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Main text Chapter 15: Opening King Bomb 2

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    Everyone in the club was cheering, and the entire stacking area could even be heard vibrating.

    No one had hoped before, and did not expect to be given such a big surprise.  Old Wu hurried over to cheer on the scene in person, but unfortunately everyone was excited and no one paid attention to him.

    "We saw this group called Grasshopper, and the number of likes had already exceeded 500,000 just after the performance!"

    The host is a real person, with a flushed face and an excited tone: "You know, we have a week of voting time. If there is no accident, another million newcomers will definitely be born!"

    Qin Lang is a subsidiary of Brilliant Entertainment. If he had known that there would be two excellent works in this issue, he would naturally carry the sedan chair and said, "Okay, host, calm down, and let our contestants say a few words."

    When mainland fans mentioned beyond, they were like gods.

    In fact, although beyond was a first-line band in Hong Kong back then, it was not the most popular.  There is an award called "The Most Popular Music Chart", beyond was suppressed for several years in a row, and only won the silver award for the best combination.

    Grasshopper took the gold medal.

    Of course, it's not that grasshoppers are better than beyond.  First of all, the two have different styles. One is a singing and dancing band, and most of them are cover songs, which are popular and popular. They even went to Taiwan to compete with the Little Tigers.

    The other is a rock band, which insists on originality and has a naturally small audience.

    Secondly, Grasshopper was Anita Mui's backup dancer in the early days, and Amei was her master, so she was naturally taken care of.

    ? Back then, the Hong Kong music scene was impetuous, worshiping money, and ignoring originality. The competition between the two bands was just a microcosm.  Later, when Beyond left RB, Ka Kui left a famous sentence:

    "There is no music scene in Hong Kong!"

    There is no need to quarrel about who is good and who is bad. It¡¯s all in the past. Back then, there were bands such as Daming, Tai Chi, and Soft and Hard Tianshi. They were very popular in Hong Kong, and now they have gone with the wind.

    Grasshopper group, remember their names, Cai Yizhi, Su Zhiwei, Cai Yijie!

    "The League of Broken Lovers" is the most widely sung song, and it has recently become popular again on Douyin. I don't know who adapted it: "He drove a toyota that led the house to chase the sunset"


    "I'm very interested in your styles. It's natural and fits everyone well. It's not good to wear his hat on your head, and it's not right for you to wear his leather shoes"

    It was Han Yu who spoke first, and said: "The most rare thing is that your personal style and work style are perfectly integrated. This is the first time I have seen it in the talent competition in recent years."

    "Thank you, Teacher Han Yu!"

    Lord Qian perfectly acted as a tool man. Zhuang Zhou was speaking with a communicator, and he could only speak for one person, while the other two stood on the stage blankly.  It was set by the artificial intelligence, only the last salute was left.

    "The lyrics and music are very humorous, the melody is brisk, and most importantly, it is catchy and easy to learn. It also shows a different attitude towards love. Losing love is not only painful, it can also make people grow and let people get rid of it.  Get rid of the burden and let people learn to cherish"

    Qin Lang even praised: "All kinds of meanings are different for everyone. I like the attitude of this song, which is very good."

    The host took the rhythm in time and said: "After each program is broadcast, it will be rebroadcasted on the official website in real time. We saw that "The League of Broken Love" has exceeded 600,000. I will select a few comments from netizens and read them for everyone."

    "I really like this song, I decided to learn it, God knows how long I haven't learned a new song!"

    "I'm worried about the graduation party, now there's a show, hahaha!"

    "The dance steps are also very funny, I like to twist my butt!"

    "We fell out of love together, so happy!"

    The host said: "It can be seen that the audience loves this song, so let's ask Mr. Yao, who has always been strict, to talk about his thoughts and see if he has any different opinions."

    This is a daily routine. Yao Shuwen is a poisonous tongue character, nicknamed Yao Dazui.

    What's more, he failed to buy the song privately, and he was not polite. Balabala said: "The completion of this song is very high. I have to admit that the most suitable place for it is a nightclub. With a slight change in the arrangement, it will definitely improve the atmosphere.

    But that's all.  "

    "Oh? Can you explain in detail?" The host cheered.

    "Because it doesn't have the slightest connotation, the slightest charm, the kind of thing that can make people endlessly aftertaste. There is still a kind of impetuousness in its bones, but it is more pleasant, which seems to cover up this impetuousness.

    As we all know, what is the current situation of our music scene?  People need real music and comfort, spiritual resonance!

    I would rather have an immature song like the previous one, but try hard?The works that express the connotation of music should not be such grandstanding, clown-like works that can only be played in nightclubs!  "

    "Teacher Yao's criticism is a bit serious, let's hear how the players feel?"


    Zhuang Zhou looked at him from outside the screen, as if he had returned to his previous job, those days of praising people, black people, and fighting with heroes from all walks of life.

    He slowly said: "I think there are many types of music, and it is impossible to have a unified standard. The style of this song is relaxed and happy, and I didn't intend to pay attention to the charm. You can't point at an apple and say you  Why not a pear? It doesn't make sense!"

    "Oh, you mean Teacher Yao is making trouble for no reason?" The host fanned the flames.

    "No, Mr. Yao may be too persistent and passionate about music. He likes connotative, resonant, soothing

    Actually, I came here with my friend today. Her song may meet Teacher Yao's expectations, so I beg the program team, can the order of appearance be advanced and let her sing first?  "

    "Young man, don't talk big, you have to swallow the pain yourself."

    Yao Shuwen has a fat body, and he took out a fan, fanning like a dog.  In addition to being a music producer, he has always claimed to be a cultural person, and he likes to talk about the past and the present, and talk nonsense.

    "Then do you agree?"

    "bring it on!"

    He closed his fan, slapped the table, and posed with his feet.

    Hi everyone!

    The people in the club were worried and asked: "Xiao Zhuang, there will be no problems, will the program team agree?"

    "As long as the director is not stupid, I will definitely agree!"

    Netizens who watched the live broadcast were also discussing:

    "Yo, finally someone challenged Yao Dazui again!"

    "Haha, look forward to Yao Dazui being punched."

    "Yao Dazui is still capable, and those who provoked him before have all resigned."

    "Yeah, yeah, waiting for the newcomer to cry."

    There are also those who call friends, hurry up and say hello: "Hurry up, Yao Dazui is about to open up again, let's see how to fight this time?"

    The host is already communicating with the director. The director is calm when he sees the obvious increase in the number of viewers. In this kind of show where singing is second and being a monster is the first, he has experienced all kinds of shit.

    He originally wanted to use this song as the finale, but now it's even more exciting to release it in advance, so he didn't even think about it, and said: "Yes!"

    And while nodding, I was actually a little excited in my heart, today is different, really different!

    The assistant reminded in a low voice: "Do you want to prepare for hot searches?"

    "Yes, yes, ready to hit the trending search!"

    The host received instructions, put on a professional smirk again, and said: "The director agrees with this contestant's proposal and temporarily changed the order, hoping to bring everyone a song worth remembering and soothing to the soul."


    Yao Shuwen fanned his fan, calmly.

    He often hates those guys who don't know the heights of the sky and the earth, but this time, for some reason, he feels uneasy in his heart.  My informant said that there was another excellent work, but the director covered it up tightly without revealing any rumors. Could it be this one?

    Ah Yuan panicked the most, what are you doing?

    Zhuang Zhou comforted: "It's okay, it's okay, just do as we practiced before."

    After coordinating for a while, the stage changed again. The surrounding lights were completely dark, only a beam of light came down from the top, and a projection of a woman appeared on the stage.

    She was illuminated by this beam of light, as if she had come from the other side of time.

    (Also ?
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