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Text Chapter 34 Mid-Autumn Festival 1

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    Yao Shuwen woke up from the tenderness, with his girlfriend sleeping beside him.

    Less than 20 years old, fluctuating the grace of youthful passion.  He likes girls in this age group the most, and he is happy to train them, whether it is mind or body.

    He used to be fatter, but now he is still a little thinner. He got up to go to the toilet, went back to bed and continued to lie down, watching the latest hot news.

    After scrolling around, I saw the news announced by CCTV: "Mid-Autumn Evening Party Program List"

    ""Bright Moon", singer Luo Yiyi, lyrics and music: Qin Lang, producer Brilliant Entertainment."

    ""My Lover", singer Xia Cai, composer: Liu Geming, producer Galaxy Entertainment."

    ""Firefly", singer Long Duoduo, composer Wei Cheng, producer Fang Chunqiu Entertainment."

    ""Homesickness", singer An Cong, lyrics and music Yao Shuwen, producer Fang Tianyuan Entertainment."

    Seeing this, Yao Shuwen felt a little unhappy, but he was also quite satisfied.

    For CCTV's gala, the big three still gave face, and Qiqi sent out top-tier idols.  Qin Lang, Liu Geming, and Wei Cheng are also top-notch creators.

    Further down, Tian Yuan is the leader of the second-tier company, and he is also number one. He always wants to become a giant, but it is a pity that he has been suppressed for so many years.

    He continued to look, and suddenly frowned:

    ""xxx", singer Teresa Teng, lyrics and music planting flower studio, production company Blue Star Entertainment."

    Yao Shuwen remembers it too much!

    When I was in Supernova, I was severely humiliated by the other party, and thanks to my shamelessness, I took a good wave of black and red heat.  Later, I heard that I went to a local station and heard the new song, so I have to admit that it is really good.

    But this is Yang Ma!

    Yao Shuwen stroked his girlfriend's green bamboo shoots with one hand, and called his friends on CCTV.

    "The Blue Star program, do you know what's going on?"

    "It's decided by the chief director. It didn't go through the second trial, so it went straight through."

    "Have you heard that song?"

    "I haven't. Old Liu has heard of it before. He looks like he's crazy. He mutters about the majesty and grandeur of the gods every day! We don't understand, we don't understand"


    Yao Shuwen hung up the phone, the more he thought about it, the more unhappy he became.

    ?He claims to be a man of culture, no one is first in literature, and no second in martial arts. In this day and age, how can he be so majestic?  What kind of a pen made by a celestial being?

    Blow it!

    He knows Lao Liu, an old employee of CCTV, and usually likes to write a few lines of poetry and write some calligraphy, but he has always looked down on him.

    Yao Shuwen is a narrow-minded guy, and he found Lao Liu's account again. Sure enough, he forwarded a message: "The artistic level of this year's show is worth looking forward to, and there is a song in particular that is recommended with five stars. To avoid the suspicion of advertising, don't say  The name, everyone will know after reading it"

    The other party has no background, so he forwarded it without fear of offending:

    "The teacher has been devoted to his job for many years, remembering poetry and the distance, and don't want to be ruined by the poor."

    After reposting, a new one was posted: "This year is the same as in previous years. Watch the Mid-Autumn Festival live, and a batch of new works will be unveiled. Let's enjoy it with everyone under the moon."

    ? In addition to music production, he is also a trafficker, and he commented on everything, and there were many audiences.

    After posting, I went back to the post I just reposted, and found that there was a comment that received the most likes: "Is this the yin and yang of cultural people?"

    Who the hell?

    Click to open it, the id is called "Xiaoyaoyou", an ordinary netizen, without a big v certification.

    Yao Shuwen didn't want to go off the stage himself, but this person came up with another message: "You're talking about what you said, isn't it just that you are too confused, have low aesthetics, and can't appreciate really good works?"

    Netizens join in the fun:

    "Wonderful, such a statement is indeed very yin and yang."

    "I must know something inside, otherwise I can't say anything about mediocrity."

    "Referring to the song written by Qin Lang? It's well known that the two don't get along."

    "I think it's Blue Star's song, but I was slapped in the face on the spot!"

    The corners of Yao Shuwen's mouth twitched, the so-called "Happy Tour" was not over yet, and he said, "I annoy you bastards the most, you never talk well when you have something to say, I'm waiting for you to watch the party live, remember to take your broken fan!"

    The other side.

    The Big Three naturally also noticed this program list, knowing each other and knowing each other, but this Blue Star has been restless since his debut and has no routine at all.

    And the craze on the Internet has not stopped:

    "The critics can still go to CCTV, behind the scenessp; There are many combinations!

    There are boy groups, girl groups, and mixed groups!  Maybe one day he will rise up, let the people of 2049 taste the horror of being brainwashed by the Divine Comedy.

    The Pollution Demon King sang a song "Phoenix Flying".

    He recently contracted a commercial performance in the Hokkien-speaking area, and the popularity of "Love to Fight to Win" has not faded in the slightest, especially in Baodao, where it has the tendency to sweep the whole people.

    ? "Phoenix Flying" follows the style of folk songs, quite satisfactory, buttocks are still upright, inclined at 45 degrees, and the eyes are erratic and dedicated:

    "Like the phoenix flying in the clouds, as light and light as the phoenix flying in the clouds, separation is not as good as amphibious, cherish this beautiful night"

    People who like him are watching it. Although it is not amazing, it is not bad.

    And everyone who pays attention to Blue Star is also watching.

    They also secretly breathed a sigh of relief, if each of Lan Xing's works is as enchanting as "I Only Care About You", "Walking on the Road of Life" and "Sweet Honey", everyone should stop messing around.

    Follow the CCTV, the funds are sufficient to make the local TV station want to kill it.

    All parties are full of energy, those who are active are preparing to be active, those who slander are ready to slander, and those who are kneeling and licking are also sticking out their tongues It's like a big stage.

    (Da Zhang, no more) </div&gt
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