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Main Text Chapter 248: Defeating the Gods

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    The sky is covered with blood mist.

    A river of blood flowed from the ground.

    Both the heaven and the earth are stained with blood. There is reality, there is illusion, there are yin aura changes, and there are yang aura realities.

    Even the music played by the two giants at the two corners of the valley has changed.

    From "The Lonely Shadow of Heaven and Earth Let Me Go", it has become "Broken Array".

    And the two giants who played the music also started to bleed all over their bodies, and they turned into two blood men in the blink of an eye, which was very terrifying.

    "This is the 'Blood Refining World Melting Dafa' of the Blood Refining Evil Monarch?"

    "No No, no, it is impossible for the 'Blood Refining and Melting World Dafa' to have such a strong Yang Lingqi under its control, unless he has already refined the Yang God"

    "And this is not the expression of the 'Blood Alchemy to Melt the World Dafa'. There is no smell of blood, no sense of corruption, but an atmosphere of destruction and depression. This is another evil method! It is far superior to blood refining!"

    "After the chunky demon spirit appeared, he was wearing armor. Could it be the heroic spirit of an ancient general?"

    "Could it be the top evil spirits formed on the ancient battlefield are behind this?"

    "But the golden aura just now is obviously the unique golden aura of the 'Purple-tailed Phoenix Lord', why did it appear here? Could it be that the 'Purple-tailed Phoenix Lord' has also died here?"

    "These skeletons don't feel like there are demon spirits as the core support. They shouldn't have any lethality, they're just bluffing!"

    After pondering for a while, Huang Ding raised his head and shouted:

    "Who the hell! Hid your head and show your tail! Why don't you show up and fight a certain person for 300 rounds!"

    As soon as his voice fell, another squat giant general jumped out of the blood-colored sky, and smashed down with a giant mace in both hands.

    Huang Ding recognized at a glance that this was the short and fat demon spirit who was hit by him before and held Fang Tian's painted halberd.

    He raised his hand and threw out a magic talisman. Under the spiritual vision, an earth dragon rushed up to meet the mace.

    Although it was only a spiritual attack and had no entity, this time, the ghost of the short and fat female general was still directly shaken out with a "wow".

    He has already seen through it. This short and fat female general can't hold the body built by the yang aura at all. If the spirit is shocked, the spirit and body will be separated.

    After losing her spirit body, the chunky female general's body instantly dissipated and merged into the surrounding red mist, while her spirit body, which had shrunk to the size of a normal person, continued to smash down the sky with a mace in both hands.

    Huang Ding, who had been prepared for a long time, raised his head slightly, and the yin god with a fairy style and bone temperament appeared behind him, pinched his fingers and lifted it, and a giant gossip shield rose from the bottom to the top, getting bigger and bigger.

    The short and fat female general held the mace in both hands and slammed it on the gossip.

    With a sound of "duang", the mace bounced back and hit the short and fat female general on the forehead, and then she flew out in person, her spirit trembling, and she looked like she was about to fall apart.

    But this time, it was Huang Ding who was shocked.

    Because he suddenly discovered that the top-level spells he cast with Yinshen can actually hurt himself?  !

    When the mace of the spirit body was smashed down, it even lost his Yin God spirit body?

    Although the loss is very small, just like being hacked by the spirit Fang Tian's painting halberd before, the impact is not great, and the interference is extremely strong.

    He raised his eyes and saw that the short and fat general who was bounced by the gossip rolled a few times in the air, and then rolled to the ground holding the spiritual mace.

    Then the mace turned into a big spoon, and a small piece of spiritual body was scooped on the top of the spoon. The short and fat general took off his mask, revealing the face of a chubby little girl, then opened his mouth wide, and put the spoon on it.  Throwing his spirit body into his mouth, he babbled and sighed a little.

    However, Huang Ding's eyes were tearing apart, and he roared angrily: "How dare you evildoer!!!"

    That bit of aura actually has no effect on him, less than the effect of losing a hair, but in fighting skills and fighting, being "pulled" and losing his hair will have a strong interference and influence.

    However, the spirit energy that was knocked down and cut off was swallowed by the demon spirit in front of him, and it was clearly felt to be disappearing and smelting.

    Huang Ding's figure moved instantly, and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of the spirit body of the short and fat general. The Yin God behind him had retracted, and he directly raised his hand and shot out a magic talisman.

    A piece of spirit sword came across his head and face, and the spirit body of the short and fat general held the spoon for a while, and was cut into countless pieces in an instant, before disappearing.

    Normally speaking, the spells used by Yinshen are more powerful, more direct at the source of aura, higher in priority, and better in effect.

    But the two confrontations just now made Huang Ding understand that the shortconsumption.

    This time, after the spirit body tank was blown away by him, the short and fat general did not condense again.

    The two giant musicians at the two corners of the valley suddenly changed their repertoire.

    The pipa sounded.

    Clang, haste, danger, chill.

    It is "House of Flying Daggers".

    Huang Ding frowned, turned around and took two talismans.

    The two talismans turned into two flying swords under the spiritual vision, and flew towards the two giant musicians respectively.

    Huang Ding knew that the two musicians, like the short and fat general, borrowed external force to form the spirit body built by the yang attribute aura, and the yin spirit itself couldn't hold it at all, and would disperse as soon as it exploded.

    But what I didn't expect was that under the spiritual vision, two turtle shell spirit shields appeared in front of the two of them, collided with two flying swords, and dissipated at the same time.

    Huang Ding was taken aback, isn't that tortoise shell his spell?  </div&gt
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