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Text Chapter 128 Braised Pork Is Delicious

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    Chen Kuo knew that Xiao Han was worried that Lao Xu was blinded by the money and was fascinated by the generous rewards offered there. He was really bought over and secretly used their technology and standards to OEM for the other party, which missed them.  Here's the delivery time.

    "Do you think Lao Xu will be bought by them?" Chen Kuo asked with a smile.

    "Wellnot afraid of 10,000, just in case. And they are not only in contact with my foundry, but also with several foundries that our company cooperates with" Xiao Han worried.

    "Don't worry, there is no need to worry about Lao Xu." Chen Kuo said with certainty.

    Is Lao Xu the kind of person who sees money?

    of course.

    Does Lao Xu dare to find ways to cut corners, save worry and trouble, and earn more after receiving the order?

    Definitely dare.

    But does Lao Xu dare to risk breaking the contract to leak important information about his products, and dare to directly cooperate with supply companies of other sects to backstab him?

    There is a high probability that I dare not.

    For so long, every time Chen Kuo saw Lao Xu and other foundry leaders, there was a spirit body of a general holding a halberd standing behind him.

    Therefore, every time Lao Xu and other foundry directors see him, they can feel the powerful coercion, and this coercion will be combined with their psychological impression of Chen Kuo.

    In addition, Lao Xu knows his methods, has seen him eliminate spirits, and understands that he is not a broad-minded gentleman who can be bullied, but a tyrannical man who repays kindness and revenge, and sometimes has an extremely hot temper.  spiritual practice.

    Lao Xu understands that fighting wits with him in the details of processing and grabbing a little more profit will not touch his bottom line.  If it affects the finished product, it is just to make him vomit more as a punishment in terms of profit.

    But if the contract is violated, if it really affects the launch of a series of products of "Duobao Company", the delivery time is affected, and even Chen Kuo is directly stabbed in the back.

    So with Chen Kuo's style, it is by no means a legal breach of contract claim.

    The more mercenary a person is, the more keen his sense of smell is, and he knows who can be bullied and who cannot be offended.

    The "Five Great Sects" sounds awesome, and Lao Xu may have heard gossip about some sects and knows some things.  But after all, it was an existence he had never come into contact with before, and it was unlikely that the ones sent were powerful spiritual practitioners, and they might not even be official disciples, but Chen Kuo was the devil Party A who could reach out to him.

    What's more, Lao Xu should know that it is impossible to make the products of "Duobao Company" by himself, or even by the few foundries in Bangang.

    The real soul and helm of "Duobao Company" is Chen Kuo, and only Chen Kuo.

    Anyone can be short, anyone can be short, but Chen Kuo is indispensable and indispensable.

    So Chen Kuo told Xiao Han to ignore Old Xu: "Nothing to say, nothing to do, everything will be as usual."


    After thinking for a while, Chen Kuo smiled and said, "If those people come to you again, you can ask them what they want. If you want a list of spiritual materials, you can ask them to set a price. The price is high enough, and you think it's suitable.  , just show them the spiritual material reserve list in your hand."

    "This is this appropriate?" Xiao Han on the opposite side was a little flustered.

    "It's okay, just give them the list. But the premise is to talk about a price you are satisfied with, and you will keep as much as you want, and it will be your bonus during this period. If they still ask you about the price on the list  What each material specifically refers to, the price needs to be negotiated separately." Chen Kuo said.

    Xiao Han immediately understood that the people in his company stationed in various foundries have their own set of naming methods for the statistics of spiritual materials in their hands.

    For example, "The 170th year of the transformation of the seven stars into the spirit of the demon snake, the back to the tail part of the snake skin", the code name in the list is "m170s-3", and some materials are expressed with the combination of heavenly stems and earthly branches, what "Ding Weier"  "Sixteen", what "Yishen Seven", let alone ordinary people, they are not from Duobao Company, and no matter how senior spiritual practitioners are, they can't see anything wrong.

    "I understand, I just give them the list marked with the code name, and don't tell them what the actual corresponding spiritual material is." Xiao Han also laughed twice, thinking that Mr. Chen really has a dark belly.

    Chen Kuo said: "No, you can continue to talk to them and continue to raise the asking price. If the price is right, you can tell them what it is, give them a specific description, and even show them pictures. Of course, look at the pictures  Need to pay more."

    In fact, even if Xiao Han is asked to make an exclusive description that can be understood by spiritual practice, he can't do it. The internal registration of their company is these code names. They can only know that it is snake skin and cow skin.The two meat buns I bought didn't make up for the difference in breakfast.

    He picked up his backpack and walked out of the office, and said to the little secretary at the desk by the door: "Little Zhu, have you finished the list of gifts for the first batch of magic circle kits for the 'Hongyan Gate'? Uh, forget it, you and  I went to eat together and talked while eating."

    Zhu Li, who had just picked up the folder and was about to report, immediately gave a oh, then got up quickly, picked up his coat, took the folder and bag, and walked out of the company with Chen Kuo.

    The two of them took the elevator directly to the underground garage. After getting in the car, Zhu Li took out the folder and prepared to report.

    "Let's go to work that afternoon. Let's go eat first. How about the braised pork that we ate on a rainy day?" Chen Kuo said as he drove the car out of the parking space.

    "Okay!" Zhu Li smiled with eyes like crescent moons, obediently put away the folder, "That braised pork is delicious!"

    If the adoptive mother, Ms. Tao, heard her daughter's words, she would probably stare and ask her: "Didn't you never eat any fat when you were young!?"

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