldn't help feeling dizzy, "Has Lao Li had an operation, is it serious?"

    "Sister Yang and the others went with her. It shouldn't be serious. It's not yet decided whether to have surgery or not," Zhu Li said.

    "It's good that it's okay." Chen Kuo said, but his heart couldn't help beating a little.

    Before, he felt that Zhu Li could follow if he wanted to, and there was no big problem. Anyway, there were three people in the party, and there was Lao Li besides him.  Li, can suppress the little yellow man in his head.

    But now that Lao Li is in the hospital, wouldn't he and the little secretary become a couple?
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