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Volume 15 Chapter 15 The Water Is Deep!

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    After meeting Chen Kuo briefly, after leaving Duobao Company, Bai Ying was basically sure that the person who claimed to help Ye Shujie "fix the house spirit in one night" was indeed the person in charge of Duobao Company, and at the same time was really "  Disciple of Jingshan Sect.

    But this did not dispel her doubts about Chen Kuo, because after meeting Chen Kuo face to face, she was even more sure that he did not have the ability to "fix the house spirit overnight" - he was not a master of that level.

    So full of doubts, she went back to the Ye family's house on Taihua Road, and asked Ye Shujie to send someone to open the door for her.

    After nightfall, after carefully observing and feeling back and forth in the house, she even arranged Charing's magic circle and ceremony, and did a comprehensive inspection of the distribution of aura.

    In the afternoon, Bai Ying had a vague feeling that the aura in this house was not right.

    It's just that it was daytime, and it was an afternoon when the yang energy was relatively strong, and the yin aura inside the house was not visible. She could only judge that there were no "house spirits", and there were no other "spirits" or "evil spirits" or "demons".  the existence of the spirit.

    But now, after a series of spiritual observations and inspections, she finally understood what that "not quite right" feeling was.

    The main building of the Ye family does not have any abnormal "spirit" no matter inside or outside, but it also does not have any normal "spirit". Given its location, feng shui layout, and surrounding aura environment, there is no such thing as a natural "spirit" at all.  maybe appear.

    It can only be explained that someone has indeed dealt with the aura in this room recently, and it has been completely removed.

    There are two possibilities, one is that Chen Kuo really got rid of the "house spirits" in the house, but the magic and spells he used were too powerful, and he got rid of the other spirits as well;

    The other is that there is no "house spirit" in the first place, but Chen Kuo still tries to get rid of all the spirit energy in the original room.

    Today, Bai Ying went to Duobao Company to meet Chen Kuo, and concluded that he did not have the strength to do the first kind, so it could only be the second kind.

    But generally speaking, even if you want to clear ordinary spirit energy, it will take a lot of effort, and you need to use up a lot of consumables to perform spirit skills.

    Since Chen Kuo and the others want to bluff laymen, why do they have to go to such trouble?

    Unless, there are traces of aura that must be removed

    There seemed to be a lightning strike in her mind, and she suddenly figured it out.

    Chen Kuo is a real disciple of the "Jingshan Sect", and the disciple of the "Long Qizong" invited by the old man of the Ye family is also real, but the "House Spirit" in the house may not be real!

    The supernatural events that Ye Shujie and the others encountered while living in the house were probably arranged by Chen Kuo and the people from "Mao Qizong".

    Although this possibility has been guessed for a long time, the meaning of cheating by charlatans and petty thieves is completely different from that of real "famous and authentic" disciples.

    The disciples of the "Jingshan Sect" and the "Long Qizong" conspired to create supernatural events to make money?

    No, it should be more than money.

    Bai Ying felt a chilling feeling. She realized that she might have accidentally discovered a dark realm involving an extremely wide area and extremely deep water.

    If you continue to investigate, if the relevant interest groups find out, they will definitely hit her hard.

    Now how to do?

    When Bai Ying was surprised and hesitated because she felt that she had discovered the shady scene, Zhu Li, who had just become Chen Kuo's secretary, returned home after get off work.

    Because she took the initiative to stay in the afternoon to help Sister Yang sort out some materials and move some things, it was almost seven o'clock when she left the company. Sister Yang invited her to have a light meal next to the company, and also gave her a walk around the company  Delicious and affordable eatery.

    What Zhu Li rented was a one-bedroom, one-bathroom small single apartment that was designed by the private house. Because the location is relatively remote, the price is not expensive.

    As soon as she entered the room and changed her slippers, Zhu Li's cell phone rang. She picked it up and saw that the caller ID was: Mrs. Mother.

    "Mom, I just got home. Well, I've already joined the job. My colleagues and boss are all very nice. I ate at night with Sister Yang, who I told you about and interviewed me"

    After chatting for more than ten minutes, after finishing the call, Zhu Li was about to take a shower, but suddenly thought of something, picked up the phone again, opened WeChat, and sent a voice call request with a friend.

    The call was connected soon, and there was a lazy female voice over there:

    "Xiaoxiaoli, how are you doing, are you having fun in Xianyue City?"

    Zhu Li said directly: "Sister Baa, I joined Duobao today."

    The other side of the phone fell silent, and replied after five or six seconds: "You still suspect that the enemy is 'quiet'Shanzong'?  "

    The voice was no longer as lazy and frivolous as before, but serious and calm.

    "Well, the 'blue sky fixation technique' that guy used at that time was the unique spirit-fixing technique of the 'Jingshan Sect'. I heard that spell very clearly, and the effect was also experienced by myself. There is absolutely no mistake." Zhu  Li closed his eyes and said softly.

    "Even if he is using the unique spiritual arts of the 'Jingshan Sect', he may not necessarily be a member of the 'Jingshan Sect'. Those so-called authentic cultivators of the famous sect secretly learn the spiritual arts and spells of other sects, and privately  Yes, it¡¯s not a miracle. You should be more patient. Many of us are in various sects, and sooner or later we will be able to find out the specific identity of the old Taoist with white hair and white eyebrows. Xiao Xiaoli, you should know that now you can  How difficult it is to have such a peaceful living condition."

    "Don't worry, Sister Baa, I will be careful. It should be safer to start with a peripheral company like Duobao Company. My identity is absolutely real, and I can be said to be a complete human being. It is impossible.  Seen through."

    The other side was silent for a while, and then "Sister Baa" sighed softly, and said, "I will also help you pay attention to the 'Jingshan Sect' and related information. In shortbe careful."

    After taking a shower, Zhu Li sat at the table in black pajamas, took out her schedule book, opened a page from the middle, and started writing.

    First, I wrote a name: Chen Kuo.

    Then I circled the name, which is the main goal of her entering Duobao Company-because he is not only the person in charge of Duobao Company, but also a real disciple of the "Jingshan Sect", a so-called "famous sect"  "a member of.

    Recalling the brief meeting with Chen Kuo today, Zhu Li wrote a word under the name:


    Although when Chen Kuo first entered the office, his gaze on her calf was very secretive, and he quickly moved away, and he never really focused on her after that, but she still judged Chen Kuo's state at that time through the perception of inspiration.

    She knew that after Chen Kuo saw her, his physical desire had been in a very high state.

    However, apart from the moment when he first entered the office, Chen Kuo never looked at her again.

    So she wrote "timid" under "lust".

    But as soon as she wrote it down, she crossed out "timid" and wrote "restraint".

    Chen Kuo is her boss, the boss, and should be powerful in terms of status, so this avoidance of sight is actually a restraint of self-desire.

    This made her feel that the character of the "boss" in the future was not bad, and it was also convenient for her to sneak in.

    Of course, if the "boss" is a wretched old pervert who really dares to harass her in the workplace, she has another strategy - she has some secret and ruthless methods to make the other party "restrain", or even permanently "restrain"  ".

    However, Chen Kuo, a serious cultivator, is so easy to arouse desire, it is really strange.
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