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Main Text Chapter Thirty-Two: Start the Rage 1

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    Early in the morning, Master Qian came to work humming a little tune.

    Zhuang Zhou and A Yuan are already here, and they look very busy.  He rarely blushed, coughed twice, and asked, "Is there anyone applying?"

    "No, I don't want to come when I hear that I work on a stacked building."

    "It's okay, take your time."

    Lord Qian turned to Zhuang Zhou's back again to watch him typing away,

    Zhuang Zhou was still deleting and revising the novel, and he generously let the other party read it. Master Qian didn't say a word, and finally said: "Brilliant creativity, fantastic ideas, you really are a genius!"


    He was ashamed, I was just a porter in the flower planting studio.

    Mr. Qian joined the gang with a stern face, firstly because he really wanted to help, and secondly, to have some fun, but at the moment, he seemed to be too redundant, and he didn't even feel like pinching a big horse, so he coughed again and slipped out quietly.

    A Yuan was maintaining the social accounts of Miss Jun and the Demon King, when he suddenly received a message, glanced quickly, and said excitedly: "CCTV is here to invite you!"

    "How do you say it?"

    "Please invite us to participate in the preliminary review of the program of the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala."

    "Okay, it's finally here!"

    Zhuang Zhou was also excited. He took the route of the TV station party. Although he wanted to find a new way and develop the market, he also had another purpose to be on CCTV!

    Different from local stations, Yangma has amazing coverage and is still a media giant today when the capital platform monopolizes it.

    Counting Yang Ma, a total of 12 TV stations have invited so far, all of which are Mid-Autumn Festival Gala.

    ?The main focus must be Yang Ma. With her pissing nature, it is unlikely that two places will be given, so there must be emphasis.  He thought for a while, and said: "Push Miss Jun to go on, give the Demon King a new song to sweep the local stations. Grasshopper is also a new song, and it can be put on hold after a while."

    "Aren't you going to create a new person this time?"

    "If there are too many newcomers at once, there will be no focus, so don't worry. By the way, have you posted the announcement I asked you to make?"

    "Of course I did!"

    A Yuan showed him, and saw that on the social account certified as "Blue Star", there was a message on the top: "Undertake film and television theme songs, commercial songs Undertake performances held by enterprises, campuses, social groups, etc., work contact  xxxx"

    "Wait, then."

    Zhuang Zhou returned to his seat and continued to rewrite the novel.

    So busy and not busy, it was noon in a flash.  Just about to go to eat, A Yuan suddenly shouted: "Look at the trending search! Look at the trending search!"

    He didn't know why, but when he opened it, he was actually happy.


    #We don't need this kind of music#

    "Last night when I got together with my friends, one of them tried to recommend a few songs to me, saying that they were the most popular recently. I readily accepted it, but after listening to it, I tossed and turned and couldn't sleep at night.

    At first listen to these songs, the melody is simple, yet beautiful and catchy.  But the author was secretly startled. I haven¡¯t listened to pop songs for many years. Could it be that the current music scene is full of such songs?

    We are in a very special period. Post-war reconstruction has achieved brilliant results, technological leaps, and adequate food and clothing, but is this enough?

    of course not!

    We should also see many problems. The current society is impetuous, the gap between rich and poor is obvious, young people have no goals, and high technology is corroding the soul

    In such a stage where it is necessary to forge ahead, stand upright, purify aesthetics, and call out the spirit of the times, this soft and carefully processed so-called good song is really a voice that seduces vulgarity and a drug for mental paralysis!

    What else do they have besides drunkenness, negativity, love supremacy, vulgarity and innocence?  "


    Zhuang Zhou looked at the author of the article, a cultural NPC v, who is quite influential, but it is not clear what works he has written specifically, nor what academic achievements he has.

    Anyway, he is a cultural person and has many fans.

    As soon as he opened his eyes, he knew what kind of medicine was sold in the gourd. Sure enough, if he continued to search, it seemed that there were many criticisms all at once, including all major platforms.

    "Great, someone finally told the truth!"

    "My grandparents listened to it every day recently, and I almost threw up."

    "I also don't understand, what's the difference between this vulgar song and the previous ones, it's so pretentious, why is it so highly praised?"

    A Yuan is not stupid after all, he understands it when he thinks about it, and scolded: "Someone is messing around! What should I do?

    Ever since working with him, the little girl has become Junior Brother Sha, and her fixed line is "What should I do", which is the same as "The elder brother is right".

    Zhuang ZhouzhuoAfter a while, he said, "Give me the list of companies that have contacted us recently."

    He got the list and glanced at it, quickly caught a few suspicious guys, then looked at the chat records, and directly locked on a media company.

    "Is he blackmailing us?" A Yuan was angry.

    "Yes, it is a common trick to force you to spend money to eliminate disasters."

    "That's too disgusting!"

    "Be careful with your words, I used to do this kind of disgusting thing."

    For example, a popular traffic, do not want to hype.  The marketing company deliberately hacked him, and by the way praised his opponent.

    In the fan circle, two celebrities who debuted at the same time, have similar ages, similar routes, and similar resources are called rivals, and they are sworn enemies!

    The result can be imagined, the traffic broker will contact the company, tacitly understands everything.

    "Then do you want to spend money to eliminate disasters?" A Yuan asked.

    "He's not my grandson, why give him money!"

    Zhuang Zhou has a wealth of marketing experience, but he formed a reverse thinking. With a cold snort, he quickly found another media company. He saw that there were marketing and public relations in the business category, and contacted him immediately.

    He now also uses an avatar, a Kun called a big fish by A Yuan.

    "Hello, we are an established company with proficient business skills, a wide network of contacts, and a fair price. What can I do for you?" The other lady's voice was sweet and concise.

    "Are you aware of the Meltdown Sound incident?"

    "Of course I understand, what do you need?"

    "How much does it cost to wash white?"

    "If it is a complete reversal of public opinion, we will give you a 20% discount, about 5 million."

    "What if you add oil and vinegar?"

    "You must understand if you ask this question. Recently, there are people who are doing things, and the main force is not with us. It is very cheap to add firewood and fire Did you choose the 5 million package?"

    "No, no, black! Continue to black! But my request is to focus on her singing and vulgarity, and don't get involved in anything else."

    "Understood! We have several small packages, take a look."

    The other party sent a price list ranging from 200,000 to 800,000.

    Zhuang Zhou chose a price of 600,000 yuan, and A Yuan was terrified: "Are you crazy? Didn't you say you want to spend wisely?"

    "This is the blade! Believe me, please, go and prepare for the transfer."

    600,000!  600,000!

    All the existing assets are only more than one million yuan, and half of them will be gone.  A Yuan bit her lip, seeing that he was urging again, she turned to him with great heartache.

    "Why are you so excited?"

    "When I was worried that there were no pigs to kill, someone stretched out their heads!"

    Zhuang Zhou rubbed his hands, quickly found a planned new song, made a demo, and sent it to Yang Ma.

    There is no need to be conservative when you meet your peers!

    (Also ?
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