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Text Chapter 9 Community

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    (Yesterday's chapter said it was dead!)

    The stacked area, morning.

    Lao Wu from the community and Yang Xue, a policeman, came to Building 6 and went to A Yuan's house.

    Not long after joining the job, Yang Xue was young and lively, and said, "Uncle Wu, do you think he is a criminal?"

    "It's very possible. In recent years, our assistance and assistance work has been very effective. The number of homeless people has been greatly reduced, and the area has been cleared to zero. He should have come from a different place, and somehow he caught up with Xiaoyuan."

    "Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. What if it's a bad guy?"

    "Be cautious, but don't think of him as a bad person from the start. Hearing from the masses that he doesn't even have shoes and only wears slippers is pathetic."

    "Pitiful, poor, just don't be like the mental illness last time."

    "Xiao Yang, I want to say a few words about you"

    Uncle Wu, acting like an old grassroots political cadre, said: "It's not like you don't know what it was like 20 years ago. How many people were displaced and their relatives were away. Now that the conditions are better, we should actively face the pain of these old times.  , take the initiative to solve the problem, don't complain."

    "Yes, you are right!"

    Zhuang Zhou is surfing the Internet, using his own computer.

    He is watching the demo video about metahumaor from station b.

    Friends who like to play games must know the famous Unreal Engine.  Like "PUBG Mobile", "Call of Duty", "Fortress Night", etc., are all made with Unreal 4.

    And in February 2021, Unreal Engine released a metahumaor (metahuman creation tool).

    This tool is used to create hyper-realistic virtual characters, compressing the character development time that would have taken weeks or even months to a few hours.

    Regardless of the mode of pinching the face or the character template, it is similar to the series.  But it can only reach a certain level. If you look at it coldly, it is a real person, but if you look closely, it will be unnatural.

    So he has an estimate: the best technology in 2021 is about equal to the old model in 2049.

    After closing station b, Zhuang Zhou took A Yuan's computer and continued to watch the old movie she was looking for.  He spent the past few days like this, and he became more and more proficient at eating soft rice.

    "I'm leaving!"

    "Well, go slowly!"

    After breakfast, A Yuan put on his shoes and was about to go out to work. Before he opened the door, he heard someone knocking outside, and a male voice said, "Is Xiao Yuan here? I'm Uncle Wu."

    "Yes, I will open the door for you."

    "Wait, you wait!"

    Zhuang Zhou stood up and pointed to his bedroom, and A Yuan also realized: "Oh, thatUncle Wu, what do you want?"

    "I heard that you made a friend. Is it convenient to come and see Xiao Yang today?"

    "Uh, we, we are about to go out, please wait a moment!"

    Zhuang Zhou quickly put on her big coat, and with the "overlapping temperament" all over her body, she walked over with her slippers.  A Yuan swallowed, and opened the door.

    Outside stood a man in his fifties, dressed plainly and with a friendly face.  There is also a tall and fair policewoman with a ponytail.

    "Uncle Wu, Miss Xiaoxue!"

    A Yuan obviously respected them very much. Zhuang Zhou climbed up the pole and called out, "Hello, Uncle Wu, and Sister Xiaoxue!"


    The two frowned and looked up and down. The first impression was very frivolous.

    "We were just about to go out, talking while walking?"


    So a few people went downstairs, and A Yuan automatically left. Old Wu greeted Zhuang Zhou to sit on a bench, and his tone was full of affection: "Young man, what's your name and how old are you?"

    "Zhuang Zhou, 26 years old."

    "Oh, 26 years old."

    When he heard that this age was the hardest-hit black household, he asked again: "Where are you from? Do you have any relatives?"


    "I am a rescuer in the community, and this is a policeman. We are here to help you."


    Seeing that he was very nervous, Old Wu took out something from his bag and said, "Don't be afraid, it won't hurt, I just have a look."

    As he spoke, he scanned the face with a small machine, and looked at the display screen. There was no information, and it was indeed a black household.

    Yang Xue has been on guard all along, and now she is holding the stun gun. She has seen many guys who are mentally abnormal, or have extreme personalities, and tend to be violent.

    But Zhuang Zhou happened to be not aggressive. Although he didn't speak, he was very honest, hesitating for a long time and said:

    "I don't remember where I was born. I have been wandering around since I was a child. Today I am with thisOne will go, tomorrow will go with the other I came here two days ago, and was picked up by Xiao Yuan, Xiao Yuan is very kind, so he took me in, and I will help her with work"

    Old Wu nodded, without any letter or suspicion, and said, "Young man, I am in charge of this job. Our duty is to help you settle down and return to society, so don't worry.

    However, some procedures still have to go. I have to help you with a physical examination, and then observe for a while to investigate your identity information. I hope you will cooperate.  "

    "You mean, I can't live here anymore?"

    "You have to temporarily stay at the rescue station, but don't worry, the observation period depends on the individual, and sometimes it will be over in three or two days."

    "Then shall I go back and pack up?"

    "Okay, use me to help"

    "No, don't bother you!"

    Ever since, he and A Yuan went upstairs again, and as soon as they entered the room, they grabbed her hand, as tragic as if they were forced to go on a blind date: "Comrade, I will do as you taught. If I can't get out, I will be a ghost."  haunting you!"

    "You can definitely come out, so hurry up and think about what you have to explain."

    "You don't need to worry about the computer, you take the mobile phone first, but don't answer the message for me. Can you come to visit the prison?"


    "Then come over when you are free and communicate anytime."

    After Zhuang Zhou left, Ah Yuan, the little hoof, specially shouted: "Uncle Wu, he is not a bad person, he is not a bad person!"

    Damn, they are all dramatists.


    In the evening, the dormitory of the aid station.

    Bunk and bunk beds, a dozen beds in a room, creaking and creaking.  Zhuang Zhou received a bracelet, a washbasin, toiletries, a colorless t-shirt, and a pair of old sneakers.

    The bracelet can monitor his itinerary and physical condition, but he suspects that it is still a protective measure, for example, if he does bad things, the bracelet will crackle and discharge.

    What a miracle!

    I was rescued in a parallel world!

    There is a small cafeteria here, and the chefs are all part-time, so it doesn't smell good or smelly anyway.  He finished his physical examination, just had a meal, and lay on the bed with his legs crossed, still living up to his name.

    Still go with the situation, heartless.


    There was a strange sound outside the door, and a head was pressed against the small window: "Hey, are you still alive?"


    "I came to see you, but I can't go in, I can only chat with you for five minutes!"

    "Why are you so excited?"

    "Because it's fun! A lot of people are looking for you today, some invite you to play billiards, swim, take a bath, and even sell tea"

    "Unified reply, I am on a long journey and will not be here in the short term."

    "What about the borrower?"

    "Who borrowed the money?"

    A Yuan was short, and seemed to be standing on something, leaning on a small window and said: "One named Meng Chaoyang, I don't care if you borrow 10,000."

    "Didn't give a reason?"

    "I didn't go into details. It seems that something happened to the group I was with. If I don't need money, my money is tight."

    "Then you can call, the password is"

    "You tell me the password? Are you afraid that I will spend all your money?"

    "Where can you spend it? You made money from buying funds, and I thank you!"

    Meng Chaoyang was his best buddy in college, a hard-working screenwriter, earning 18,000 yuan through hard work, and often couldn't get the money.

    After A Yuan visited for five minutes, he was overjoyed.

    For this lonely and self-reliant little girl, the appearance of Zhuang Zhou may be a gift from heaven, novel and exciting.
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