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Main Text Chapter 14 Opening King Bombing 1

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    August 1st is still summer.

    The Hope Community, who was accustomed to a peaceful life, suddenly became lively. Master Qian took advantage of his position to shout on the radio in the morning and evening:

    "Attention! Attention! The fifth episode of "Supernova Contest" today, at 8:00 p.m., everyone has watched the show This time is different, this time we have our baby participating.

    Although I didn't live up to it a few times before, I was eliminated after singing a few lines, but after all, it is my own baby, and everyone needs to support it more, so you must give it a thumbs up!  "

    Ah Yuan is ashamed, his toes are picking the ground again.

    In China, 30,000-50,000 people are called large communities, 7,000-13,000 are called medium-sized communities, and 1,000-5,000 are called small-scale communities.  It's similar here. Hope Community is the largest stacked building area in Tianhai City, and it may exceed 50,000.

    Really want to start it, the power is quite impressive, half a star is safe.  It's a pity that the previous players were too bad, before they could wait for the support of the masses, they were stuck on the screen like that bear.

    A Yuan didn't pick up trash today.

    Zhuang Zhou also stayed at home and kept watching the 2021 website. It°Įs been almost a month since I came here. I heard that rb blew up the public knowledge.

    He brushed several videos of Wuling mini amphibious version, rowing ashore in the water, and he was overjoyed.

    Also posted a few videos of donkey hooves being repaired.

    Because the donkey's hoof shell will become longer and longer, resulting in pain, deformation, limb and hoof diseases, etc., so the master master needs to hold a shovel and brush it down like a pedicure

    Oops, it's more decompressive than killing a pig!

    After dinner, about seven o'clock.

    Zhuang Zhou finally put down his phone, took a few deep breaths, and arrived at the club with A Yuan.

    The lights inside are brightly lit, and there are two to three hundred people, all of whom are literary and artistic backbones of the community.  There is a light curtain on the front stage, and you can watch the live broadcast later.

    Suddenly there is a feeling of watching open-air movies in the village when I was a child.

    Master Qian had a strong organizational ability, and said: "Xiaozhuang, we have done this a few times before. Although it is not satisfactory, everyone will not be disappointed with their children. This is the human touch of our building, unlike the city  Li people.

    So don't be burdened, besides, my old face is also with me!  "

    "It is enough to have you, thank you!"

    Zhuang Zhou was really moved.

    "Don't be polite, you look like we are stacking buildings, and everyone is willing to help." An aunt said.

    "That's right, just tell us a new joke tomorrow."

    After chatting for a while, the mobile phones of Ah Yuan and Master Qian rang at the same time, and the program team informed: "Ready, ready, wait for a while, don't eat, go to the toilet quickly"

    This form of participation is super worry-free, people don't need to be present, and they can be anywhere with equipment.

    At 8 o'clock, Lord Qian and A Yuan put on VR glasses and finger trackers, and Zhuang Zhou was curious: "What's going on with you now?"


    "Are there many people?"

    "No, like closing a small black room, you can see the stage."


    Zhuang Zhou tried the intercom again, and he was going to speak for Lord Qian later.

    On the light curtain, when the show started, it was full of fancy special effects, a big stage floating in the air, and the three judges with wings on their backs, descended into the world like angels, and took their seats on the stage.

    Immediately afterwards a gentle beauty host appeared and said: "Welcome to the tenth season of "Supernova Contest", today is the fifth episode, and it is also the final battle before the finals.

    At present, the first place in our ranking has already exceeded one million Will there be a bigger surprise today?  Please wait and see!

    Well, enough nonsense, the show begins!  First player please!  "

    With a swipe, a petite girl appeared on the stage, with twin ponytails, white silk, and a gorgeous red dress sealed with a mysterious power, °÷1 Jingxiang, °÷2 Yuya, °÷3 Mingli.

    Small nose, small mouth, big eyes, standard childlike face.

    "Hello, judges, I bring a piece of dance music"

    As he spoke, he began to sing and dance.

    Compared with the previous rubbish, Zhuang Zhou thinks it's okay, at least it's like a song.  The judges didn't ring the bell either, and when the performance was over, Qin Lang said, "It's a bit jerky, very immature, but the direction of effort is right, not bad."

    Yao Shuwen said: "Your style of music doesn't match your image too much. It was a popular product ten years ago. I guess you must be a big guy in your forties. Please don't be malicious and play cute."

    One of them has a red face and the other has a white face.?, set as such.

    The female judge Han Yu is a vase, only responsible for commenting on the design level of the avatar, saying: "Little sister, although your image is cute, it is indeed a bit old-fashioned and lacks new ideas"

    During the comment period, the player's real-time likes have been displayed: 36901.

    And it is slowly rising.

    Immediately afterwards, several players appeared on the stage.

    Zhuang Zhou found that those who really put their heart into making music, because the standard is not enough, the audience can't appreciate it, and the praise is not high.  On the contrary, those who play tricks, especially those who make everyone laugh, have a lot of likes, and there are a few that break 100,000.

    After watching for a long time, Master Qian sent another reminder from the program group: "The next one will be on stage, the next one will be on stage, are you ready?"

    Master Qian gestured with gloves on, and the program team said: "Okay, will you perform first or introduce first?"

    "Perform first." Zhuang Zhou said.

    "Then don't move, follow my instructions"

    At this time, the show is halfway through, which happens to be the stage when the audience is distracted and tired. The program team put this song now, with the intention of enlivening the atmosphere.

    "The players below are a bit special, they are actually a combination."

    "As you all know, very few excellent groups have been born in recent years. What surprises will they bring? Please"

    In the club, those who were in a hurry to go to the toilet were holding back, and everyone was staring at the light curtain.

    Bursts of virtual applause came from inside, and the stage lights changed, and then colorful lights began to flicker. It was dynamic and retro, reminiscent of the disco in the 90s.

    "Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom"

    After the rush of drums, the music started, and the melody was relaxed and unburdened, which made people very happy when they heard it.

    Three boys appeared on the stage.

    One is green, the other is purple, and the other is red, with variegated leather shoes and sand sculptured hairstyles.  He is not handsome at all, just like the naughty boy who can be seen everywhere on the street, likes beautiful women, and laughs and laughs when he meets him.

    "She always only left her phone number, and never let me take her home. I heard that you once fell in love with her, and you were also unable to extricate yourself"


    Audiences who have already been aesthetically fatigued and inattentive raised their heads in unison, so happy!

    The name is "Broken Love Front Alliance", and the lyrics are also scrolling at the bottom, but they are sung so cheerfully.  The melody seems to be naturally able to drive people's emotions, and I can't help but feel happy.

    "We care about her so much, but he wiped it all away. The more we love her, the sadder she becomes, and we will never get an answer. Should we continue to guess what she thinks, or should we just forget it"

    The dance performed by the three boys has a bit of Cha Cha style, and the arrangement is also very sandy.

    The action is gratifying and fun.  Especially after singing the chorus once, and during the interlude, the three of them turned their backs to the camera, put their hands on their shoulders and joined together as one, with crab steps, and began to twist their buttocks.

    The butt twisted and twisted with the melody of "Da da da, da da da, da da da da da", every time it was twisted, it made the audience happy.

    One is red, one is green, and one is purple, like three weird grasshoppers bouncing around.

    The three of them turned around suddenly again, opened their shirts, and wrote on their bellies:

    "We are together", "broken in love", "so happy!"

    "Break 100,000!"

    "Break 100,000!"

    One person saw the number of likes displayed in real time, and quickly greeted everyone. Look at Zhuang Zhou, the number is still rising visible to the naked eye, reaching 200,000, 300,000 in the blink of an eye!

    The barrage and comment areas were even captured by netizens:

    "It's such a fun song, I want to dance to it!"

    "Hey, this is still "Super Comedian", I actually heard a song!"

    "One of them is as heartless as my younger brother. He jumped like that the day he broke up with him, hahaha!"

    "Wooooow, I just lost my love, I can't be so happy!"

    "Everyone, don't forget to support, it's rare to hear a good song!"

    ? No bitter complaints, no heart-piercing.

    The audience heard the happiest and most free-spirited lovelorn song. Whether they watched it with naked eyes or in VR, they all shook their heads and followed the easy-to-learn rhythm.

    "Find a way to admit being broken in love, so that you can take a good vacation. When you and I accidentally think of her again, draw a cross in the memory, draw a cross in the memory"

    "Wow, boom!"

    "Wow, boom!"

    I don't know if it was real or virtual applause, but it rang out at the end.  The three boys stood in a row, bowed to the audience, and introduced themselves:

    "We are, Grasshopper!"The moment it ended, it rang.  The three boys stood in a row, bowed to the audience, and introduced themselves:

    "We are, Grasshoppers! ?
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