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Text Chapter 217 Let's Fall in Love

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    Zhu Li was stunned when he heard that, what does this mean?

    Showdown showdown?

    Could it be that Brother Gou already knows her true identity?

    Brother Gou already knows that she is the little fox who was rescued by him back then and nicknamed "Black Pig" by him?

    She originally thought that Brother Gou was analyzing her own strength and wanted to show her cards, but she didn't expect a sudden turn of events. Brother Gou was showing her cards, but it was her cards?

    No, no, the title "Brother Dog" does not correspond to the little fox back then. After all, she was unable to speak at the time, and this title was just silently chanted in her heart.

    What does Brother Gou mean by this now?

    Just when Zhu Li was thinking wildly, Chen Kuo suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her up from the stool.

    Eh eh eh eh eh?  !

    Zhu Li suddenly became nervous, what is the boss doing?

    Do you want to

    Zhu Li hesitated and didn't know whether to keep his eyes open or close them, watching Chen Kuo staring at him, and lowered his head shyly.

    "Xiao Zhu, be my girlfriend"

    Chen Kuo said softly, he had already thought about this decision when he was pretending to sleep in the back seat of Corolla.

    Of course, earlier, he had already established his feelings for the little secretary - it had surpassed his liking for the general beautiful opposite sex.

    In the dead of night, he also thought to himself, why is Xiao Zhu so special?  Just because it's so pretty?

    Undoubtedly, there must be a big reason for appearance, and it can be inferred from the movement of the "minions" in the heart, starting with beauty, but not stopping at beauty.

    And he can also feel that the little secretary is also different from him, and this difference is increasing and strengthening day by day.

    He is very sure that he is not wishful thinking.

    But if there is no kiss driven by the "dominant" after the "Fa Tian Xiang Di", he may still hesitate and struggle because he wants to investigate the cause of his master's death, find his brothers and sisters, and worry that the little secretary will be implicated by him and be affected by danger.

    After that kiss¡ªstrictly speaking, it should have been two kisses including the little secretary's later "superficial touch"¡ªhe knew that many things could no longer be ambiguous and hesitant, and he had to make a decision, otherwise, every day  Thinking about it a lot, irritability and mental instability are not conducive to practice, and it is easy for the little secretary to misunderstand and destroy the relationship that was originally growing.

    While pretending to be sleeping in the backseat of the Corolla, Chen Kuo recalled almost all the details of his acquaintance with the little secretary, and then reconfirmed that he really liked Xiao Zhu, and Xiao Zhu was also the most suitable girl for him, even  It can be said that she is the only girl who suits him, everything is perfect, if you miss her, maybe you will not be able to fall in love in this life, and you will never meet such a girl again.

    If that's the case Chen Kuo imagined for a moment that life was like being stripped of color, like black and white.

    He has no pursuit of "Tao", and his interest in practice itself is very limited. All his research and development have a purpose, and they rely more on some external support and thoughts, and he doesn't even have any interest in becoming a fairy or a Buddha.  no idea.

    If you can really fall in love with Xiao Zhu and live together, then life must be very exciting and wonderful.

    He also imagined how to confess, saying "Xiao Zhu, I like you", "Xiao Zhu, let's fall in love", "Xiao Zhu, I don't want you to be my secretaryI want you to be my girlfriend",  "Little Zhu, the moon is so beautiful tonight"

    In the end, he still chose a more conservative and simple way, and he even stumbled a bit when he said it.

    After finishing speaking, he stared nervously at Xiao Zhu, but the little secretary lowered his head.

    So he didn't know what to do, he subconsciously kissed Xiao Zhu on the forehead.

    Thenthe two nervous and shy people hugged each other for no reason.

    Nestling in Brother Gou's arms, Zhu Li felt dizzy, with a strong sense of unreality, and couldn't help but want to pinch her face several times to see if she was dreaming, but now she was caught by Brother Gou  He hugged him tightly, and his hand was also behind Brother Gou. If he wanted to reach out and pinch himself, he had to let go of his embrace first, so he had no choice but to give up

    Unexpectedly, Brother Gou really had a showdown, but it turned out to be a showdown in this regard.

    Even if she was kissed by Brother Gou yesterday afternoon, she did not expect that the relationship between the two would develop by leaps and bounds. Brother Gou actually confessed his love to her directly.

    Wait, I don't seem to have answered yet?

    However, Brother Gou kissed me directly, what does that mean?

    Count me as the default?

      This is not very good, do you want to promise again: "Okay"?

    But it's weird if that's the case.

    Oops, brother Gou is too impatient, how could he not give time for others to answer after confessing his confession?

    The two of them hugged each other for an unknown amount of time. Both of them were brainstorming in their heads, and they had no concept of time passing at all.

    At this time, if there are other people watching, they may doubt whether these two are real people or wax figures, why are they motionless?

    In a daze, he was thinking about how to tell Brother Gou about himself, how appropriate his secrets should be, and how the two of them should get along with each other, Zhu Li suddenly felt that he was separated from Brother Gou, and his hands were still subconscious.  The ground tightened for a moment, as if unwilling to separate.

    Then Brother Gou took her by the hand, took her to the corner of the living room, and stopped in front of the incense cabinet.

    Looking at the incense burner and the small rectangular box on the incense cabinet, Zhu Li, who had already burned incense last time, naturally knew who it represented, so she felt even more shy.

    This is Does this mean taking her to meet her parents?  Brother Gou, why is thistoo fast!

    "Xiao Zhu, there is something strange about my master's death, and there is something hidden behind it. My brothers and sisters are probably investigating this matter, so there has been no news. This matter involves It may be very big, and it may involve very strong people  Or power."

    Zhu Li, who was still shy at first, couldn't help being stunned when he heard such a secret, and then subconsciously said: "Someone killed the master? Thenthen let's find that person together and kill him."

    Hearing this, Chen Kuo was also taken aback. Although the little secretary's voice was soft and weak, what he said was decisive!

    He couldn't help but think of Qiu Lindong and Xiao Jiamiao's description of the little secretary beheading a gorilla's head with a knife. His little secretary's real heart is probably a domineering and sturdy woman.

    "To make my senior brothers and sisters disappear without finding out the results for so many years, and to make our old suzerain so secretive that he didn't even dare to mention it to me. The mastermind behind this must be very powerful, and may even be someone from the five major sects.  , Zhenjun Gaoxiu may not be sure."

    Chen Kuosurong said: "I have been afraid to start an investigation before, because I was afraid that the investigation would be discovered, and I didn't know anything, and then I was targeted and killed for no reason. I could neither find the result nor report it.  Enmity, and it is easy to put people around you in danger.

    "But the battle with the demon king this time made me realize more deeply what I can do. I am confident that I can investigate and deal with the results of the investigation.

    "However, in this process, you, as my girlfriend, will definitely be threatened, and there will be dangers that are temporarily unpredictable. When this danger comes from a true monarch-level high-cultivation, I will definitely not be able to cover everything.

    "SoXiao Zhu, I hope you can give me some time to deal with these things. Believe me, it won't be too long."

    Zhu Li stared blankly at Chen Kuo, then suddenly laughed, wrapped his arms around his neck, and looked up at him:

    "Brother Dog, let's fall in love!"

    "Ah?" Chen Kuo was a little puzzled, didn't he just confess his love?

    "The kind of love that cultivates together and fights side by side!" Zhu Li said cheerfully.
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