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Text Chapter 108: It¡¯s Just the Color Tone is Wrong

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    After cooking the spirit with the familiar method, without Chen Kuo's greeting, the Ganfan girl happily began to swallow the spirit.

    The pure yin aura that this "evil spirit" can transform is quite rich, equivalent to six to seven "house spirits" of the Ye family.

    The "Big White Bowl of Chu Ling" that had been exhausted was suddenly filled again, and the Ganfan girl who had finished swallowing the spirit was full of joy.

    However, before she was happy for half a minute, Chen Kuo drained most of the aura just stored in the bowl.

    Under the spiritual vision world, the whole room was filled with crimson aura, feeling like a sea of ??blood and an abyss.

    A moment later, behind Chen Kuo, a bloody skeleton stood up staggeringly, and then another, and another

    One after another, bloody skeletons stood behind Chen Kuo, occupying the entire room.

    "Ah Kuo! Don't use it, it's almost gone!"

    Ganfan girl hugged her big bowl and yelled, Chen Kuo consumed most of the aura she had just swallowed and stored in the blink of an eye, and there was a tendency to continue to consume it.

    Seeing this scene, Wang Weichan and Shen Sigu also stopped playing the music in fright, and stayed close together.

    They subconsciously thought that the "evil spirit" had "resurrected from the dead" again.

    However, they have never seen the ghost realm created when the "evil spirit" first appeared, otherwise they would realize that the scene in front of them is much more terrifying than the "evil spirit" realm.

    Chen Kuo also stopped making the bloody skeleton, then took a deep breath, waved his hand, and while the blood color dissipated, the aura in the bowl also recovered a lot, almost at the rate of five to two.

    "Don't be afraid, my little experiment is that the color tone is not quite right. Think of it as pink er, think of it as green, isn't it much cuter?" Chen Kuo explained to the two exclusive musicians, and then waved  They returned in the bracelet.

    He just thought about the ability obtained by analyzing the "evil spirit domain", and then added a little bit of his own understanding into it.

    Of course, this is just an experiment, not finalized.

    However, I feel that the pattern of the sea of ??blood and the skeleton rising from the ground is very interesting, and Chen Kuo still stores this aura structure in one of the bracelets.

    Satisfied, Chen Kuo hummed a ditty, twisted his dance steps, and was about to start making lunch.

    Whether it was dealing with "evil spirits" or experimenting with "evil spirits", the whole room felt gloomy and dim, and it was useless to turn on all the lights.

    But now that the Yin spirits have been withdrawn, the sunlight outside the window seems to have just discovered this space and splashed in from the window.

    If there are other people in this room, I'm afraid they will be very surprised-then the curtains have not been drawn all the time?

    Chen Kuo was boiling water and cooking noodles, preparing the ingredients, and Gan Fan Niu was sitting on his shoulder, looking at the food and muttering softly:

    "Ah Kuo, each of your spirit puppets is more fierce than the other. When you meet other spirits in the future, will they think you are an 'evil spirit' and take you away?"

    Chen Kuo paused his hands, and asked in doubt: "Isn't it? Is it fierce?"

    "Yeah, it's fierce, it's hell." Qianfanniu nodded repeatedly.

    Chen Kuo frowned and recalled, butchers, cooks, flame giants, surgeons

    In terms of the image of these spirit puppets, they are indeed a little bit tough, but they are still very cute in essence.

    The only more orthodox image, the general with a halberd, was not designed by him.

    However, today¡¯s bloody world is really like what Ganfanniu said, it¡¯s a bit ¡°underworld¡±, it seems that it is necessary to study how to change the color tone, blood red is too creepy.

    As for those skeletons, just adjust them, and they should be as cute as butchers and chefs.

    He mainly deals with spirits and demons, and he is not scary. He really should engage in such a "underworld".

    After eating a large bowl of noodle soup, Chen Kuo hung up his coat, took a small watering can and a small brush to clean the dirty place, and hung it on the balcony, then changed into a sports coat, put on his backpack and went out.

    Chen Kuo's car was still in the company parking lot, so he took a taxi directly and went straight to the neighboring city Haihong City.

    At around four o'clock in the afternoon, Chen Kuo arrived in an old urban area of ??Haihong City, strolling through the old but lively streets and alleys, Chen Kuo quickly identified his goal of coming here:

    Under the canopy between the two shops, a skinny white-haired old man in a robe was dozing off.

    In front of him was a dilapidated small table. On the table were a few lottery holders, a few copper coins, an abacus, a stack of red paper, a perpetual calendar, and a standing signboard next to it.?? character:

    Divine operator.

    A few rows of small characters next to it:

    ?Professional naming, detailed batching of horoscopes, choosing a date for marriage, and feng shui conditioning.

    Just as Chen Kuo stood by the small table, without making a sound or moving, the drowsy old man immediately woke up and looked up at him:

    "My God, your yang aura is getting more and more fierce now"

    Chen Kuo smiled and said: "Isn't it? You can feel it? Even ghosts like 'evil spirits' and 'evil spirits' can't detect it, but you alone can detect it?"

    The old man smiled slightly and pointed to the top of his head: "They rely on inspiration, and I rely on calculations. They are different, not the same."

    "According to your size, you can count Zhiyang Spiritual Qi? Why don't you go to heaven?" Chen Kuo complained unceremoniously.

    "Are you here today are you passing by or something?" the old man asked hesitantly.

    "Can't you do the math, do the math." Chen Kuo said.

    The old man squinted at him for two seconds, said "Come on", got up and said to the proprietress at the door of the shop next to him, "Sister Xue, help me look at the stall, I'll go home. If you don't come back before dark, please help me put it away."  Take the things to your store first."

    "Okay, don't worry, Brother Liu." The proprietress at the door of the shop gave him a "leave it to me" expression.

    Then the old man led Chen Kuo through the alley, turned around, entered the side door of an old small building, and went up the stairs to a single room on the second floor.

    "Didn't I give you a 500,000 card last time? Why don't you find a more comfortable house?" Chen Kuo asked.

    "I live very comfortably here!" said the old man, "With your current wealth, it shouldn't be difficult to change to a hardcover flat in Xianyue City. Why do you still live in your master's old house?"

    Chen Kuo smiled and said: "My master's house is in the school district, and the best elementary school in Xianyue City is next to it."

    The old man sneered: "It's as if you have a child."

    Chen Kuo touched his nose, moved the pony over by himself, and was about to sit down.

    But the old man hurriedly stopped him: "Don't, don't sit, your weight will kill my horse. You go to sit on the bed, forget it, you can stand first, let's talk about things first come to me this time  , what do you want to count?"

    Chen Kuo simply squatted down, then took out the bone token and a piece of paper from his pocket from the old suzerain, and put them on a small table beside the bed.

    "Senior Mao"

    As soon as Chen Kuo opened his mouth, the old man had a bitter face: "Well, once you hear this title, you know that this time is a big deal."

    Chen Kuo also smiled wryly: "I don't know if it's a big deal, but it's definitely not that easy to calculate. Sigh, Senior Mao, it would be great if you could pass on your set of things to me"

    "You can't learn this." The old man Liu Mao shook his head, "Although our craft is not limited to sects and masters, ordinary people can't learn it."

    "I'm still an ordinary person?" Chen Kuo said, puffing out his chest slightly.

    Liu Mao shook his head: "You are too deeply connected with this world, and you care too much."

    After he finished speaking, he looked at the cards on the table and asked, "Shouyuan?"

    "Yes, counted as longevity, the horoscope on this paper is from my master Wu Tiandao, this bone token is made of the bone of the great demon that caused my master to be seriously injured and passed away, and it also died under my master's hands."

    Chen Kuo said: "I'm not sure what may be involved behind this, but I guess it must be unusual. Lao Mao, you try first, if it's too difficultthe price is too high, stop in time"

    Liu Mao smiled and waved his hands: "This is the first time you have asked me for help seriously. You have saved the old man three times, three lives. If you can really return with half your life this time, the old man can feel a little more at ease." </  div>
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