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Text Chapter 8 I am like a God

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    3 hours later.

    A Yuan chewed a tube of toothpaste-like snacks, moved the small bench and sat side by side, pointing like a girl addicted to the Internet: "The nose, the nostrils are too big! The eyebrows should be thinner!"

    "Will Dan Fengyan look better?"

    "Longer neck, long neck is beautiful."

    It was finally done, Zhuang Zhou looked at the screen repeatedly, shook his head and said: "It still doesn't work, I don't feel it."

    "I think so too, let's do it all over again."

    So I deleted the character and started pinching the eighth face.

    After tossing and tossing, perfection and flaws are always between the slightest. Obviously, it only needs to be changed a little bit, but after the changes, it is not beautiful, and it is restored, and it does not feel beautiful.

    "Don't worry, it took me three days for my first role, you can set the template again."

    "I've tried it all, and I always feel that it's a little bit close Hey, it doesn't seem to be."

    Zhuang Zhou opened it casually.

    The character appears.


    For a second, he felt his heart beat.

    "I'll change it."

    With the concentration and precision of writing his graduation thesis, he traced the eyebrows of the characters bit by bit, moistened the lips, raised the corners of the eyes a little, and outlined the neck, waist, arms, and backline

    It seems that there is a magical hand, groping up and down, kneading, and finally taking shape.

    "How about it?"

    "not bad!"

    A Yuan also liked it very much, and said: "If you think it's ok, the next step is to choose the voice."

    It is much easier to choose a voice. Zhuang Zhou chose a voice, and then named it.  For a female Taoist priest, the name should match. He thought for a while and typed three words: Chen Yingning.

    Finally, click OK, and the character is finally generated.

    On the screen stood a young Taoist priest in his twenties who looked just like a real person, blinking at him.

    Blue sermon gown, white socks and cloud shoes, hair tied in a bun, with a wooden hairpin inserted.  With a small face and a slender body, a thin and blunt neck is exposed from the Taoist robe with a straight collar, like a lotus leaf stalk.

    The most special thing is the eyes.

    The eyes are as clear as water, with the purity of living in the mountains and not being out of the world; there is also a very unique air, the charm of nature, the bearing of self-cultivation, between the eyebrows, seeing and forgetting the vulgar.

    "The Taoist leader?" Zhuang Zhou called out.

    "I am here!"

    A soft and clear voice, like spring water dancing in a mountain stream.

    ? When it comes to beauties in the 1980s and 1990s, it is always said that each has its own merits and is unique in style.

    Speaking of beauties after two thousand years, although the quality has declined sharply, there are still a few representative ones that are impressive.

    And when it comes to the beauty of the presenthow can there be any beauties now?  !

    To be honest, Zhuang Zhou really can't tell who is who among those young idols. The men feel the same, and the women feel the same.

    The decline in the aesthetics of film and television practitioners, the unscrupulous praise of capital, the unscrupulous boasting of the media, the active pandering of celebrities, the immature fans of young fans The appreciation of people is circled in the name of "aesthetic freedom, but in fact it is nonsense."  The evil road is out of control.

    Such as clay plastic powder.

    What is clay sculpture?  It is "Nian Su", who likes to masturbate male idols, call male idols wives, and make up all kinds of weak images.  Even if the idol is 190 tall and has an inch beard, fans still hold their faces and sigh:

    "My God, he looks so weak and shy!"

    But the one that Zhuang Zhou created is a beauty.

    A Yuan was also very satisfied, and said: "You try loading the scene."

    "Is that so?"


    He opened the scene settings, found a material and clicked to load, the screen changed immediately, and the trailhead was already in a quiet and simple courtyard.

    There is an old tree in the courtyard, with a cliff on one side and a pool below.  On the cliff, there are vines of lychee and moss, and another clear spring gushes out and pours into the pool.

    There is another big bluestone under the tree, he opens the action settings, selects

    The trailhead lightly jumped onto the bluestone and sat cross-legged.

    "Do you want to preview the dynamic effect?"


    In an instant, the whole picture came alive.

    With the wind, the vines on the mountain wall swayed gently, and the clear spring began to surge and ding-dong.  The light also becomes soft and natural, reflecting the ancient courtyard, a path leader sits cross-legged on the bluestone, and nature is integrated into one

    In a trance, Zhuang Zhou felt that he was a god, and he created a life with his own hands.Life.

    And as he watched, his excited expression gradually faded, and he remained silent.  A Yuan urged: "Do you need it? This is the most beautiful, I like it very much."


    He hesitated, and said, "I'm suddenly a little scared."


    "You may be used to it, but I'm not, I'm afraid I've opened a Pandora's box.¡±

    "What magic box?"

    "I'm afraid to unleash the devil!"

    "Is it too exaggerated?"

    "No, you don't understand what thought I came up with just now. This thought makes me palpitate. I should calm down."

    He simply quit the program.

    After washing his face and calming down, he returned to the small bench and asked, "Do you have legal protection for these virtual people?"

    "Of course, in the early days there were a lot of perverts who used them to make some disgusting things, or deliberately uploaded other people's faces and put them on pornographic websites. After everyone protested, the government legislated.

    Like what we did, it will automatically connect with the police, review and detect, and if it reaches 60% similarity with someone's face, it will be judged that the creation has failed.

    However, there are also some small pornographic websites that operate secretly and charge very expensive"



    The two of them looked at each other, Zhuang Zhouquan pretended not to understand, and asked, "How about the prices here, how long can you live with 10,000 yuan?"

    "I only need ten yuan a day to eat, and I can live for a year. Now I can't survive half a year. You can eat so much!"

    Mentioning this, Ah Yuan gets angry.

    "People are different. I'm not used to thrift. For example, when I smoke, I only smoke Huazi, when I drink, I only drink Taizi, and when I eat meat, I only eat pork knuckles. Braised chicken and rice, fish tofu can be added as much as you want, chic and happy!"

    Before the other party threw the ball, he pushed the computer and said first: "Help me find fifty old songs, fifty new songs, twenty old movies, and twenty new movies."


    "Study the entertainment context of this world, and then help you make money!"

    In fact, Zhuang Zhou has already had a preliminary understanding that there is no strange setting in this world that "the economy and technology are very developed, but the entertainment industry is backward".

    Yes, that's weird in itself.

    Unless the country is very extreme, such as corruption, or strictly restricts entertainment works, this will happen.

    The audience will enhance their aesthetic taste after the big waves wash the sand.  Putting 2021 movies a few decades ago may not necessarily be popular.

    So Zhuang Zhou has always pitied the young and middle-aged audience, including himself.

    No matter what good or bad dramas are for the elderly, they are just passing the time. When you see your elders are enthusiastic about garbage like "Mother's Way", you can't say anything.

    The younger ones don¡¯t care what is good or bad, they only have cuts and cuts in their hearts, when you see fans saying ¡°I wish the children of anti-drug policemen to be reborn in a wealthy family like xx in their next life, who will make your parents so great in this life¡±, come to their parents  When drug-related idols are whitewashed

    What can you say?


    Zhuang Zhou glanced at the Xiaodao leader sitting in the lower right corner of the screen, and the thought came out again irresistibly.

    (No more! ?
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