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Main Text Chapter Thirty-Three Starts to Sway 2

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    There are countless new idols in Huaguo, and their survival period ranges from one week to three months. Only when they can survive for three months does it show that they have a certain development value.

    In this era of quick success and quick profits, small and medium-sized companies have no patience to create idols, and the ultra-low cost makes idols grow one crop after another like leeks.

    Only big companies will slow down the pace and launch targeted newcomers in a timely manner. This kind of newcomers usually basically locks in the newcomer king of the year as soon as they show up.

    But now, there is a super newcomer who has 15 million likes and has three hit songs, standing there like a target, offending many people by nature.

    Once Xu Bai's marketing team worked hard, everyone in the circle understood that someone was doing something.

    Some sneered on the sidelines, and some secretly poked and added fire. Of course, no one thought that the person who was hacked actually hacked himself!

    "Too weak! Too weak!"

    At this moment, Zhuang Zhou was sitting in front of the computer, admiring the very familiar war in the entertainment industry, and couldn't help shaking his head: There are too many stars in this world, the quality of the navy is not good, the fighting power of the fans is even worse, and the dishes are scattered.

    He contacted the marketing company, and immediately scolded: "Are you black people? Trolls! Do trolls understand? Trolls still make sense, who are you all showing tenderness to?

    And you have to pretend to be loyal, do you understand if you pretend to be loyal?  It's just that they play two roles, so that they can quarrel!

    Come, come, let me teach you!  When you protect your idols, you must have this mentality: idols are my parents!  No no, idols are a hundred times more important than parents, whoever wants to blackmail our elder brother is utterly irreconcilable, talk to their family, post it, and report it if it doesn¡¯t work!

    Yes, report it!

    brain?  What brains do you need to chase idols!

    When you spray, you have to stand firm, the more annoying the better, for example, if they say that the song is good, you just say vulgar!  They say that tenderness is like water, but you just say vulgar!  They say it touches the heart, but you just say vulgar!  vulgar!  vulgar!  "

    "Then, aren't you ashamed when they say that you spend your parents' money chasing stars? If your parents know, they must regret having you, so what should you do?"

    "Again, don't talk about logic! You just say, my parents not only know, but also support me in chasing stars infinitely, eh, just for fun

    Do they understand if they are so mad?  "

    "Stop talking, stop talking, blood pressure is up!"

    The other side was overwhelmed, brother, are you going to be the boss?  I adore you!

    Treasure Island.

    After Zhang Yue fell into Sister Jun's gentle trap, he successfully formed a support group with a small size of more than a hundred people. The daily topics focused on two points:

    "When will Miss Jun release a new song?"

    "When can I download it?"

    Originally, it was pretty good to enclose the land by itself, but who knew that such a big thing would happen soon after its establishment, good guy, the whole network is black!

    He rolled up his sleeves, called his friends and started to fight with those gangsters:

    "As long as you have been to school and know a little about aesthetics, you will know how tender "Sweet Honey" is!"

    "Too vulgar!"

    "My friend, I sincerely suggest that you listen carefully, you will really feel that it touches your heart."

    "Too vulgar!"


    "Vulgar, is vulgar!"


    Zhang Yue was furious!

    The little friends also sent mournful expressions: "Boss, they don't follow the routine, it's not that we don't work hard, it's that the other party is too stupid!"

    marketing company.

    Seeing the public opinion that suddenly turned into a prairie fire, Xu Bai was also taken aback. Did so many people fall into trouble?

    "That Blue Star Company hasn't contacted us yet?"



    Xu Bai was surprised, did he think he could turn the tables on himself?

    Public opinion is quite powerful, especially when the momentum picks up.

    ? For example, when Dong Bailian filed for divorce, she wanted to copy the way of the Flower of Evil. She preemptively attacked her and spread all kinds of rumors about the other party's gambling and domestic violence.

    It was useless for Nai Pan to defend her, so she had to take Dong Bailian's agent to court and won, but the public opinion did not stop.


    Because it has already become a momentum, just scolding this person is tantamount to political correctness.

    However, her situation is different from that of Evil Flower, Nai Pan is completely innocent!  That's why there was a big reversal later. The first stage was that an ugly man in Dong Bailian's secret meeting was photographed by Zhuo Wei, proving that he was the one who cheated in marriage.

    The second stage is "White Night Chasing the Murder", where Nai Pan Xianyu, who had been silent for five years, turned around.

    What's even more embarrassing is that after Dong Bailian was photographed, his career was in crisis, but he didn't care about it, so he went to Hong Kong's actor Liang.  Actor Liang introduced her to film "Six Separations", and Sister Jia Ling introduced her to a new agency.

    You know, she and Liang Yingdi have been rumored to have an affair!

    Having said that, the reason why Xu Bai was surprised was because when the momentum picked up, unless there was a fundamental reversal, the person involved would definitely be crushed to death!


    CCTV, the production team of the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala.

    In the conference room, the director team is conducting the preliminary review of the program.  CCTV is different from other places. It is secondary to being wonderful, and the main thing is not to make mistakes. Of course, it can be wonderful without making mistakes. That is the first pursuit.


    Chief director Hong Jun looked at the unfinished part of the song and waved impatiently: "Next!"

    Following the second one, this time just started: "Next!"



    He slapped the table vigorously: "What are you doing in the pop music world? Just learn from our main theme. It's not required to release a high-quality product for the first time. There must be some achievements in a year!"

    You listen, you listen, one by one made up, moaning without disease, even dare to send this kind of blatantly spliced ??songs!  "


    Everyone dare not show their atmosphere, music tailoring is too common.

    Hong Jun got angry, knowing that he didn't blame them, and said, "Okay, I didn't control my emotions well, what else?"



    So it continued to play, even more boring than before. After a while, when the screen displayed: "Teresa Teng, produced by Blue Star Culture and Entertainment Company", Hong Jun was taken aback, and then said:

    "This team has a bad reputation recently, right?"

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, there was no such craze on the Internet when they submitted it, and I think the quality of the work is quite high, so please take a look at it." One person said.

    "What do you think? Hmph! It's good if you think it's good, and we don't have to worry about the show."

    Hong Jun's words are harsh, this is a personal habit, and his professional ability is very strong, he waved his hand: "Forget it, just listen."


    The man continued to play, showing the title of the song, which has an ancient rhyme.


    Hong Jun sat crookedly on the chair, propped his face with his hands, and thought to himself.

    Immediately afterwards, the music sounded, and a sound and a song slowly spread in the conference room, and everyone listened quietly.  After the song ended, there was a moment of silence, and someone said, "Play it again."

    "Oh well."

    So the second time.

    After listening, Hong Jun straightened up and said, "Play it again."

    And remind: "Everyone, read the lyrics carefully!"

    So the third time.

    Everyone stared at the lyrics, sentence by sentence, becoming more and more shocked.  After playing again, he asked: "Old Liu, you have the deepest literary skills, what do you think?"

    "Be ashamed of yourself, ashamed of yourself!"

    Old Liu is a mild-mannered person, and he lost his composure: "Compared to the ancient writers, I don't show much, I must come to visit Oh no, come to ask for advice! Come to ask for advice!"

    "What do you think?"

    "It's a first-class work, and it fits the Mid-Autumn Festival!" Everyone said.

    "I think so too, ha!"

    Hong Jun suddenly burst into laughter, with a bit of resentment: "The team that can produce such works is actually hacked by the entire Internet? Think about it, and you will know that it is the ghost of those rotten fish and shrimps!

    Write back to them, saying that the show is over, and go straight to the party!  "

    "Isn't this against the rules?"

    "Anyone who has doubts come to me! Good works let everyone see, this is called a rule!"

    (The new book period is not good and there will be more updates, I will try to explode when it is on the shelves) </div&gt
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