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Text Chapter 10 Friends of the Middle Ages

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    In the blink of an eye, this guy lived in the rescue station for three days.

    He is proactive, cooperates with the conversation, is polite, and is in good health. He has won a wave of Uncle Wu's favorability.

    At breakfast this day, a suspicious homeless person was drinking porridge when Uncle Wu showed up again.

    "How is it, are you still used to it these days?"

    "Very good, much better than I was before, thank you for your care."

    "You're welcome, you can live here with peace of mind, don't worry, we are searching in many ways to see if there is any information about your identity, or if there are any relatives or friends alive.

    There is no need to be restrained, everyone here is your family, just tell us if you have any difficulties.  If you are bored, you can go to play chess or ball, but don't go far away.  "

    "But I don't dare to get in touch with others, only you and Xiaoyuan accept me."

    "Hey, don't think too much about it. You think it's okay to be looked down upon by others. At that time, there were too many such things. Those who were far away from each other, those who hid in the mountains, those who wandered and begged, those who were separated from their relatives, and orphans.  Not your fault."


    Zhuang Zhou lowered his head and said with a look of inferiority, "I know, I will work hard. Uncle Wu, can I go to the club later?"

    "Okay, I'll take you there."

    After dinner, Lao Wu led him out, and came to the back of the office building, where there was a large long house with the words "Cultural Activity Center" in the middle of the gate.

    The inside is divided into several rooms, one for singing and dancing, one for chess and cards, one for reading and surfing the Internet, and one for playing table tennis.

    Go to the reading room first, and an old man is facing the computer, making a hey hey sound.  Old Wu frowned and called out, "Master Qian? Master Qian?"

    "It turned out to be Xiao Wu, what brought you here?"

    The old man was in his seventies, thin, with a moustache and wretched appearance.

    "You are also getting old, can you set an example for young people and stop watching these indecent things?"

    "Food and sex, human nature, how can it be called indecent?"

    Old Wu didn't want to argue, and said, "Bring someone here for you. The young man we just rescued wants to come to the club. Please take care of him. Xiaozhuang, this is Teacher Qian, who is in charge of culture."

    ? A few words of introduction, I am busy now.

    Lord Qian glanced at him, obviously not having time to answer: "Look at it casually, ask the robot if you don't understand, just don't damage public property."

    After finishing speaking, continue to look at the computer.

    After a while, I didn't hear any movement, and I didn't find anyone. I turned my head and was startled. The young man was standing behind him, staring straight at the screen.

    On the screen, a big ocean horse is taking off its shirt, revealing its bra.  However, she has a slender waist and a long neck, with charming eyebrows and eyes, and she is extremely coquettish.

    "Did you do this?"

    "I made it myself, there is no template, how about it?"

    Master Qian has the look of an old dog in the world.

    "Not so good."


    "I think the lips can be thicker, but the eyes must be clear. This is pure and lustful."


    "Caucasians don't pay attention to this kind of thinness, the waist should be a little plump, and the buttocks should be bigger"

    "Yo yo yo!"

    Master Qian even raised his beard, looking at him is like looking at his grandson: "Sit, sit, let me pour you some water, is this all your own idea?"

    "Yes, I made you laugh."

    "No, no, it sounds natural to you, but what I did was really fake."

    Nonsense!  I followed the Earth Ball Flower - Monica Bellucci.

    Master Qian was very enthusiastic, and asked, "Well, Xiao Wu said you were a rescued person?"


    "How many days have you been here?"

    "In less than a week, I was at Yuan's house before, and now I am at the rescue station. It is said to be an observation period."

    "Oh, A Yuan is a good child, she is willing to take you in, you are fine. And I will also guarantee for you, you will come out in two days!"

    Master Qian is passionate and loyal, wishing he could cut off the chicken head and burn the yellow paper, so that he could worship on the spot.

    He led Zhuang Zhou to the chess and card area again, pointing to a table with three missing one: "Uncle Wang, Uncle Li, Uncle Zhang!"



    Zhuang Zhou was in awe.

    "This is a kid I just made, called Xiao Zhuang, who brought me acquaintance."

    "It's easy to say, the child looks good."

    ? Master Qian was here, and he soon followed him around. In the small Hope Community of Tianhai City,In the club, I started to make the first wave of contacts.


    "Ma Ma, he took our gown."

    "Who is it?"

    "Teasing you!"

    "This child, watch carefully!"

    "Ma Ma, he took his pants."

    "Who is it?"

    "Teasing you!"


    "Xiaozhuang, one more, one more!"

    "No, no, I don't have much in my stomach. I must say it when I think about it someday."

    There was a big stage in the club, Zhuang Zhou clapped his hands and jumped off the stage.  The group of old men and old ladies below looked at him as if they were grandchildren.

    The population in the stacked building area is of a single age, mostly middle-aged and elderly people, or only children, and young people have all gone to work in the urban area.  Playing here every day, everyone is bored with looking at everyone, and suddenly a newcomer arrives, who is still young.

    Hey, these middle-aged and elderly people are hi!

    As soon as he got down, he was grabbed by a big mother: "Can Xiao Zhuang dance?"

    "What dance?"

    "It's just for fitness and leisure."

    "I know a little bit, I'm afraid I can't dance well."

    "Oh, we are all dancing blindly, showing off our skills here and there, and we dance back and forth to those songs."

    He was dragged to the dancing area, boy, the music was on.  He picked and chose a song with a style similar to "Drunk Butterfly", recalling the square dance he had learned in the past.

    "This is divided into 32 steps, look after it, get ready for action, and then the first step"

    "Slightly turn sideways, raise your hands up, kick your left leg when you twist to the right, and kick your right leg when you twist to the left."

    "Then pinch your waist with your hands, take a half step with your feet sideways, and point your toes to the ground Like me, one two three four, two two three four, ah, it's better to be a little playful"

    "Oh, are we still playful at our age?"

    "I don't like to hear these words. What's wrong with old age? You can't have spiritual pursuits when you are old? You have to be refreshed, old trees sprout new shoots, and see how brilliant the golden sunset is!"


    "Ouch, ouch, you kid is so funny!"

    "Why are you still putting on a pose? Who did you learn from?"

    Follow me Zhao Ma!

    Zhuang Zhou spent a day in the club, and the biggest gain was his accent, yes, it was his accent.  In the same logic as speaking Mandarin, there are also dialects similar to Tianchao, but with different names.

    For example, Tianjin dialect is not called Tianjin dialect, it is called Jingu.  He already plans to talk about "Fishing" next time. "Fishing" doesn't need to be spoken in Tianjin, it's boring.

    So much so that in the evening, when Lao Wu came over, a bunch of people surrounded him to make sure the ticket.

    "Xiaozhuang is a good kid!"

    "He is enthusiastic and humorous, and he is willing to play with us."

    "Yeah, yeah, it's not too bad to be able to play with us old guys."

    Master Qian even pulled him aside, and said in a low voice: "Xiao Wu, we are short of manpower at the cultural entrance, and I want him!"

    What the hell?

    Old Wu was confused: "What did you say?"

    "Anyway, you don't understand, we have a common language, so you get him in quickly."

    "No, no, he hasn't passed the review period yet, who knows whether it's good or bad? Besides, it's so easy to get an exam in the community?"


    I don't know what to do!

    Master Qian blew his beard and stared.

    (This chapter has been harmonized too much, depressed!

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