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Text Chapter 268 Yin-Yang Tracking

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    After all the Fourteen True Monarchs left the top floor of the tower in the mountain, the tower gradually disappeared in the clouds and mist in the mountain, almost invisible.

    There has never been any need for guards here. Layers of magic circles and restrictions are enough to ensure that no ordinary person or general spiritual practice can find that tower.

    I can't even see it, I can't get close to it, I can only hit the wall at the foot of the mountain.

    ? If it is a real-life spirit cultivator or a monster who has transformed himself, through some inspirational speculation, he knows that there is a tower there to investigate, and that will stimulate a stronger power of the formation, and he will almost certainly be trapped.

    And this side is not far from the gate of Daliangzong Mountain. After the big formation is activated, a group of high-level cultivators and even true emperors will arrive in minutes.

    Of course, the most important thing is that although this pagoda is full of aura and is suitable for meditation and meditation, it is not such a beautiful place. Even the real masters of Liangzong, such as Xue Zhenjun and Luo Zhenjun, did not say  Those who practiced in this tower meant that they all had better places to practice.

    In addition, there are no treasures here, cherishing Lingzhi, it is even more impossible for anyone to take the risk of sneaking in here.

    However, the conclusion that can be drawn from this common sense has been broken

    Nearly twenty-four hours after the gathering of the Fourteen True Monarchs, a figure jumped out of the clouds and mist, as if being thrown from an airplane, but without the landing mountain, it fell directly to the position of the high tower.

    Seeing that he was about to continue falling before he reached the tower, the figure stopped his fall abruptly, as if being kicked from below, and bounced up again.

    The figure broke through the layers of camouflage and the isolation of the magic circle, and crashed directly into the top floor of the tower, just like the few true kings Gaoxiu came across the sky forty-eight hours ago.

    The only difference is that the real monarchs and high-level cultivators landed steadily and gracefully, but this figure stumbled and rolled like a ball.

    But if any True Monarch is here at this time, they will be extremely shocked when they see this scene.

    Because from the perspective of spiritual vision, the surrounding yin auras all gently opened a passage and "give way" one after another, as if they were actively avoiding and opening the back door.

    So this figure fell from the sky so directly, broke into the tower without permission, but did not activate any magic circle, and was not blocked by any.

    Even under the vision of reality, people with strong dynamic vision can still find that his whole body does not directly touch the ground¡ªwhether it is rolling to the ground or standing up staggeringly, whether it is the body, knees, elbows,  None of his palms, head, or his feet actually touched the ground. It seemed that there was a thin layer less than one centimeter between him and the outside world.

    After the figure stood up from the ground, he looked around and walked towards the innermost coffee table and a row of stone-like cabinets behind the coffee table.

    This tall, short-haired, muscular "Heavenly Visitor" is naturally Chen Kuo.

    When he called Chu Zhenyan a few days ago, he keenly noticed from the information revealed by Elder Chu that none of the true masters of Hongyanmen were in the sect.

    And on the same day, before talking on the phone with Chu Zhenyan, he had just finished communicating with another sect's high-level executives about customizing the magic circle kit, and he also accidentally got a piece of news-their only true king, Gao Xiu, had gone out.

    This true monarch, Gaoxiu, rarely goes out. He is most afraid of these years. Even the incidents involving the sorcerers in the southwest and Southeast Asia and the big demons in the northeast, he found a reason not to leave the sect and continued to retreat. Purple Tail Phoenix  The lord "The Demon King is Present" also didn't join in the fun, so why did he go out at this time?

    So Chen Kuo began to search for news on purpose. He has too many news channels now, and basically all the big sects have direct contact numbers of high-level officials.

    Of course, he wouldn't call and ask directly: Lao Li/Lao Huang/Lao Wang/Lao Guo~, is your Zhenjun at home?  not here?  Where did it go?

    It is said that it is impossible for others to say, and if you really ask, it will also arouse suspicion.

    But Chen Kuo now has Duobao Company as a shield, and there are too many excuses to inquire about the news.  With the various in-depth cooperation and customization he can carry out now, many things can be directly asked for the help of the real kings of various sects.

    For example, some special magic tools and magic circle kits require the top spiritual practitioners of each sect who are proficient in related spells to do one-time casting. This is not only to ensure that some core magic secrets are not leaked, but also a better way to realize the finished product  ¡ª¡ªAfter all, even if Duobao Company can master some magic circles and spell characteristics of the sect, it will not be able to have people who master these magic characteristics in a short time to do some necessary refining.

    Then after inquiring, Chen Kuo immediately realized that something happened.?When Chen Kuo locked the correct area and rushed over to conduct a detailed investigation, the true masters had already left one by one.

    Although there is a lag in the fluctuation of the spiritual energy in the natural area, it is not so easy to dissipate all of it, but there is indeed a lot less information for Chen Kuo to determine the specific location.

    In fact, Chen Kuo originally planned to go directly to the location of the Great Liang Zong's mountain gate. He thought that since the Daliang Zong's mountain gate was near this area, it should be here that the real monarchs meet.

    But when he passed through the Great Liang Zong's protective array and quietly entered the hinterland of the mountain gate, he realized that it was not here.

    So he had no choice but to investigate honestly according to his secret method, and finally found the location of the high tower hidden in the clouds and mists. This was the scene where he came across the sky and jumped to the top of the tower.

    This is also Chen Kuo's recent yin-yang transformation method, turning himself into a ball, as if being slapped up in the waves of spiritual energy.

    ?Because I haven't used it much before, the control is still very poor, and I was a little embarrassed when I landed, and I almost failed to land on the right position.

    There is no one in the tower and its surroundings now, Chen Kuo wandered around, stood in front of the stone cabinet, and sent a dry girl to unlock the cabinet¡ªit was a small organ circle, although he still has a way to quietly lock it now.  Open it silently, but since Ganfanniu can open it, he has no reason to do it himself

    After opening it, seeing all kinds of spiritual tea inside, Chen Kuo's eyes lit up, he laughed and began to scrape.

    Not a single packet was left behind, and Chen Kuo collected all the spirit tea in it.

    These spiritual teas are light in weight and small in number, so Chen Kuo only took off his coat and successfully packed them.

    Seeing Chen Kuo's operation, the Ganfan girl who was riding on his shoulder under the spiritual vision also beamed: "Let Xiao Zhu make tea, Xiao Zhu makes tea delicious! From now on, I will drink three cups a piece! No, three bowls! Hehe,  Hehehe."

    "Three you are tall, do you think there are three bowls of soy milk? You are a big stupid girl who is reckless!"

    "Big stupid! I want to drink!"

    As soon as Chen Kuo raised his hand, he stopped the verbal battle that he was hard to win in time: "Shut up, let's get down to business!"

    The reason why he still spends so much effort to find this place, knowing that the real king has dispersed, is naturally not because of things.

    He wanted to investigate what those True Monarchs were going to do, involving many True Monarchs, and sneaking around in private. He had a strong hunch that the things they were going to talk about must be those that interested him.

    Although Zhenjun is no longer here, the traces of their spiritual energy have not completely dissipated.

    These aura traces will definitely not be able to obtain any effective information through normal inspiration methods. It is already very good to be able to find out who was here at the time.

    But that kind of information is of no use to Chen Kuo, they can guess which real kings are here without perception.

    What Chen Kuo wanted to know was what they were talking about at that time.

    Yes, Chen Kuo wants to go back in time!

    The principle is actually similar to the position he used to locate the true monarch, that is, to use the double conversion of yin and yang to amplify the signals of these aura traces in the yang world he created.

    In fact, Chen Kuo was not completely sure. He asked the little secretary, Yu Xiaobai, Ying Shuangxue, and Xianmen to cooperate with him before, and the longest time he could go back was sixteen hours.

    But according to his calculations, if they are true kings, their auras have stronger yang traces than ordinary spirits, and they are not easy to disappear. In theory, they should be able to go back for a longer time.

    No matter what, you have to come and give it a try.

    Standing on the top floor of the tower, Chen Kuo condensed a black ball in his hand. The black ball grew bigger and bigger, and soon left Chen Kuo's hand, suspended in front of him, with a diameter of more than two meters.

    Chen Kuo walked in directly.

    The next moment, Chen Kuo came out from the other side of the ball, but was still on the tower.

    But this side is full of bloody light, and the light on the tower is also dim, and it is almost impossible to see things clearly.

    Fourteen spirit bodies can be vaguely seen sitting together, seeming to be discussing something.

    Their voices were muddy and unclear, and it was difficult to distinguish the content.

    But there is only one of them, the aura in his body is quite strong, active, and his voice is relatively clear.

    Chen Kuo walked up to the spirit body, listened attentively, and continuously strengthened the transformation of yang attributes, and transformed those traces into sounds that he could hear clearly through the double analysis of yin and yang.

    Chen Kuo originally thought that the person with such abundant spiritual body should be the most powerful White Wolf Valley Elder Zuo Chongzhe Zhenjun.

    But he didn't expect that when he heard the voice clearly, he suddenly realized that it was Nie Xiangrong, the True Monarch of Hongyan Sect!

    Why is his spiritual body so "outstanding"?  Could it be that he has been deliberately hiding his strength?

    However, Chen Kuo took a closer look and understood what was going on, and he couldn't help laughing¡ªthis Zhenjun Nie had drunk a lot of spiritual tea, so this spiritual tea helped to deeply "stub" his various traces  "Come down.

    But no matter what, if he could hear what Nie Xiangrong said clearly, he immediately opened the "Compiler Code". Relying on what he said, he could help Chen Kuo analyze the ambiguous words spoken by the other true masters who talked with him.  Information, based on the context, deduces the general content.Nie Xiangrong, the real king of the sect!

    Why is his spiritual body so "outstanding"?  Could it be that he has been deliberately hiding his strength?

    However, Chen Kuo took a closer look and understood what was going on, and he couldn't help laughing¡ªthis Zhenjun Nie had drunk a lot of spiritual tea, so this spiritual tea helped to deeply "stub" his various traces  "Come down.

    But no matter what, if he could hear what Nie Xiangrong said clearly, he immediately opened the "Compiler Code". Relying on what he said, he could help Chen Kuo analyze the ambiguous words spoken by the other true masters who talked with him.  Information, according to the context, deduce the general content.
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