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Text Chapter 4 Wonderful Night

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    When I understood this, my dejected heart began to boil again.

    At this moment, the curtains have been hung and pulled aside.

    In fact, it is just a piece of rag, with surplus on the top, left, and right, and can only cover the most important middle position.  Zhuang Zhou was very disgusted, he also needed privacy!

    He scribbled at his desk, wrote the words "Peaceful Coexistence Principle", and said: "We will be neighbors in the future, and the basic terms must be determined. First"

    "Wait, when did I promise to take you in?"

    "From when you hung the curtains."


    A Yuan's small face was a little uneasy, and the other party's attitude changed drastically, as if he had gained confidence.  She was rather upset, and said coldly: "Let me remind you, I can call the police, what should the police do if they come to see you?"

    "I can't help it, but you don't look stupid. You must know that this is a great opportunity. Do you want to give it to others?"


    She was silent.

    "First of all, although my place is small, it is a representative of the 7.5 billion compatriots on the earth. Diplomacy is no small matter. I ask for absolute respect and autonomy, and I will respect you in the same way."

    Zhuang Zhou continued: "It is not allowed to step into the other party's territory without permission, except for the bathroom. Secondly, privacy is very important, and you must not casually spy on the other party's life."

    "I, I, I spy on you?"

    Ah Yuan wanted to beat him up.

    "I've thought about these two points, do you have anything to add?"

    "Hmph! I don't feed myself for nothing!"

    "Then the third point, you provide me with three meals and basic security, and I will find a way to help you make money."

    "You help me make money in 2021?"

    "Let's talk about this later, if you agree, sign it."

    He signed his name first, and pushed it over in a decent manner. She was speechless, but she also signed, and it was established!

    A Yuan was really curious about him, and Balabala began to ask: "In your situation, there won't be any trouble with your family and friends, right?"

    "I quit my job, and my parents divorced in my hometown."

    "What about your store?"

    "Tell my mother to go on a trip, or simply go back to work in the capital, and let her watch it first, so it can be fooled for a while. What about you, is there no trouble here?"

    "I only had one grandpa, who has passed away."

    "Oh, sorry."

    Zhuang Zhou couldn't say anything, so he changed the subject and asked, "Your mobile phone is great, what is its technological level?"

    "This is an old model with few functions. The latest model is all mr (mixed reality)."


    "ar (augmented reality) + vr (virtual reality)."

    He didn't know what to do, and asked, "Is there 5g, 6g?"


    "A self-driving new energy vehicle with no brake failure?"


    "A virtual reality game with 100% authenticity?"

    "Yes, but not 100% yet."

    "Very good!"

    Zhuang Zhou patted his thigh and said excitedly: "If you can help me, I will sacrifice myself to provide a set of lithography machine research and development materials!"


    A Yuan rolled his eyes.

    "Silicon chips are also fine, how about EDA (Electronic Design Automation)? The best is a full set of 5g application technology!"

    "Look at me, look at me!"

    She pointed to her small round face: "Do you think I have one? Besides, who would put the core technology online? You are too unreliable!"

    "I am just a red heart to the motherland, and your side is simply a treasure!"

    Zhuang Zhou, the salted fish of the dream of a strong country, sighed.

    "Cuckoo cluck!"

    Just as he was talking, he suddenly heard a strange noise, his eyes turned and fell on her stomach.


    Immediately afterwards, his stomach started to growl, and he remembered the sweet potatoes that had been left behind, so he brought them over quickly.  The tomatoes are still on the plate, plus a bottle of red wine.

    "You also offer a portion, this is not enough."

    A Yuan pursed her lips, and went to get two steamed buns, some porridge and pickles, and a big enamel jar filled with something like milk powder.

    "What's this?"


    "You don't have enough food here?"

    "The production was cut before the war, but now"

    "Wait a minute, what do you mean by fighting?"

    ??The various crises of energy and ecology, and the chaotic struggles of various countries lasted for five or six years.  It is much better now, my country has been restoring the ecology, cultivating high-yielding crops and developing nutritional supplements.

    This nutritional supplement is prepared and in the shape of a ball. The community will distribute it to us every month. In the past, food stamps were also issued.  "


    "Food stamps!"

    A Yuan was afraid that he wouldn't understand, so he explained: "It's a kind of purchase certificate, each person can buy a certain amount of food every month, but it has been canceled for many years."


    Zhuang Zhou suddenly felt a sense of human reincarnation.


    There is nothing delicious for dinner, just plain food.

    A Yuan, however, ate satisfactorily, squinted his eyes happily, and even wanted to have a drink, but when he learned that it was (red) wine, he cautiously refused it.

    The nutritional supplement tastes like very light milk, dry and slightly sweet.

    After the meal, she generously poured hot water, each with a small bench, and continued to chat.

    Zhuang Zhou was interested in that enamel jar, and asked: "You also have this thing here?"

    "My grandfather's."

    "How many years has the old man been away?"

    "Not long ago, I was in my 60s."

    Over 60?

    Zhuang Zhou did the math, oh, post-80s.

    "Let me briefly talk about my side. My world is mostly peaceful, the international situation is complicated, and the epidemic is still going on. My country is very powerful, the people are introverted, housing prices are scary, bald and there is no rule of law, and young people don't want to get married.  Most people have a hard life."

    "Then why are you loafing around?"

    "Can you see this too?"


    "I'm just lucky. With the family business my parents earned, I don't have to work so hard. I have nothing to do every day and play around. Oh, that's right!"

    Zhuang Zhou thought of the deck that had also been left behind, and seeing that the tape was still inside, he said, "I bought this today, and I haven't listened to it yet."



    He flipped the switch.


    The tape rotates, with a unique background noise, a bit like wind, like water flowing, like watching TV for hours and falling asleep, and snowflakes appear on the screen.

    The prelude sounded, a very gentle voice:

    "The south wind brings coolness, the nightingale sings, and the flowers under the moon fall into dreams, only the evening primrose"

    Oh, it's this one.

    He was born in 1995, but he loves old songs and movies very much.

    At first, I was influenced by my parents, and then I took the initiative to understand after the formation of aesthetics.  In particular, his work, boasting about those rubbish things all day long, on the contrary formed a rebellious psychology, so he liked it even more.

    The man who sold his tapes said that tapes are analog sounds, while cds and mp3s are all digital sounds.  Although the sound quality of the analog sound is not good, the timbre should be soft and warm, while the digital sound is hard, which will tire the ears after listening for a long time.

    Feel very mysterious, the tone is warm and hard?

    But at this moment, I don¡¯t know if it¡¯s the effect of the equipment, the style of the singer, or this wonderful night, there is indeed an invisible softness rubbing against the eardrums, flowing slowly in the night.

    "I love the vastness of the night, I also love the singing of the nightingale, and I love the dream like a flower, embracing the evening primrose"

    A Yuan showed surprise on his face. It seemed that he seldom listened to this style of songs, but he was quickly attracted, holding his face and flickering.

    The lights in the bedroom are warm and the rain is still falling.

    (Thanks to Mengzhu, Baiyinmeng, and friends who donated rewards, there are more updates. There are also those who owed the last book, and they will also be repaid. ?
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