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Text Chapter Thirty-one Grass Stage Team Opens

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    In the morning, the sun is warm.

    The two got up early, dressed neatly, and looked at each other.  They are all casual clothes, not deliberate, natural dress, one 180+, one 160max, the height difference is cute and conspicuous.

    A Yuan also wore a baseball cap, like a tomboy.

    Zhuang Zhou hesitated to speak, he didn't care after all, she could do as she liked.

    Going out to the club, I saw a bunch of people from a distance, the community representatives Lao Wu and Lord Qian, the residents representatives several uncles and aunts, and even the policeman Yang Xue was also present.

    I don't know where I got some flower baskets, and put them on both sides, with a decent carpet in the middle, and a red cloth on the plaque.

    In addition to the beating of gongs and drums, and the sound of firecrackers, everything is working together!

    "Hey, here we come!"

    "Why is it earlier than us?"

    "Everyone is happy, this is the first company in the community!"

    Master Qian dragged the two of them around for a tour, and said, "I've maximized the use of existing resources. Let's see, how about it?"

    "You handle the matter, we rest assured!"

    Zhuang Zhou gave a thumbs up and walked into the room.

    The big house of the club is very big. There used to be a public reading room with a few books and a few computers, but except for Mr. Qian, they basically didn¡¯t use it.  Master Qian was generous and knew how to behave, so he emptied the reading room.

    Zhuang Zhou was also unambiguous, and bought those computers by the way.

    The room is about 100 square meters, with a single small door, two pairs of two or six tables, an old sofa against the wall, plus some office supplies, all gone.  But he is very satisfied, this is his foundation in this world.

    At about 10 o'clock, Lord Qian, Lao Wu, and Zhuang Zhou met the giants on Wednesday, let's start!

    The aunt who loves to dance starts to play music, leading a group of old sisters to be full of youth.  Master Qian also made something, and when he opened it, it crackled!  Crackling!

    It turned out to be the sound of electronic firecrackers.

    Good guy!  Zhuang Zhou was startled, and set off the whip to celebrate, probably engraved in his DNA, and it is indispensable at any time.

    After dancing a song, calm down for the time being.

    Old Wu stood at the door and spoke first, with an excited tone: "Today~ah! This~ah!

    Everyone has witnessed Xiaozhuang's child when he came to the community. He has gradually become the pride of our hoped community, and everyone has seen it.

    To tell the truth, I am very relieved. I am old, and seeing young people promising is the happiest thing.  And Xiao Zhuang is very rare, he did not go to the city, but stayed in the community sincerely, which shows that he is a child who knows how to be grateful"

    Old Wu finally had the opportunity to speak publicly, but it took him a long time.

    After he was done, Master Qian went up again: "The first time I met Xiao Zhuang, I knew that we have many, many common hobbies, and we will definitely become friends!

    That is, he is young, otherwise I would have pulled him into the Cultural Exchange Association group"

    Master Qian came down, and Uncle Lu went up again.

    After Uncle Lu, there is also the square dancing aunt.

    Zhuang Zhou and A Yuan simply squatted down and tilted their heads to see them being possessed by dramatists. They were not at all unhappy, they only felt that it was lively and fun.

    When it was finally his turn, he stood under the plaque covered with red cloth, prepared a thousand words and suddenly didn't want to say anything, he just said: "Uncle Wu said that I am the pride of the community, but I want to say that you are also my pride  !

    There is no rhetoric today, I just want to thank you all, with you, I will always be full of confidence!  "

    "Wow, boom!"

    "Wow, boom!"

    Master Qian is envious, jealous, and hateful, this grandson really knows how to say it.  Zhuang Zhou pulled A Yuan up again, and said with a smile, "Can you say a few words?"

    "I, I, I"

    A Yuan was nervous, but after all, he had grown up, and said: "I don't understand anything, but I'm learning, and I will work hard!"

    After finishing speaking, there was singing and dancing again, and some people took pictures. Zhuang Zhou tore off the red cloth to reveal the words on it: Blue Star Culture and Entertainment Company!

    The person who took the photo clicked, and the time was frozen in a wonderful moment.

    The location is wonderful, the things are wonderful, and the people are even better.


    Blue Star Culture and Entertainment Company.

    There is one boss, one assistant and one employee, a complete grassroots team, but thanks to the current information age and smart office, there are not too many employees in ordinary companies.

    To be honest, he was really not used to everything being electronic, so he specially asked Master Qian to find a whiteboard and nail it to the wall.

    I used an oil-based brush to write a lot of plans, including the singer's development route, promotion of newcomers, TV dramas on Tianhai TV, other future businesses, and so on.

      These are no secrets to A Yuan, she curled her lips when she saw it: "Short-term! Short-term!"

    "There is only this in the short term"

    Zhuang Zhou erased the words and wrote two more words: Recruitment!

    "I've done it, you see?"

    A Yuan Xianbai, she is not highly educated, and the work of being a clerk is novel and apprehensive.

    Zhuang Zhou glanced at it, and saw that it was all clich¨¦s, except for a line of words "Working in a stacked building, we provide dormitory" shining brightly.  Come on, this is the persuasive slogan!

    He really wanted to see what kind of weirdos would apply for the job.

    "Send it!"


    Full of excitement, A Yuan released the first announcement in his life, and asked again: "Then what should I do next?"



    "If you have nothing to do, just sweep the floor and pour me some water."

    Originally, Xiaopo's company was deserted, and its current business was only accepting commercial performances and maintaining the social accounts of Miss Jun and the Demon King.

    Now there are n people on the Internet calling, the seven songs are so good, but I can¡¯t download them, so hurry up and settle on the platform!

    Hey, Zhuang Zhou doesn't.

    If you can't get it down, hold it in, and when you hold it to a certain level, it will burst out with a bang.

    I thought I would be bored today, but ten minutes after the recruitment was sent out, there was a reply with a ding dong.  A Yuan said in surprise: "The other party said that it is acceptable, and he will come to the interview immediately!"


    Zhuang Zhou had a bad premonition, and then he heard footsteps outside the door, and someone came in with a click.

    "Hahaha, are you surprised? Are you surprised?"

    Master Qian was posing in a disrespectful manner, and even wore red clothes on purpose.

    "Don't make trouble?"

    "What are you making trouble for?"

    Both of them rolled their eyes together.

    "What do you call adding trouble? I have already thought about it, your company will add me without salary."

    "I don't have your position. Will the concierge, Mr. Qian, do it?"

    "Tsk, I have half (lao) life (se) son (pi) of life experience, maybe when I give you a little advice, I can avoid detours."


    Zhuang Zhou really looked at his age, thought for a while and said: "How about this, you name yourself as a consultant, you don't have to go to work, but you can come at any time, and you can help out with ideas if you have something to do.

    As for the remuneration, regardless of whether the benefits are good or not, you will definitely have a share, and you will be more responsible for paying more.  "

    "Okay, okay, I know you are interesting enough!"

    Master Qian hurriedly grabbed a good seat, poured a glass of water, turned on the computer, and skillfully performed his greatest hobby: pinching big ocean horses!

    Zhuang Zhou suddenly regretted it.

    Dare you give up the reading room and come here for this plan?  Didn't do anything like before, and still get an extra money?

    He shook his head, this grass-roots team is solid!

    Old and young, the chairman wipes the table every day.

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