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Text Chapter 21 TV Station

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    "I can be said to be in front of the landslide without changing my face. In such a big battle, I was completely motionless, and my heart was like still water!"

    "Isn't it just Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Yuan talking about it? You just stood there and didn't do anything."

    "Isn't it tiring to stand? Standing also has merit."

    At the entrance of the club, before Zhuang Zhou went in, he heard Master Qian bragging. Master Qian saw the two of them and hurriedly said, "Come on, come on, tell them quickly, did I look like a general at that time?"

    "Absolutely. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be able to survive."

    "Look! Look!"

    "Don't be shameless, Xiao Zhuang is giving you face!"

    After breaking up a few words, Zhuang Zhou went to another uncle and said, "Hello, Mr. Lu!"

    Uncle Lu was taken aback for a moment, and said, "Alright, what do you need from me?"

    "Something, I heard that your child works at Tianhai TV Station?"


    "Can you build a bridge for me, I want to talk about cooperation."

    "No problem, no problem!"

    Ever since he had shown his loyalty to the community, the gang had been passionate and now affectionate.  Uncle Lu called immediately. His son happened to be fine. After a while, the video call was made to A Yuan's cell phone.

    The son's name is Lu Yitiao. He has a fat head and big ears, and he has a wonderful combination of greasy and simple temperament.

    "Hi Brother Lu!"

    "You're welcome, you're welcome, I've heard what my dad said, I really didn't expect that we could produce such great talents by stacking buildings."

    After exchanging pleasantries, Zhuang Zhou got straight to the point: "May I ask, is your TV station going to hold a Qiqiao Festival party?"


    "How's the preparation going?"

    "Oh, it's hard to say!"

    Lu Yiyi began to vomit bitterness: "Nowadays, TV stations are a sunset industry, nothing can compare to them, and the higher-ups also require cultural propaganda and the creation of spiritual civilization What a fart to create, except for my parents and my mother, who will watch it?"  television?"

    Today's TV stations, if they were not still playing the role of the government's public opinion position, would have been eliminated long ago.

    The central station is still great, and the local stations are not as good as the other. They rely on financial appropriations and poor advertising revenue to maintain their channels. There are fewer and fewer channels, and some even report some news every day.

    Because in this extremely developed information age, apart from representing the official status, apart from authoritative news releases, TV stations have no commercial advantages.

    The TV set has also changed a lot. It is now called "home entertainment equipment", which can surf the Internet, play games, watch programs, make video calls, and so on.

    Zhuang Zhou laughed after listening to the complaint, "That's right, can you reserve two spots for me in your Qiqiao party?"

    "Are you going to be on the show?"

    "Can I?"

    Yes, that's great!

    Lu Yitiao was screaming in his heart, his fat was trembling, who would go to the party now!  Virtual celebrities who are a little bit red are ignored, and the funds in the station are low, so there is still work to be done, so keep everything simple.

    But on the surface, he was reserved, and said: "I can't make the decision, you have to bring the work for review first, and there is this issue of remuneration"

    "No, just send a red envelope to make sense, but you have to help promote it. We promise to sing two new songs."

    "New song?"

    "Yes, it must be above the standard."

    "Oh, then I will tell the leader of the station to give you news as soon as possible"

    Lu Yiyi was about to hang up in a panic, Zhuang Zhou hurriedly said: "Wait a minute, do you know other people who work in TV stations, introduce them to me?"

    "There is a classmate in Central Plains, I will give you his contact information."

    "Okay, thanks!"

    Not long after, Zhongyuan TV also got in touch.

    Zhuang Zhou also promised that he would sing two new songs, not new songs, but one song and more songs.

    Immediately afterwards, he took the initiative to knock on the doors of Nanyue Taiwan, Fujian Province Taiwan, and Baodao Taiwan. No payment, just a red envelope. There must be a song in Southern Cantonese and a song in Hokkien.

    The other party is even more excited, who the hell is writing this now!

    In the end, he found Master Qian again, and forced him to ask: "Please tell me, how many people are there in the cultural exchange association?"

    "More than 2,000 people."

    "They all represent different stacked districts?"


    "Then what do you do every day?"

    "Talk about real-time news, national events, astronomy and geography through the ages, human nature and psychology, family and life, male?The subtle emotions between Of course, the main thing is to send pornographic pictures.  "

    "Everyone is as influential in the community as you are?"

    "Of course, only people of the same realm can be friends!"


    Zhuang Zhou slapped his hands, sure enough, reincarnating in a stacked building was absolutely correct!

    "Please invite me, Qiqiao Evening Party, let everyone take a look at it, and if you like it, please give it a thumbs up."

    "To Teresa Teng?"


    "I will handle it!"

    Master Qian patted his chest: "Like those rubbish things, we won't do it if you spend money! But the quality of your new song is good, otherwise I will lose face"


    Zhuang Zhou assured the ticket, teased the old man again, and said mysteriously: "Don't you keep guessing where I got the work from?"

    "from where?"

    Master Qian's eyes lit up, and this matter has always puzzled everyone.

    "I used to wander around, and one day I came to a place called Nanyang, and I came across a thatched hut, in which lived a strange man named 'Mr. Wolong'.

    Mister was fighting a shameless man named Wang Lang, and he fell off the horse with a Qinglong Yanyue slash, and when he was happy, he passed on three volumes of heavenly scriptures, covering everything in five hundred years"

    "You can pull Jabow!"

    Master Qian waved his hand and left: "You might as well say that you have time-traveled! Don't say it!"


    Identity verification is required for mobile phones, vr, etc. Zhuang Zhou's account has not yet been completed, but Lao Wu promises that it will be soon.

    Well, it's coming soon.

    So temporarily use A Yuan's new computer, which costs nearly 10,000 yuan, which is much better than the previous broken one.

    He also finally wore new clothes, shirts, casual jackets, and jeans, all cleaned up, and it took more than 20 chapters to show the appearance and figure that a protagonist should have.

    A Yuan also bought a suit, bid farewell to slovenliness, and the youthful spirit of a girl naturally exudes.

    Her hair is almost down to her shoulders, her bangs are neater, she has a small round face, her eyes are big and bright, but she squints when she smiles, with Zifeng's sense of sight.

    Now, she is settling accounts.

    "120,000 + 100,000 + 100,000Grasshopper took eight orders, and after deducting expenses, there is still 780,000 left."

    "No one is looking for a commercial performance?"


    Good guy, even if he is not blocked, the entertainment industry in this world is too introverted!

    A Yuan was taught by him and was exercising his thinking ability, so he asked: "This matter has been analyzed so far."


    She scratched her head and said seriously: "Uncle Lu's son is on Tianhai TV, which is called discovering the interpersonal relationship around him. We take the initiative to be on the show, and they help promote it, which is called mutual benefit."

    "Well, what then?"

    "Then I can maintain the popularity and continue to perform commercially until I earn enough money to start a company."

    "Not bad, progress is very fast!"

    Zhuang Zhou finally couldn't hold it back, and stretched out his hand to rub her head. A Yuan was taken aback, like a cat whose head was being petted for the first time, who didn't adapt but didn't resist.

    "But you have overlooked some things, and you will not be able to explain clearly for a while, so you will talk about it slowly in the future."

    (A large number of dragon suits will appear one after another, whoever owns the dragon suit will claim it by himself and ?
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