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Text Chapter 23 Song

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    "'There Are Lovers in the World' Qiqiao Festival Gala will be broadcast on the night of August 14th.

    The background of this year's Tianhaitai Gala is exactly the background of previous years' Gala - Fairy Lake.

    Some people may ask, why did the show move to the Fairy Lake for five consecutive years?  It turns out that Fairy Lake is recorded in "Sou Shen Ji" as the birthplace of the Qiqiao Festival"

    With Qiqiao approaching, Tianhai TV released a teaser on social platforms and TV network channels.  Netizens will see it, but most of them don't pay attention, only locals are used to complaining:

    "Speak so freshly about the provincial funds, resign as a copywriter, and I will give you double your monthly salary!"

    "It's Fairy Lake again, and it's Fairy Lake again. You were doing it before I went to college, and you're still doing it now that you're working."

    "To be honest, TV shows are too embarrassing now."

    Immediately afterwards, they saw another trailer, which was specially made to promote singers.

    "Hey, isn't this the supernova one!"

    "I heard that the withdrawal was blocked, I thought it disappeared."

    "New song? Look forward to "I Only Care About You"."

    "How long has it been? The standard is definitely not very good."

    One after another, Zhongyuan Taiwan, Nanyue Taiwan, Fujian Taiwan, and Baodao Taiwan also issued notices.  Especially for the last three, it is specially emphasized that they are songs in Southern Cantonese and Hokkien.

    "It's a long life, and there are still people who write dialect songs!!!"

    "Correction, Southern Cantonese is not a dialect."

    "There's going to be another row upstairs."

    "I only speak Hokkien when talking to my grandma. I haven't heard all the songs, and I don't like to listen to them."

    ?The five TV stations released it together, causing a wave of waves in the huge online world.  Not long after Supernova passed, netizens still remember those two stunning performances.

    And mainstream entertainment companies, including Brilliant, were very surprised to hear the news, because apart from CCTV, local TV stations are indeed a sunset industry.

    Advertising revenue has decreased, ratings have dropped sharply, programs are poor, episodes are bad, and they have been impacted by the information age.

    "Is this person so confident in his work?"

    "Confidence that it can be sustained this way?"

    They have been fighting in the circle for many years, and their thinking has long been formed. They broke into a catfish suddenly, and they were a bit obsessed with the authorities. They didn't know what the other party was going to do.

    Immediately afterwards, Zhuang Zhou also posted a message on social platforms, to the effect that he was going to participate in the TV show, and there was a new song, please pay attention to Yunyun.

    Most people get:

    "Who watches TV these days except for the old men and women in the stacked district? Not to mention those shoddy parties."

    "The TV station still has some propaganda effect?"

    "This is a desperate move!"

    Buildings are stacked, and buildings are stacked again.

    It seems that the public is deliberately ignoring, despising, and ridiculing this product of the old era. Zhuang Zhou looked at the comments and just thought hehe.

    After he finished his preparations, he waited for the show to air.

    How many people Master Qian can attract, I don't know in my heart, and I don't completely rely on this, but I just don't want to miss any link.  He signed an agreement with Wujia TV to play these songs casually, so the effect is long-term.

    When this wave of enthusiasm is over, I still have new songs, and I can create another wave of popularity, and I can even launch a way with hard push!


    On August 14, Baodao.

    Zhang Yue is in his early 20s and has just been admitted as a civil servant. He is single from nine to five and lives with his parents and grandmother.

    ?This day, my colleague had a birthday meal, and he came back a bit late, so when he entered the door, he asked, "Mom, is there anything else to eat?"

    "Didn't you go to eat?"

    "Oh, it's so noisy, one by one compared to a locomotive, I slipped back halfway."

    "How can this be done? You have just started working, and you need to improve your interpersonal relationship."

    Mom was nagging, but she still brought porridge and pickled mustard.

    "Wow, there is pickled mustard, my favorite!"

    Zhang Yue started eating while snoring, and the grandmother in the back room heard something. Balabala said a lot, all in Hokkien, mixed with a lot of slang.

    He understands most of them, but he doesn't speak them often, and Fujian dialect is no longer spoken in the circle of young people.

    Grandma said a word, and seeing that he didn't respond, she looked very angry, went out of the house to the living room, and turned on a mirror-like screen on the wall, which is now the TV.

    His mother winked, and Zhang Yue hurried over with the bowl, acting coquettish and cute.

    Grandma snortedThe words are earnest and earnest: "I am yelling together, you are not smart enough to be careful, it is so easy to take the job, you have to understand the boss's mind, and make friends"

    "I know! I know!"

    He nodded hastily.

    After my grandma finished her education, I watched TV contentedly. It was playing the Qiqiao Gala of Baodao TV. The program was not exciting, and the stars were not well-known. They were shoddy and drowsy.

    Zhang Yue watched it with him for a while, and was about to go back to his room to play games, when he heard the sound of the music change, which was very dynamic.

    Three young people appeared on the TV, not all red, green, and purple, but new clothes, still gaudy, sand sculptures of joy.

    They bounced around the stage and sang a new song:

    "I'm sorry baby, it's not that I don't love you, I really don't want to, and I made you cry again. I'm sorry baby, it's not that I don't love you, and I don't want to, and I made you sad again."

    "Hey, this is not that, that"

    Zhang Yue tried hard to recall, ah, isn't this the supernova who retired from the game earlier?  At the time, I thought it was pretty good, but after I retired from the competition, I didn¡¯t pay attention to it. It wasn¡¯t cool, and even brought a new song on TV!

    "It's raining non-stop, it's raining non-stop, and my mood is uncertain. Let me believe, let me believe, you will be fine. Don't make an appointment, don't make an appointment, and you won't forget"

    The title of the song "Baby I'm Sorry" was played on the screen.

    Lyrics: Flower Planting Studio.

    As mentioned earlier, Grasshopper is a singing and dancing group, and most of the works are in this style.  This song is the same as "Broken Love Front Alliance", it is also a cover song.  The melody is simple and popular, which is the fundamental factor of Grasshopper's popularity in Hong Kong.

    Zhang Yue could shake his head after only listening to a passage.

    "Thank you everyone, we are Grasshoppers!"

    After singing a song, three people saluted to express their thanks. Some of the powerful functions are stronger in all aspects.  Immediately, they sang "Broken Love Front Alliance" again.

    The performance is over.

    Grandma's reaction was flat, but she didn't tune the station.  Many elderly people like to watch TV, maybe it's just because it's lively, to pass the time, to listen to the sound, to have a sound

    "Thanks Grasshopper for the new song, very, very wonderful performance.

    The singer who appeared below, Fang used her unique charm to conquer many people as soon as she appeared. Today she also brought a new song, which was specially composed for the Qiqiao Festival.

    Let us listen quietly and enjoy this moment.  "

    The stage changed, full of colorful lights, the halo was warm, and a figure appeared on the stage.

    Today, she is wearing a long green dress with a v-neck, but her arms are wrapped, her neck is exposed, and her figure is slender and elegant.  She took the microphone and said with a smile:

    "Just now they sang a new song first, I'll change it here and sing a new song next time."

    (Also ?
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