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Main Text Chapter 3 So You Are

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    Many years later, when Zhuang Zhou is sticking to others, he will definitely think of the distant night when he became a ball

    The house opposite is very dilapidated.

    ? Like an indoor garbage station, it is filled with all kinds of unspeakable rags. The only room left is a single bed with a square table next to the bed, and the table is also a mess.

    The girl was sixteen or seventeen years old, petite, wearing a pair of torn corduroy trousers, a colorless shirt, and an oversized old men's coat.

    Half-length hair, messy bangs, small round face, restless eyes, like a violent little animal.

    She became really irritable and shouted at Zhuang Zhou.

    "Who are you?"

    "Who are you?"

    "What's going on?"

    "I don't know what's going on!"

    "Don't come here!"

    "I didn't go there!"

    "Don't come here!"

    "I really didn't go there!"


    She was extremely nervous, and suddenly took out two weird balls from her pocket, one blue and one red, and threw them over forcefully.

    Zhuang Zhou:?  ?  ?

    Why are you throwing two balls at me?  Are you Zhen Ji or Angela?

    I saw that the blue ball hit the ground first and bounced into the air, like a plump and juicy fruit exploded with a bang, spraying out a stream of sticky blue liquid, wow!

    He suddenly felt as if he had been shot by a slime.

    Immediately after the red ball arrived again, it also burst open suddenly, turning into a huge bubble that swallowed it, leaving only a head exposed.  The inside of the bubble is like a swimming pool, his feet are off the ground, he is floating and has no center of gravity, rolling on the bed.


    ?These few times the rabbit rolled and the eagle turned, and the changes happened in an instant, and Zhuang Zhou had become the Zhuang ball.

    "Are you crazy? Let me go!"

    "Why let you go, who knows you are a good guy or a bad guy?"

    "We both speak Mandarin, so there should be basic trust?"

    "Okay, now I trust you very much!"

    Seeing that he couldn't move, the girl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and cautiously did not cross the dividing line, she only asked: "What do you know, what is this place?"


    He twisted his head aside with great effort, remaining stubborn.

    "I'll let you go if you say so."

    "I'll tell you if you let me go."

    "Hey! It's not me who is suffering anyway!"

    Pointless stubbornness is not advisable, flexibility is the truth, he thought for a while and asked, "Did it rain over there yesterday?"


    "Is there anything weird in the middle of the night?"

    "It seems there is."

    "Is it off today?"


    "That's right!"

    He rolled from one side of the bed to the other, and said seriously: "Based on my years of experience watching blockbuster movies, this should be the entanglement of time and space caused by quantum mechanics. What's the situation outside your house, do you live in a bungalow or a building?"


    The girl ran to the door in a hurry, stretched out her hand to pull the door, pulled it, pulled it again, and pulled it hard.


    The house began to tremble, and even the two bedrooms trembled. This time, some debris fell from the wall, as if it was about to collapse in the next second.

    "Stop stop!"

    Both of them were startled, and the girl said in a daze, "Why can't I open it?"

    "It doesn't make sense! Could it be that our two bedrooms overlapped in time and space, and formed certain rules and restrictions? Hey, hey! Let me go, why don't I lose face by turning into a balloon with a human head?"

    The girl was restless, and touched a switch on the bubble in the past, and it let out with a chirp, and the Zhuang ball changed back to Zhuang Zhou.

    "I'll try."

    He walked to the door of his bedroom, stretched out his hand to pull the door, and opened it with a creak.

    Well, now she panicked even more, desperately went to open the door, but couldn't open it, she clenched her fists and kicked violently, making loud noises.  The house was trembling, but it turned into a dangerous house in an instant.

    "Calm down! Calm down!"

    "I'm so calm, I can't get out, I can't get out!"

    She cried out with a loud cry, without the slightest arrogance just now: "Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow"

    Embarrassing, so embarrassing!

     A sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl who looks like a junk collector and is slovenly got mixed up with herself for no reason, and was crying bitterly!

    Even though Zhuang Zhou was so eloquent, he couldn't think of a good way, so he simply slipped to the opposite side and tried to pull the door, but he really couldn't.

    What the hell is this called?

    The two bedrooms are connected, but it is a one-way passage, and one side is sealed.

    He couldn't figure it out, so he ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror, good guy, Smurf!  I don't know what the liquid is, it's not painful or itchy, it's just sticky, I rub it for a long time before washing it off, and I changed my clothes by the way.

    When she came out again, the girl had calmed down, but she was actually standing on the ladder, punching holes in the walls on both sides, and erecting a beam to hang curtains, as skilled as a decorator.

    "Hey, you sneaked up on me for no reason, don't you apologize?"

    "Sorry, you don't look like a bad person at the moment." She actually bowed on the ladder.

    "What do you mean by now?"

    "You are not aggressive."


    Zhuang Zhou thought he should be happy, and said: "Get to know each other, you can call me Lao Zhuang."

    "You can call me A Yuan."

    "Well, can we talk now?"

    He moved a low table and two small plastic benches and placed them at the dividing line.  A Yuan paused, jumped down, and sat down dejectedly.

    "When I talk about quantum mechanics, you can listen to it. I don't know the real reason. But the situation is like this. Let's at least talk and understand each other."


    She seemed to have had her bones removed, leaving only the stiff neck, nodding and trembling.

    "I reckon that we may be in parallel worlds."


    "I don't have head balloons here. I'm in Shencheng in 2021. How about you?"


    A Yuan's dejected face changed, and he said in a daze, "I am in Tianhai in 2049."


    It's really a parallel world!

    He found a pen and brushed it on the table, drew a 38th line, and put the panda doll left by his ex-ex-girlfriend on it, saying: "There is no national flag, use the national treasure instead. Diplomacy is no small matter, let's be more serious now."  .

    Do you have Pangu, Confucius, Qin Shihuang, Guan Yu, Li Shimin, Su Shi, Wang Yangming, and the Sino-Japanese War?  "


    "Do you have the Soviet Union, Lighthouse, Dongying, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Ah San and 911?"


    "Then do you have Four Heavenly Kings, Four Dens Double Ice, "Let the Bullets Fly" and shameless hot chicken stars?"


    Parallel is very thorough, but it's useless, and I haven't traveled through it.

    Zhuang Zhou looked at the child as pitiful, with rags, shabby house, and poverty. Uncle, I want to go to school He couldn't help slowing down his tone, and continued: "It's very safe here. I mean the environment I live in. Now we  I'm not familiar yet, so it's okay to take your time.

    By the way, are you a student?  "


    "Then you are charged"

    "I'm not collecting waste!"

    "But there are so many things in your house?"

    "I'm not collecting waste!!!"

    A Yuan is very sensitive to this. She was wearing a large men's coat, and after struggling to roll up the sleeves, she took out a, er, wallet from her pocket?

    Zhuang Zhou was surprised, and saw her turn left and right, the wallet unfolded, and turned into a foldable touch phone like a small tablet.  The screen is smooth and seamless, and it looks solid.

    She clicked a few more times, brush!

    A holographic projection was set up on the screen, and it was still a business card, which read: "Recycle old goods, old computers, old mobile phones, and old home appliances, Barabara, no one is cheating, and you will receive the goods at your door."

    How is this different from collecting waste?

    Zhuang Zhou wondered, at this moment, A Yuan suddenly widened his eyes and shouted: "Net! Net!"

    "What network?"

    "I have a network, and I can connect to the network on my side!"

    "You wait and wait!"

    Zhuang Zhou stopped the excited girl and quickly sorted it out: she can't go back, one-way passage, but she can still connect to the Internet


    He was also excited: So you are my system.
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