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Text Chapter 196 Departure

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    "Where do you think that pangolin might have hidden Mr. Mi Hua?" Chen Kuo asked bluntly.

    "This the little monster really doesn't know. The little monster only knows about one of his training places. After the little monster was taken away by him, he stayed there all the time. However, based on the little monster's judgment, it probably won't take Mr. Mi Hua  Hidden there the little demon can tell the lord the address of that place." Crow said hastily.

    "Don't call me my lord."

    "Then" The crow glanced at Zhu Li, and whispered, "The little demon called you the boss?"

    Before Chen Kuo answered, Zhu Li said directly: "No!"

    "The little demon called you big brother?" Crow glanced at Qiu Lindong and Xiao Jiamiao again.

    Li Shiyou also stared at it: "No way!"

    "Then that's still called you fairy head." The crow shrank its neck.

    Weizhi asked curiously: "You just said that your name is Yingshuangxue? You are a male crow, why do you have such a feminine name, and you are obviously dark, why is it frost and snow again?  ?¡±

    "Respond to the words of this little fairy." Crow Ying Shuangxue seemed a little embarrassed and said: "Little demon the little demon belongs to the mother."

    "Ah?!" Wei Wei was taken aback, did you tell me this voice was a female crow?

    Chen Kuo was also a little curious, he lifted the crow up and pulled it down, and said helplessly: "It is indeed a female crow."

    Its voice is neutral, and it's extremely talkative. It's a low-ranking general and a petty minister, and it's watching Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin. It's no wonder they all agree that it's a male crow.

    "If the little demon is lucky enough to take shape in the future, whatever the Immortal Chief wants the little demon to look like, the little demon will" Wu Yaying Shuangxue said in a narrow voice deliberately.

    "Stop, stop, what do you think of us?" Chen Kuo got goosebumps all over his body, and directly pasted a magic talisman on it, and handed it to Yuan Taizong's spiritual practitioners, asking them to lock it up first.

    "Let's talk about this letter first."

    Chen Kuo called everyone over and spread the seal on the table.

    Weizhi was eager to try again: "Senior Ah Kuo, I'm ready for the second step of locating, and I can always"

    However, Chen Kuo shook his head and said: "No, there is no need to use the seven swallows to track this matter. Mr. Mi Hua must be under the control of Zhai Hongyang. To find her, I must be dispatched personally."

    Qiu Lindong frowned and said: "Brother, you can't go! There must be a trap in Lanchuan. My fourth son, sister Yao and I will go and find out first"

    Li Shiyou and Xiao Jiamiao nodded again and again.

    The girl Lingxiu of Yuan Taizong who spoke before also said: "We will go together, Mr. Mi Hua is our disciple of Yuan Taizong, we must do our best to rescue him!"

    Another young spiritual cultivator of Yuan Taizong whispered: "Junior sister, but the suzerain has explained"

    "Mr. Mi Hua is a disciple of our Yuantai Sect and our predecessor. It is impossible for us to just watch the adventures of fellow Taoists from other sects and remain indifferent"

    Qiu Lindong interrupted: "Fellow Daoist Liu, we are not ordinary 'friends from other sects'. We are Mihua's sworn brothers and sisters. It is only right and proper for us to save her. You don't have to have any psychological burden."

    Chen Kuo also said: "Indeed, the pangolin came for me. It can even be said that I have implicated Mi Huajun and Yuan Taizong, so it is only natural that we are responsible for the rescue."

    "But" The girl Lingxiu still hesitated.

    Li Shiyou interjected: "Yuan Taizong also needs someone to sit in the town to contact, you can't all go out to find someone, and you have to report the specific situation to Huang Zhenren at any time."

    "That's right, you have to keep an eye on that crow, it's very cunning, don't let it get away." Chen Kuo said again.

    After a brief discussion, Chen Kuo immediately decided to set off for Lanchuan.

    According to Chen Kuo's plan, he, Qiu Lindong, and Li Shiyou went to Lanchuan, Xiao Jiamiao, Weizhi, and Fuchong stayed at Yuan Taizong, and Zhu Li naturally followed.

    But what I didn't expect was that Xiao Jiamiao was so firm that he wanted to go with him, and even ran directly to sit on the trunk of Chen Kuo's Corolla, with an attitude of "If you don't take me, I will take the car".

    Then Weizhi also firmly stated that he would follow along, and he would never hold back.

    Of course, Fu Chong had no choice but to follow if he wanted to go.

    And Zhu Li also directly took the car keys, got into the driver's cab, and got ready to go with her.

    In desperation, the originally planned group of three became a group of seven and drove two cars.

    Chen Kuo drove his little secretary, Xiao Weizhi and Fu Chong in his little corolla.

      Qiu Lindong asked Yuan Taizong to borrow an SUV, carrying Li Shiyou and Xiao Jiamiao, and followed closely.

    It is not as far from Xianyue to Weizhou as it is from Weizhou to Lanchuan. It takes three and a half hours to drive on the expressway.

    After getting off the expressway, I followed the address on the letter and drove for more than an hour. At one o'clock in the afternoon, I arrived at the destination.

    It was a film and television city in a relatively remote location. Chen Kuo and the others searched the Internet through their mobile phones and found that the film and television city had a thunderstorm when it was about to be built, and now it is suspended, stuck here.

    But from the outside, it has been built in sevens and sevens. It stands to reason that there should be a gatekeeper without construction personnel, but in fact, within a few miles, there is no one except Chen Kuo and the others.

    Seven people stood in front of Chen Kuo's car, using the engine cover as a dining table, displaying all kinds of bread, pastries, and drinks they bought on the way, discussing while eating.

    "What's the matter, have you noticed?" Chen Kuo said to several people while scanning the surroundings while putting the unpacked bread into the big white bowl.

    "The overall Fengshui layout here has been tampered with. The outside is the 'Seven Gates Refining Evil Bureau', and the inside is also filled with Yin Qi. There are definitely evil spirits or even evil spirits." Qiu Lindong said after swallowing the bread in his mouth.  .

    Li Shiyou looked at the compass in his hand, squinted his eyes and said: "There is indeed a problem inside, and it is a big problem. It seems that the pangolin has arranged a lot of things here."

    Fu Chong hesitated and said: "Since we have already arrived at the position, we don't need to force ourselves into the trap knowing that there is a trap, right? Orask Fellow Daoist Liu to see if there is any news about their suzerain, and is there any 'True Monarch' to help?"

    Chen Kuo shook his head: "Since I came out of Xianyue, I can't stop. Don't worry, evil spirits, evil spirits, etc., do not pose any threat to us."

    As he spoke, he picked up the bread from the bowl and began to eat it.

    Seeing the spirit body of the big fat girl suddenly appearing on the hood of the car under the spirit vision, Qiu Lindong was taken aback, then immediately remembered what Li Shiyou had said to him, and asked curiously:

    "You are a fellow cook, right?"

    Ganfan girl nodded to him while eating bread with Chen Kuo.

    Qiu Lindong laughed, and looked back at the film and television city, which looked a bit gloomy under the scorching afternoon sun: "With fellow Daoist Ganfan, this film and television city may become a gourmet city"

    Standing behind Chen Kuo, Zhu Li, who was also sipping bread, looked at the film and television city with a dignified expression.

    She was thinking about how she could find an excuse to stay with Brother Gou and protect him.
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