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Text Chapter 35 Mid-Autumn Festival 2

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    After a few shows, Lo Yiyi from Brilliant Entertainment appeared.

    Her age is set to be 17 years old, and she was a holy girl when she debuted. She took the route of the flower of Gaoling, her appearance is beautiful and refined, her voice is pure and ethereal, and she has stood tall for several years.

    "Bright Moon" conforms to her usual style of music, and pays attention to the artistic conception.

    Yao Shuwen has already launched a live broadcast. It seems that he is in the courtyard of his mansion. He set up a small table with tea and wine. He shook his fan and began to comment:

    "This is a new song. Luo Yiyi is an old friend of everyone. She has always given people the impression of being pure and pure, ethereal and far away. Oh yes, she is not a jade girl, but a saint.

    How should I say "Bright Moon", the lyrics are written smoothly, the literary talent is naturally not ostentatious, and the tune is also in line with her line, listening to the cool breeze on the back, wishing to fly to the moon But because it fits so well, instead  There will be a kind of aesthetic fatigue.

    I believe that there must be someone who feels the same way as me. When Loiyi is mentioned, it is the sound of a dolphin.  Anyway, I'm quite annoyed, five out of ten of her songs are dolphin sounds, as if she doesn't show how much she overlooks all living beings without using dolphin sounds.  "

    "Get out!"

    "Yao Dazui is spraying dung again!"

    "Our Yiyi family doesn't need your comments!"

    Luo Yiyi's fans started to go to the live broadcast, Yao Shuwen was not surprised, and said calmly: "Tonight, let's talk about everything, and friends who have different opinions are welcome to discuss together."

    People from Brilliant Entertainment were naturally watching the show.

    When Luo Yiyi sang, she started to go on trending searches, get good reviews, and conduct real-time investigations.  As a songwriter, Qin Lang cared the most, and kept asking: "Has the data come out? Has it come out?"

    "I'm coming!"

    About five minutes after the singing, the employees of the company reported the results of the survey: "About 560,000 people participated in the voting, 51% of them thought it sounded good, 34% said it was average, and 15% thought it sounded bad or old-fashioned."


    Qin Lang breathed a sigh of relief, more than 50%, which means the work is successful.

    He also knows that the style of music is old-fashioned and there is no breakthrough, but how can it be so easy to break through?  In society, it is difficult for everyone to transform, not just celebrities?

    Luo Yiyi was built by him alone. It is rare to be popular for three years, but it has almost reached its limit.  Now that "Bright Moon" continues her life, she can persist for a while.

    After a few more shows, it was Xia Cai's turn to appear on stage.

    Xia Cai is 28 years old, light and familiar, with a big sister style, and her works are mostly sentimental and lingering, infatuated with men and women.  The song she brought was also considered a new song, but it wasn't the first song she sang today, it was released not long ago.

    Yao Shuwen started again:

    ""My Lover" sounds like a sad urban woman who broke up with a man and had a friendly and in-depth exchange before breaking up, which made her even more sad.

    Getting drunk in the middle of the night, dying, heart-piercing Ouch, I'm so sorry for Liu Geming, writing this kind of bitter love song all the year round, it's easy to be unhealthy"

    "Brother Ming, Yao Shuwen is full of you!"

    On the Yinhe side, the staff immediately reported that Liu Geming, the creator of "My Lover", said without looking back, "Let him go!"

    In such a fierce environment, the internal competition of the giant is more fierce than the external competition. It is okay for a piece of work to be quite satisfactory. Once you fail, I don¡¯t know how many people will be watching your position.

    Fortunately, "My Lover" has been tested, and Liu Geming is now focusing on "Firefly".

    It is said that it is Spring and Autumn's big killer, and it is highly praised in the small circle.

    Soon, Long Duoduo from Spring and Autumn Company appeared.

    Long Duoduo is eighteen years old, witty and eccentric, his music style is changeable, sometimes joyful and sometimes cool, and has many fans.  As soon as the results came out, those who knew her were stunned. She, who had always taken the lively route, was actually wearing an elegant white dress.

    Standing there obediently and quietly, "Firefly" was actually a slow song.

    Just after listening to a few words, Liu Geming and Qin Lang both secretly said: It's broken!

    In terms of quality alone, "Firefly" is not a bit higher, the key is the fit. This slow song fits Long Duoduo very well, and it will naturally give people a sense of freshness and comfort.

    Simply put, they are transforming, and the first step is successful.

    Yao Shuwen also had to admit: "Chunqiu's courage is commendable and impressive. Not surprisingly, tonight's winners should be "Firefly" and "Homesickness."

    The netizen sprayed again: "Bah! You voted on our behalf before the song came out?"

    Yao Shuwen smiled and said nothing, saying that his song "Homesickness" is indeed a work of painstaking effort, and he has enough confidence.

    The ratings of CCTV's gala show are quite impressive. It is now in the second half, and most of the online reviews are positive.???Praise this year's conscience show is a surprise.

    Waiting for Long Duoduo to go down, it will be An Cong from Tianyuan Company.

    An Cong is 25 years old, the only male singer among the four. He has a melancholy temperament and takes a handsome and decadent route. He opened his mouth and said: "I stood outside the door and saw you in the window who have not changed over the years. We are finally old enough to talk about the future.  "

    "To be honest, this song is not bad."

    "Yao Dazui doesn't pretend to be a cultural person, it's okay when he only writes songs."

    "That's a good word. It's called homesickness, but it's actually missing you."


    Yao Shuwen shook his fan, held a small wine in one hand, and was very proud: "The circle always talks about the top three, but they don't know that Tian Yuan is the most aggressive, and the leader should give up."

    "Where is Blue Star?" The netizen asked.

    "It's not worth mentioning!"

    He took a sip of his wine and said: "Let me analyze it for you. Lan Xing's works are indeed excellent, and the style of music is also suitable for the singer. Tonight she will definitely sing a song about the moon, the ends of the earth, I miss you, you miss me."  , nothing more than this"

    Yao Shuwen smiled greasyly, and the small fan rattled vigorously.

    The party continued, and finally the host said: "The moon is even more round tonight. Even if you are thousands of miles apart, you can still see the same bright moon if you look up. This moon entrusts our thoughtsThe following is the last night of the night."  a song¡­¡­"

    Barrages flew across the live broadcast room, and there was no shortage of fragrant words:

    "What's the matter with CCTV, this kind of invitation? What's the difference between asking for traffic and competing for ratings during the Spring Festival Gala?"

    "Anyway, I don't like this kind of fluffy vulgar song!"

    "Don't like +1!"

    Seeing these barrages, Yao Shuwen smiled and said: "The Internet criticizes them as vulgar. In my opinion, they are not vulgar, but they are not elegant either. This is their characteristic, the guy who eats. You must catch them."  This kind of criticism is too difficult for a human being"

    "Yao Dazui was fine today, but he didn't overturn!"

    "Indeed, every sentence is on point."

    "I've been sleepy for a long time, I'll go to bed after watching your live broadcast, hurry up."

    The stage effect of the central stage is much stronger than that of the local stage. A bright moon rises, the silver glow pours, the sweet-scented osmanthus floats, and Qionglou Yuyu is like falling into a crystal palace.

    The title of the song was displayed on the screen: "I wish you a long time".

    The moonlight slowly condensed into a figure, dressed in a plain white dress, as gentle and elegant as ever, and opened his mouth to sing:

    "When will the bright moon appear? Ask the sky for wine"

    (and) </div&gt
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