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Text Chapter Thirteen Give Me Strength

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    At the same time, Tianyuan Entertainment Company.

    Yao Shuwen is the company's ace music producer and serves as the judge of Supernova.  He and Qin Lang have always been at odds, on the one hand for the effect of the show, on the other hand because of jealousy.

    The company behind Qin Lang is called Brilliant Entertainment, which is the producer of Supernova, so it has the biggest advantage: monopolizing resources.

    Tian Yuan was a bit short, but Yao Shuwen was not a fool, and if there were good works in the submitted works, someone from the program team would secretly inform them.

    At this moment, he is enjoying a song.

    Listening to the song, looking at the singer, the more I look at it, the more I like it: because this work is so natural!  It is so natural that there is no sense of design, as if this combination really exists.

    He is a professional, and quickly judged the market prospect of this song, which is of great value. He asked his informant: "This song is good, is there anything else?"

    "I heard that there is another song, which was taken away by the director as soon as it was submitted. I didn't see it."

    "Oh, you can inquire again, don't show your feet."

    Yao Shuwen cut off the informant and immediately ordered: "Contact this contestant immediately!"

    "Ding dong!"

    "Ding dong!"

    The phone lights up, and the avatar of the communication software is flashing: "Fox requests to add you as a friend."

    In the club, Master Qian casually agreed, and a video dialog box popped up. Both parties used avatars.  Here is a wretched old raccoon, and there is a charming fox.

    "Excuse me, is it 'I love Monica Bellucci'?"

    "Yes you are?"

    "I'm from Tianyuan Entertainment Company. I'm looking for you this time about the entries. We want to buy out the copyright of this song. What do you think?"


    Master Qian turned his head and looked at Zhuang Zhou who was playing cards next to him. Zhuang Zhou heard it too and waved at him.

    "We're not going to sell the rights."

    "I hope you will think about it again. As long as you sell the copyright and withdraw from the competition, we are willing to pay 300,000 yuan. This is very good for newcomers."

    "Sorry, we really don't plan to sell."

    "Okay then, but let me remind you that there should be certain overlord clauses in your contract Please be sure to consider it, and you can contact me anytime after you have considered it!"

    The fox is offline.

    "Hey, will she stop fighting for it?"

    Master Qian was surprised, Zhuang Zhou thought about it, and contacted A Yuan: "Xiao Yuan, you call out the contract, and I'll take a look again."

    So he called up the contract, he read it one by one, and soon found one:

    "The contestants who advance to the finals will automatically sign a contract with Brilliant Entertainment. The company is fully responsible for operating the contestants and works, developing them for the market, and sharing the revenue with Barabara"

    Tut tut!

    Zhuang Zhou praised, it's the same in any world, isn't "Super Girl" also signed for eight years?

    "What do you mean?" A Yuan asked.

    "That is to say, they will squeeze out every drop of us, give us a little money, and then kick us away after it is worthless."

    "Then you have to be shameless!"

    "Making money, business, not shabby."

    Zhuang Zhou is commonplace.

    For example, for example!  On a certain online platform in reality, the film studio wants to make a drama and wants to broadcast it on the platform.  The platform said, we have our own actors, and you can use them if you want to broadcast.

    The film crew said yes, but some of your actors really can't be leading actors, I have to find them from outside.

    The platform said yes, let's sign a subcontract.

    What is a sub-contract?

    You, if you want to be the leading actor, half of all your future contracts and the money you earn will be given to my platform!


    It's awesome!  There is nothing like this in the old club!

    "Should we agree to Tianyuan, at least there are 300,000." A Yuan was frightened, a junk picker who had never been in contact with this kind of world.

    "I want to buy a goddess for 300,000 yuan, it's a dream!"

    "Then what should I do?"

    "Cold salad!"

    The news was sent back to Tianyuan.

    Yao Shuwen snorted, he had seen too many such overbearing guys, and most of them disappeared like shooting stars.

    He didn't grab the song, so naturally he didn't have to show good looks.


    In the blink of an eye, Supernova finished three episodes.

    A Yuan and Master Qian got their own order of appearance and broadcast time.

      There are indeed a lot of viewers on this show, and each person can only give one like to a contestant once. After three episodes, the one with the most likes has exceeded one million.

    One star for 100,000 likes, two stars for 1 million likes, three stars for 10 million, four stars for 100 million Getting two stars means that the newcomer can make at least a year's worth of money by taking advantage of the popularity.

    Zhuang Zhou didn't need to look to know that this must be a newcomer pushed by some company.

    ? Likes are forbidden to fake, but you can buy navy, but the cost of navy is higher.  The real world is very cheap, like Sister Malan Shanpo, who has more than 100 million Weibo fans!

    What a fool!

    And as the competition date approached, Zhuang Zhou couldn't help becoming nervous.

    "The wind is blowing and the clouds are flying!"

    "There must be wind, and there must be meat; there must be hot pot, and there must be fog; there must be beautiful daughters, and there must be donkeys!"

    "There are three things I want to do: fair, fair, or fucking fair!"

    At night, Ah Yuan and Zhuang Zhou watched a movie together.

    She has recently become obsessed with 2021's literary and artistic works, chasing dramas every night.  Today Zhuang Zhou suddenly picked up a book called "Let the Bullets Fly". She didn't like it very much, mainly because she couldn't understand it.

    "Why do you want to watch this, is it so good?"

    "I'm also a little nervous, so I need strength."

    "Just him? Just him?"

    A Yuan pointed to a man on the screen with big ears, a stubble beard, and a domineering monkey face: "Can he give you strength? Or this, this"

    She pointed at another guy with fair skin and an extremely obscene temperament: "Can he also give you strength?"

    "When I came to your world, it was like stepping on a ball of cotton. I couldn't touch the sky above, and I couldn't touch the ground below. So you have to look at familiar things, you don't understand"

    Zhuang Zhou simply handed her the mobile phone and went to play Doudi Zhu.

    On the other hand, I re-watched "Let the Bullets Fly" countless times, and my heart was still empty. I sat there for a while, and suddenly took A Yuan's computer, and after some operations, I started pinching my face again.

    This time it's not the beauty, but the two guys in the movie.

    After pinching, drive the little Taoist to the background. The two guys are standing on both sides of the screen, one on the left and one on the right.  He entered a few more sentences, set the voice program, and stared at the screen:

    "Old Ginger?"

    "What the hell are you doing?"

    An all-too-familiar subwoofer.

    "I wanted to do something, but I was terrified."

    "Don't panic, take your time. You have to drink the wine one sip at a time, and you have to walk the road step by step. If you take big steps, click! It's easy to break the egg!" Another said.

    "I want to bring a little surprise to the world."

    "Surprise? You want them to see, what the hell is a surprise?"

    "Yeah, what a fucking surprise!"

    "Yeah, what a fucking surprise!"


    In A Yuan's eyes, this is a patient.

    Zhuang Zhou felt relieved, and cupped his hands towards the computer: "Thank you, Old Jiang, thank you, Uncle Ge! If there is a suitable opportunity, I will definitely release you and let them see what a fucking surprise is.  !"

    He opened the website's movie library again.

    Those faces were so magnificent and radiant Even Zhao Mama became more and more kind.

    He looked at his trail leader again, and the thoughts in his mind were even more eager to move.

    For a second, Zhuang Zhou felt like a black hand hidden behind the scenes, changing (tiao) changing (jiao) the two worlds in this small broken room with stacked floors.

    (Also ?
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