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Text Chapter Thirty: Drama Selection

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    In the early morning, Zhuang Zhou yawned and went downstairs. When he reached the door of A Yuan's room, he took out the key to open the door.

    Ah Yuan also just got up, wearing a T-shirt as pajamas, and shorts below the knees.  No one was too lazy to talk to them, they walked across the street unsteadily, and met at the bathroom door.


    Zhuang Zhou glanced at it, and then flashed into the toilet.

    "Depend on!"

    A Yuan kicked the door loudly: "You are sick, so you go to my house to go to the bathroom?"

    "By the way!"

    "I can't hold back anymore!"

    "Oh, I'm going!"

    As expected, he was very fast, he pulled up his trousers and came out. A Yuan didn't bother to scold him, so he hurried in.

    When he came out again, that bastard pia was on the bed, pinching his ID card and looking over and over again.  Just received it, it is no different from 2021, it is just a physical and an electronic version.

    He also finally had his own high-tech mobile phone, and tried vr glasses and vr games.  To be honest, although it has not reached the level of exaggeration of "Ready Player One", it is already very enjoyable!

    Zhuang Zhou put away his ID card happily, and turned his head: "What are you looking at, it's your turn to cook today."


    A Yuan went to the kitchen, washed rice, cooked porridge, and mixed some cold dishes.

    Zhuang Zhou continued to pia, and sent a WeChat message on 2021's mobile phone: "Old Meng, are you dead?"

    After a while, a reply: "If you die, I can't die, let the fart go!"

    Lao Meng, Meng Chaoyang, was the one who asked him to borrow 10,000 yuan.

    "How are you doing recently, do you want to get the money?"

    "No, I'm almost becoming Xianglin's wife, and I'll pay you back when I come back."

    "There is no need to talk about this between us. I have business with you, can you adapt xxx for me? About 20 episodes, try to follow the original plot."

    "Damn! Fuck! Fuck!"

    There was a sudden excitement over there, and he said repeatedly: "Mr. Zhuang, you have finally entered the entertainment circle! Who is the lead actor? I think Zhou is also good, and Hao Cun is also very touching The big brother takes the younger brother, he looks handsome and lively."  My son is so clingy!"

    "Get out! I'm not entering the entertainment industry, anyway, I have some uses, what price do you offer?"

    "You are shabby for me, this is just a small job, I will finish it for you in a few days."

    "No, no, hurry up and quote a price!"

    After a bit of pushback, I simply paid the 10,000 yuan.

    A Yuan listened to the whole process and asked: "Why don't you find a screenwriter here?"

    "I'm also looking here. I plan to write a script for each, and look at the aesthetic similarities and differences of the two sides, and then decide how to shoot."

    He turned over and got out of bed, and went to the middle of the two bedrooms, where the low table was always placed and two small benches were added.  The two eat, surf the Internet, and chat all here.

    A Yuan's site, he goes in and out every day.

    Ah Yuan rarely sets foot in his territory.

    Zhuang Zhou turned on the computer, checked the news first, and started typing.  What I wrote is another play, which can't be called writing, it just transformed the background of the original work into 2049.

    It is too strange that Lao Meng cannot be allowed to do this job.  Just like if you find a screenwriter and ask him to put "Dream of Red Mansions" into "Journey to the West", people will think you are crazy.

    A Yuan tilted his head to look at it for a long time, and asked: "Is this a script or a novel?"


    "Tianhaitai didn't want novels?"

    "It's not for them, it's for us in the future. I'll publish novels first, and then make dramas, movies, animations, games, and peripherals. The ip industry is one-stop, and a steak is steaked n times!"

    Zhuang Zhou's literary style is mediocre, more like checking for omissions, deleting and correcting passages involving the background of the times bit by bit.

    After a while, the porridge is ready.

    He knocked on the table to express his dissatisfaction: "It's cold salad again, and cold salad again! I want to eat meat!"

    "Meat is very expensive."

    "We are not short of money!"

    "Be thrifty."

    A Yuan only acted like an adult when he was saving money, and he picked up a cold dish with chopsticks: "I added sesame oil, it's delicious."

    Zhuang Zhou was speechless, he ate the porridge with small mouthfuls, and he was able to calm down: "Let me tell you, if you have the opportunity to come to my place, I will provide you with meals for a month, and you will eat meat every day.

    On the first day, let¡¯s have chicken wrapped in pork belly, on the second day we will have bullfrog hot pot, on the third day we will have boiled fish, on the fourth day we will have something lighter, braised pork ribs with bitter gourd"

    "All right, all right, eat!"

    Ah Yuan refused to admit that he was drooling.

    Zhuang ZhouHe closed his mouth, opened it again within a few seconds, and this time said to business: "We will officially open the business after the company's approval, you can be my assistant first.

    The goal of the stage is to stabilize the heel and expand slowly.  The other four TV stations, apart from promoting new songs, did not mention any content requirements. They may want to see the effect of Tianhai TV before making a decision.

    Therefore, this drama is very important, and it must be a good start.

    The novel in my hand is not counted, and the one adapted by Lao Meng is counted as one. That drama has countless fans in Tianchao, and the emotional factor is very important.

    But you don't have any feelings, you read it first and tell me how you feel.

    Then there are two more, one of which is a realistic theme, and the realistic theme can be included in the stacked building, because the stacked building is a very good background.  "

    "That is to say, you have prepared three plays and one novel???"

    "Yes. You make films, much like we do special effects blockbusters and animations. It is purely technical production, but it also needs directors, screenwriters, and various designers, so it has to recruit a lot of people.

    By the way, how much money do we have?  "

    "Recently, the commercial performances have been good, with a total of more than 1.3 million!"

    "Barely, can you write a recruitment notice?"

    "I wrote according to the template."

    "Okay, you will be issued one when the time comes, and the salary is based on the average level. There is only one requirement: you can work in the stacked building, and we can provide dormitories."

    A Yuan expressed his understanding.

    After the meal, everyone was busy.

    Zhuang Zhou continued to adapt the original work, and A Yuan put on the earphones, and began to watch the TV series full of the feelings of countless generations born in the 1980s.

    The first few episodes were okay, but soon she started to fast-forward, playing one episode after a while, and even skipping it in the middle and later, and watching another episode seriously at the end.

    She raised her head, rubbed her sore eyes, and suddenly realized that the day was almost over.

    Neither of them went out, there were some fast food on the table, and they forgot when they ate it.  She got up to move around and saw that Zhuang Zhou was still typing. This man is very serious when he is serious, and very serious when he is not.

    Occasionally, there is a trace of weakness, like when I said I was homesick two days ago.


    She scratched her head, not knowing why she thought about this.  Zhuang Zhou also raised his eyes and asked, "Have you finished reading?"

    "I jumped and watched."

    "how do you feel?"

    "It's very watery, and some plots are inexplicable, but the main plot is good, and the ending is very touching. Is this what you said about the white moonlight and the cinnabar mole?"

    "Well, although white moonlight and cinnabar mole are routine, they are eternal topics. How do you think it will be compressed to 20 episodes?"

    "My personal opinion, it must be good."

    "Okay, I believe you!"

    "Don't don't!"

    A Yuan quickly waved his hands: "If it messes up, I can't afford it."

    "It's just a choice, choose one of the three! Even if I don't make a drama this time, I still have other uses."

    Zhuang Zhou also stood up and moved around: "Okay, I have to go again."

    "OK Bye Bye."

    A Yuan sent him to the door, and couldn't help asking: "You, are you in a better mood? Do you still miss home?"

    "I want to go back and think about it. I can't delay making money. I have been a social animal anyway. Bye!"

    (Also ?
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