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Main Text Chapter 22 Virtual No. 3

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    Qiqiao is a good festival.

    Even in the parallel world, Cowherd is still playing hooligans and weaving girl clothes, forcing others to marry him, he tui!

    Zhuang Zhou has already selected a new song in Mandarin for Grasshopper and Sister Jun, but this time he wants to expand the southern Cantonese market, so he added a song in southern Cantonese each.

    To be honest, Grasshopper has only a few good songs in total, bouncing and dancing, with cheerful tunes, which are very suitable for the hot scene.

    Sister Jun is different. Her singing skills are super underestimated. She looks soft and monotonous, but in fact her articulation, breath, voice transfer, and emotional rendering are all top-notch, especially her "treble and weak singing", which is even more popular among singers.

    She has too many choices.

    What Zhuang Zhou is thinking about now is to choose a Hokkien song.

    After choosing and choosing, a song was suddenly released. A Yuan, who was fighting the landlord, was stunned for a moment, and he listened with an expression on his face: "What kind of ghost song is this?"

    "Does it sound good?"

    "It sounds so good Uh, no, in your words, it's called a magic sound, and I can't help but want to listen to it."

    "That's fine! I'll create a new character and sing this song."

    He didn't want to use the original song, the original song may be very popular in Wanwan, but only this song is popular in mainland China.  And he didn't want to add buffs to this person, so he simply sang with another person.

    I feel more and more like playing "My World".

    And he opened it, and just about to create a character, he suddenly paused: "Are we rich now?"


    "Is a thousand yuan a month a small thing?"


    "Then why do I still use number two, get off!!!"

    A Yuan became excited when he heard it, and turned over: "Hurry up, I have seen it too."

    Just do what he said, he paid 1,000 yuan, downloaded one that was said to be smart and functional, and couldn't wait to open it with a new computer.

    The screen suddenly went dark, and there was still no fancy picture, only a line of words: "Welcome to use, please create your first character!"

    "Please select a race"


    With a click, the two soil turtles were shocked, and they pointed at the same

    "Please select a gender"


    In just ten seconds, the two opened the door to a new world.



    Ah Yuan stared, you are so perverted!

    Zhuang Zhou was embarrassed, so he had to choose the female.



    Once the swiped page changes, there are dozens of others.

    Click on one at random, the cat girl, the bunny girl, the snake princess, the centaur sister, the octopus girl, the lamprey royal sister It is simply dazzling, and the operation is extremely complicated.

    On the contrary, the two of them calmed down and got down to business first, down to business first!

    Return to, select female.

    Loading templates, still those

    I didn't feel any difference.

    Then select the build mode and directly copy the image of Miss Jun, and the page changes:

    Another pile of operating instructions.

    A Yuan had a headache, Zhuang Zhou managed to finish reading it, digested it for a long time, and said:

    "Singer mode is divided into two types. The first one, for example, if I load a large number of videos of Miss Jun into it, the program will repeatedly sort out the data based on those actions, tone of voice, dialogue, demeanor, eyes, little habits, etc., to generate a song that suits her.  With intelligence, it can handle most situations autonomously, including question-and-answer sessions.

    The second is manual modulation, which records almost all the expressions and actions that humans can make It's too complicated, let me demonstrate it.  "

    He opened the dense operation bar, selected three, and clicked to generate: I saw her walking lightly on the stage, with a shy smile on her face, and tender eyes

    "It will be stored automatically. When it accumulates to a certain level, it will generate a kind of intelligence that matches its own settings like the first one. For example"

    Zhuang Zhou found a Canadian electric eel on the Internet in 2021, and said: "I keep telling him to run happily, and the program will give birth to a simulated character, and he really likes to run happily, and finally becomes  Running king."

    Then he found another big golden retriever with a red collar, and said: "I keep asking him to understand and understand, and the program will give birth to a simulated personality. He really thinks he understands, and finally becomes a king of understanding."

    "Oh, I understand now. What about actor mode?"

    "Let me see."

    He turned on the actor mode again, and read a passage: "It's almost the same, only?Actors are more refined.  And if you really do film and television dramas, you need a lot of professional technicians, and you can only shoot some simple short films.

    Well, well, I'm going to start!  "

    He rubbed his hands, and stayed up all night pinching his face, first upgraded Grasshopper and Miss Jun, and then created a new character, male, with a strange temperament.

    Then there are two Mandarin songs, two Cantonese songs, and one Hokkien song.  In order to break through the blockade and increase the influence as soon as possible, I took out five songs at once!

    Needless to say, the confidentiality agreement was sent to the TV station.


    Lu Yiyi has been under a lot of pressure recently, and has gained a lot of puffiness.

    Zhuang Zhou wanted to be on the show, and the leader agreed in principle, but this caused a lot of gossip.  The TV industry is declining and there are fewer employees, but even so, it is still introverted.

    Sitting in his office, he could hear furtive discussions:

    "I'm afraid he was used as a gun? I'll give you a guarantee if you're stupid."

    "It also guarantees two high-level new songs, and there is no such thing as bragging! How long will it be before the end of the supernova, and there will be new works? The king of heaven doesn't have the resources."

    "That's right, although our TV station is not good enough, it's not all rubbish."

    "I heard that that person is from the Hope Community. I beg you to be ashamed to refuse."

    "Hey, there are broken pots and broken pots in the stage. They are all rotten anyway, so why pick and choose!"

    Lu Yiyi felt like sitting on pins and needles, feeling like a light on his back, and suddenly regretted that he shouldn't listen to his father's nagging, that Zhuang Zhou knew his father well, but he didn't know him well!

    Ding dong!

    Just at this moment, the computer beeped to remind someone to send a file.

    After receiving it, it was the four songs that were sent for review, two of which were "Broken Love Front Alliance" and "I Only Care About You", and two were new.

    He put on the headphones and listened to the new song directly.

    The music was lingering in his ears, Lu Yiyi had a delicate expression, his body slowly relaxed, and he played it again, sent it to the leader as quickly as possible, and ran to his office in a hurry.

    As soon as the door was pushed open, the leader was listening to the song curiously.

    After listening to less than half of it, the body slowly relaxed, pointing at him and laughing: "Good boy, this time you have made a meritorious service, even if other programs are bad, you will have a bottom line!"

    ?This situation happened one after another in the other four TV stations, and the person in charge clapped his hands:

    Isn't it just exchanging programs for publicity?

    I understand!  Change!

    This is called a win-win situation.

    (Thank you Xinmeng) </div&gt
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