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Volume 2 Chapter 20 What's the situation?

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    Originally, Mr. Ye planned to invite the two priests who came from afar to go to the hotel they had booked to rest for a while, then have a meal at noon, and then visit the house on Taihua Road in the afternoon.

    However, Fuchong and Weizhi insisted on going directly, taking advantage of the early time, and try their best to get it done before sunset today.

    This little difference made Ye Shujie look sideways again, feeling a little puzzled in her heart¡ªshe clearly remembered that Chen Kuo specifically asked to go at night.

    Arriving outside the gate of Ye¡¯s house on Taihua Road, three Toyota Alphards who were going to pick up the plane stopped by the side of the road.

    According to Fu Chong's request, only two masters and apprentices were left in their car, and the others, including Yang Ningpu and his disciples, were all waiting outside.

    Whether it was the Ye family or Yang Ningpu's own disciples of the "Long Qizong", they all thought that the master and apprentice were preparing for the next "exorcism" ceremony in the car, and there might be a unique secret method, so they had to repel everyone.

    But in fact, the atmosphere and painting style in the compartment at this time are completely different from what they imagined.

    "Weizhi, are you ready?" The round-faced Taoist squatted in the aisle of the back seat, putting his hands on the shoulders of the little Taoist who was also squatting, and asked earnestly.

    Wei Zhi nodded, her immature face was full of seriousness: "Ready."



    "Take a deep breath when you're nervous, and then think about the Xianyue food introductions we've read online the past few days!"

    "Well! Let's go eat delicious food after we're done here!"

    "Yes, let's eat something delicious when you're done!"

    "The finger cakes on Zhongshan Road!"

    "Yes, finger cakes!"

    "Master, I'm not nervous anymore."

    "Very good, the only thing is, you have to believe in yourself. You are the most talented qi cultivator of our 'Long Qizong' for a hundred years. The old suzerain is not as good as you at your age. Dealing with a 'house spirit' is like dealing with a  It's as easy as grabbing pancakes!"

    "Yeah! Simple!"

    "Okay, now let's go to cast down demons and eliminate spirits!"

    "Subduing demons and eliminating spirits!"

    Afterwards, Fu Chong, like a coach who had finished his pre-match mobilization, got out of the car with his lover, and rushed to the "race field" - Ye's house in a menacing manner.

    ?Remember what the master told Weizhi, in the car, he was in a state of enthusiasm and impassioned, and when he got out of the car, he changed into a calm and expressionless appearance.

    Fu Chong holds a wooden sword in his right hand and a tray in his left. On the tray are various instruments and talismans.

    However, the master and apprentice held their breath and walked to the gate, but stood still. When they found that the gate could not be opened, they had no choice but to look back at the Ye family.

    Ye Shujie hurried over and unlocked the smart lock for the master and apprentice with some embarrassment.

    After Ye Shujie walked away, Fu Chong took a look at the apprentice who was distracted, so he had to cheer him up again, and said in a low voice: "Subduing demons and spirits!"

    The apprentice froze for a moment, then quickly nodded: "Yeah, grabbing pancakes."

    Fu Chong didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but he didn't say anything, and walked to the courtyard first.

    Quickly walking through the garden and walking to the magnificent house in the courtyard, the round-faced Taoist priest shook his left hand, and a magic talisman on the tray shot into the air, and pointed the wooden sword in the air with his right hand.

    "The universe is boundless, Yin and Yang are vast and strange!"

    "Taishang reveals the law, and the demon spirit appears!"


    However, as expected, the spirit talisman detonated and dispersed, and the scene of driving the spirit spell did not appear.

    I saw that talisman floating in the air slowly from left to right, and slowly falling down.

    Fu Chong looked dull, what's the matter?

    Weizhi behind him squatted slightly according to the established plan, closed his eyes vigorously, opened them again, looked forward with glaring eyes, and pointed forward as a sword.

    "Hunting Yuan Qi, the spirit sword rectifies the law! Duh!"

    Under the spiritual vision world, a very ancient long sword converged in front of Weizhi's finger.

    But the long sword of spiritual energy seemed a little listless, and the tip of the sword even pointed at the ground obliquely, as if drooping its head.

    Weizhi was stunned for a moment, his face full of surprise, and he looked at the round-faced Taoist beside him.

    Both the master and the apprentice looked at each other in blank dismay.

    "Master, is there no house spirit?" After a while, Wei Zhicai took his "Hunyuan Zhengfa Spirit Sword" and asked strangely.

    "Huh? No?" Fu Chong was also very surprised, and shook out a magic talisman from the tray in his left hand. After activating it with a wooden sword, the magic talisman burned out, but nothing changed around.

    "Not really!" Fu Chong frowned.

    ??The magic talisman he inspired is a "Spiritual Manifestation Talisman", which has almost the same effect as the "Sky Eye", which can make the surrounding aura manifest and be visible to the naked eye.

    It's just that the "eye of the sky" is only visible to oneself, and the "occult charm" is visible to everyone.

    But after using it, there is almost no abnormal aura around it.

    "It's no wonder that the 'Juyanglingling Explosion Talisman' didn't respond." Fu Chong stepped forward and picked up the first magic talisman that fell to the ground.

    Because I got very certain information from Yang Ningpu that there was a "house spirit" with a strong spirit body and just in a state of anger in the Ye family's mansion, so after Fu Chong brought his apprentice in, he didn't bother to do any more investigation, and directly  Coming up is a "Juyanglingling Explosion Talisman".

    This is a spell that uses the characteristics of yin and yang auras to gather yang spirits and oscillate yin spirits. It is especially suitable for daytime, sunny days, and when yang energy is strong.

    Originally, spirits and demon spirits that hide deeply during the day will be "blown up" by this spell, and sometimes they can even be "blown up" half-destroyed.

    But for the spell to be activated, there is another condition, that is, there must be strong enough Yin spirits around that can trigger the reaction of Yang spirits¡ªfor example, the "House Spirit" of the Ye family's mansion in the information provided by Yang Ningpu.

    But now, the "House Spirit" does not exist, so the "Juyang Ling Explosion Talisman" naturally cannot be activated.

    The master and apprentice went into the house to check again with doubts on their faces, and confirmed again that there were no "house spirits" or other obvious "spirits".

    So the two came out and informed Yang Ningpu of the situation.

    Upon hearing this, Yang Ningpu was full of surprise, and said that it was impossible, but after he also took his apprentices in to confirm, he confirmed that there was no "house spirit".

    Yang Ningpu was a little confused, what's going on?

    This is not a demon, nor is it an ordinary "demon spirit", this is the "house spirit" born from the basic structure of the whole house!  It can't run if it wants to?

    At this time, Ye Shujie whispered: "A relative knew the situation of our house. The day before yesterday, he introduced a local Taoist priest to help us take a look, and then he stayed in the house for one night the night beforeaccording to his  According to the saying, it seems that the 'spirit' has been removed?"

    "Introduced by some relative? Why didn't you tell me about this? Are you not messing around?" Mr. Ye frowned.

    Ye Shujie's voice became even softer: "It was introduced by my third aunt."

    Yang Ningpu asked: "A local cultivator? Which sect is it from? How did he manage to remove the 'House Spirit' without destroying the items in the house or demolishing the house?"

    "That Taoist priest is called Chen Kuo, and he belongs to the 'Jingshan Sect'." Ye Shujie said truthfully.

    Chen Kuoyou told her that if someone from the "Long Qizong" asks, he can directly reveal his identity without avoiding it.

    Yang Ningpu was stunned for a moment: "That Chen Kuo from Duobao Company?"

    "Yes, Daoist Ningpu, do you also know Daoist Chen Kuo?"

    "Of course I know It's just that when did he have this ability, how did he get rid of the 'house spirit' without demolishing the house." Yang Ningpu looked puzzled.

    Fu Chong also asked strangely: "That 'Jingshan Sect' fellow, could it be that he is a Qi cultivator?"

    "No, how can he be a Qi cultivator? If he is a Qi cultivator, how can the 'Jingshan Sect' allow him to stay in Xianyue City to run the company." Yang Ningpu shook his head.

    "Actually, nothing is damaged Daoist Chen told me that the two musical instruments on the second floor may be damaged." Ye Shujie whispered as if remembering something.
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