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Text Chapter 281: Waste is waste

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    Chen Kuo just entered the "Encouraging Heart Palace" in such a grand and open manner, and was invited to the warehouse where the spiritual materials are stored. With the permission of Zhenjun Yang Miaocheng and others, he stayed here alone and did what he wanted.  do.

    At first glance, it seems that Chen Kuo is really a little crazy, a little adventurous, and a little daring, but in fact, when he thinks about it carefully, he is very stable when operating with the information he has.

    The previous sect and Zuo Chongzhe and other true monarchs of other sects belonged to the state of tearing their faces, but they were not in a state of completely tearing their faces, and it was absolutely impossible for this state to be made public in the spiritual circle in a short time, which gave him a lot of help.  Large operating space.

    The two sides can't and can't communicate at all, so he has no risk of being exposed in a short period of time.

    Chen Kuo started to make various preparations in his spare time, and even directly used the spiritual materials in the warehouse.

    For him now, because of the existence of "A Kuo Men Vegetable Garden", as long as he can find and see spiritual materials, he can "mass-produce" them in a short period of time.

    It doesn't matter what the spiritual material is, you can consume it as you want.

    However, since there are ready-made ones here, there is no need to use them.

    Chen Kuo began to fiddle with the storeroom quickly, wandering around and arranging the "Encouragement Hall" from time to time, and if someone asked, he would directly say "Yang Zhenjun asked him to do it".

    Anyway, he is very sure that it is impossible for these disciples from the previous sect in the "Encouraging Heart Hall" to go to Yang Miao to testify at this time - they also instinctively believe that with Chen Kuo's mere cultivation base, they would not dare to fake rumors  Yang Zhenjun's words, in this "Encouraging Heart Hall", Yang Zhenjun can hear their conversation anytime as long as he wants to - just like Yang Miaocheng thinks that Chen Kuo dare not play him and Zuo Chongzhe at the same time.  .

    Indeed, this method can only be deceived for a while, and it is too easy and too fast to be exposed, and normal people will never do it.

    It's just that none of them thought about it, Chen Kuo didn't need to keep lying

    "Xiao Qi!" While drinking a cup of spiritual tea in the study, Yang Miaocheng suddenly thought of something when he was savoring the fragrance of the tea at the level of spiritual energy, and shouted to the outside: "We will leave in the afternoon the day after tomorrow.  Have the car and the manpower been connected?"

    The student named Xiao Qi is actually far away from his study room, but he can still accurately transmit the voice to the other party's ear, and it doesn't need to be too loud to be heard by others. The effect is better than that of a walkie-talkie  precise.

    Xiao Qi quickly ran over, stood in the study and reported: "Master, our mobile phone has no signal here, and we can't contact the outside for the time being."

    "Why is there no signal? Haven't you updated the equipment before?" Yang Miaocheng said with a frown.

    Xiao Qi lowered his head, and replied cautiously: "Maybe it will be fine in a few hours, and it was often like this before."

    "What if it doesn't work?"

    "Then the disciple went out to find the signal? Or go directly to the town to contact them?" Xiao Qi tentatively asked.

    "Forget it, let's wait and see." Yang Miaocheng said

    After Xiao Qi left the small courtyard where the study was located, and returned to the large courtyard where the main disciples were active, a disciple immediately came over.

    "Senior Brother Qi, there seems to be no signal here?"

    Xiao Qi frowned and looked at him: "We are not allowed to use mobile phones to connect to the Internet in private, don't make it difficult for me."

    "Hey, I just go to download some books to read, and then disconnect from the Internet after downloading. I won't be connected all the time. Don't worry, Senior Brother Qi, I won't connect to the Internet to play games like Junior Brother Zhao and the others, and the network is so unstable.  It's stable and I can't play it." The disciple said, then turned around and said: "Brother Qi, who is that person you brought in just now? It doesn't seem like the real kings from before?"

    "It's Chen Duobao, the boss of the Duobao company that specializes in magic weapons and magic circle kits." Xiao Qi said casually.

    "What is he doing here?"

    "How would I know."

    While the two were talking, another disciple came out of his room, looked up at the sky in the middle of the courtyard, and asked strangely, "It's almost seven o'clock, why hasn't the sun set yet?"

    "Huh? It's almost seven o'clock?" Xiao Qi and the disciple who wanted to read novels on his mobile phone suddenly realized something was wrong.

    The three of them looked up to the west together, and a red sun was still hanging in the sky over there, not to mention it was seven o'clock in the evening. In this state, it seemed normal at four o'clock in the afternoon.

    "What's going on? It seems that the sun hasn't moved since the beginning?"

    "Strange, there is no change in the surrounding aura, is there anything abnormal?"

    "Is this some kind of astronomical phenomenon?"

    Xiao Qi's voice is lowCheng Zhenjun.  "Chen Kuo smiled, and filled up the spirit tea for Yang Miaocheng.

    Yang Miaocheng chuckled, and after a while, he said again: "You haven't noticed that in the past few decades, there have been a lot more true emperors? Oh, you are only under thirty, um, then you  It should not be obvious. But if you count the changes in the number of true monarchs and high-level cultivators in the past hundred years, you will find some interesting things."

    Chen Kuo stopped holding the teapot, and seemed to be shocked by these words.

    Yang Miaocheng continued: "Chen Daoyou, have you ever thought about why we built such a secret place in the deep mountains and old forests in the last case, and spent so many resources to build such a huge and powerful formation?"  ?Have you ever wondered why Zuo Zhenjun and the others gathered here with such great fanfare? Have you ever wondered why the warehouse here has so many spiritual materials? You must know that the spiritual material reserves here in normal times,  More than five times the amount you just saw in the warehouse."

    Chen Kuo whispered: "This Can I know this?"

    Yang Miaocheng smiled and said: "Even the ancient secret treasures, and even the monitoring circle involving all sects and the whole world, Zuo Zhenjun let Chen Daoyou be in charge. What else Chen Daoyou can't know?"

    Chen Kuo's expression changed, as if he was suppressing the shock and excitement in his heart, and then lowered his voice:

    "Zhenjun, I heard I heard that although Zhenjun Jia received a closed-door training earlier, it was a blessing in disguise. He has already enlightened to the Dao, broke through the last test, and cultivated into a Yangshen? Could it be, could it be Zhenjun Mingjia?  What peerless secret technique has been created?"

    Yang Miaocheng was stunned when he heard these words. Chen Duobao's brain is really big, and he can think of everything.

    "Of course not! You didn't listen to me carefully. I want you to think about the list of true emperors in the past 100 years, and then think about the number of true emperors in the past thirty or forty years. Think about the difference! My senior uncle Ming Jia was injured.  Retreat was only ten years ago!"

    "Ah! It's the juniors who are stupid!" Chen Kuo hurriedly confessed, and then asked: "Then Could it be that Mingjia Zhenjun has passed the tribulation and ascended?"

    "Crossing the tribulation and ascending? How can it be so easy!"

    "That's right, if True Monarch Mingjia really ascends, it should be a big event for the entire spiritual world to celebrate. It's impossible for there to be no movement." Chen Kuo nodded and said.

    "Are you quite ambitious, kid? I'm talking about the Realm Realm with you, and you're thinking about taking off and ascending? To be a real fairy in the Heavenly Palace?" Yang Miaocheng said with a half-smile.

    "Ah! How dare you! With this level of cultivation, how dare you have such a delusional idea! It's just that when communicating with Zuo Zhenjun and Wei Zongzhu, they all admire Zhenjun Mingjia in their remarks."

    "Admiration? Admiration?" Yang Miaocheng sneered, "What exactly did they say?"

    "They explained that Zhenjun Jia's cultivation was advanced, that he had reached the peak of Zhenjun's realm, and began to refine Yang God. They had always wanted to meet Zhenjun Ming Jia, and they came here this time to meet him, but they didn't expect to see him, Zhenjun Yang,  You must know where Zhenjun Mingjia is"

    Yang Miaocheng did not notice that as the conversation between him and Chen Kuo progressed, the light in the study room became darker and darker, and strange streamers of light surged from the surrounding walls and roof.

    Under the spiritual vision, this study has become a world of its own, seemingly real and virtual, and the aura is mellow.

    Yang Miaocheng's eyes also became a little confused. After Chen Kuo's last words fell, he trembled and subconsciously raised his head to look at Chen Kuo:

    "I don't know where Uncle Ming Jia is. He only asks Uncle Huang and me to deal with other sects. If necessary, he can directly give up the 'Encouraging Heart Hall' and all the spiritual materials inside. If the other four sects cooperate  When we got together, we agreed to whatever they said, and delayed as long as possible But I didn't expect that Uncle Huang would fall, leaving me alone Wait, that's not right!"

    Yang Miaocheng suddenly realized something, and the aura burst out all over his body, directly exploding the original aura structure in the entire study under the spiritual vision.

    "Chen Kuo! What are you doing?! Bold! How dare you use the technique of bewitching me"

    Yang Miaocheng was a little furious, and he almost succeeded in using the technique of bewitching Gao Xiu, the real monarch who had condensed the Yin God. It was like being humiliated by someone taking off his pants in public.

    Chen Kuo suddenly lost his previous respectful and careful look, sighed, raised his legs up, then picked up the teapot in his hand and took a sip directly to his mouth, smacked his mouth, shook his head and said: "Damn, this  It's a waste of tea to drink for you. You are a waste even if you have the cultivation level of a true emperor. Grandma, you don't know anything. It seems that you are not good in the eyes of Ming Jia and Huang Ding.  The same is trash"

    "Bold! Presumptuous!" Yang Miaocheng seemed to swell slightly, pointed forward, and pointed at Chen Kuo.

    Chen Kuo, who was drinking tea with Erlang legs crossed, exploded in an instant, and Yang Miaocheng's face was covered with blood."Yang Miaocheng's figure seemed to swell slightly, she pointed forward, and pointed at Chen Kuo.

    Chen Kuo, who was drinking tea with Erlang's legs crossed, exploded in an instant, and Yang Miaocheng's face was covered in blood.
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