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    It's on the shelves

    I speculate that it is the first order of about 5001000, and the goal is to get the boutique badge before the full book.

    Just like I said before, even if the broken car in Hamburg is bumpy and the speed is not so fast, it will still send passengers to their destination no matter what

    In fact, when Blood Race just finished the book, I was quite confident about the new book, because the thinking was relatively complete.

    If you have read the above, you probably know that I have already announced the type of new book in the postscript, and I have basically thought about how to write it at that time.

    However, after I finished writing the beginning and showed it to several friends including the editor in charge, all I got were negative reviews, which woke me up from my self-confidence

    Then I changed several themes and started a few times in a row, but none of them were ideal. In the end, this theme has received more praise.

    There are naturally many problems, and the title of the book alone has been complained by everyone for a long time.

    I want to be humorous and relaxed, but the description techniques developed by the blood race are relatively heavy and complicated, and I can't completely break it for a while.

    However, I believe that as the plot progresses, the characters will become fuller, the problems can be solved, the look and feel will be better, and the burger will continue to upgrade.

    at last:

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    Ask for a monthly pass.

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