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Text Chapter 36 Mid-Autumn Festival 3

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    Just as the first two sentences came out, the fan in Yao Shuwen's hand stopped suddenly, and his smiling expression changed slightly.

    "I don't know the palace in the sky, what year is it?"

    Hearing the second sentence, his facial muscles began to twitch again.

    "I want to take the wind to go back, but I am afraid that Qionglou Yuyu will be too cold at the heights."

    He had stopped talking at all, the hairs on the back of his neck started to stand up, and the barrage in the live broadcast room had actually decreased.

    "Dancing clear shadow, like in the world?"

    After the first half of Que sang, there was only a slap, and the fan fell to the ground.

    Yao Shuwen's plump body was slanted, leaning against the armrest of the chair, as if all his weight was on it, and the hand that was supposed to hold the fan was trembling slightly.

    He does have some ink in his stomach, but because of the ink, he understands the transcendence of these half-words more and more!  He suddenly thought of the old Liu's words: "Yi is full of majesty, the pen of the immortal"

    "A pen made by a celestial beinga pen made by a celestial being!"

    Yao Shuwen muttered in his mouth, he has always regarded himself as a romantic scholar, but at this moment, just like an idiotic scholar in ancient times, he was stunned by a wonderful poem by chance.

    At this moment, this moment, this emotion, this scene, this word and this song, it seems that they have crossed the barriers of time and space. Thousands of miles, thousands of years, and thousands of people will appreciate the beauty of the masterpiece and the beauty of words together.

    "I hope people will last forever", originally sung by Teresa Teng.

    In 1995, Wang Jingwen released a cover of Teresa Teng's album "The Voice of Fei Mi Mi", including "I hope people will last forever", "Nanhai Girl", "Seeing the Smoke Again" and so on.

    Whoever sings well is a matter of benevolence.

    Here we only talk about Miss Jun. Her control over the breath of this song is excellent. When she sings every line of the lyrics, the voice in the second half becomes softer and softer, but the vibrato is very stable.  The feeling of lingering sound.

    And the last paragraph suddenly turned heroic, which is amazing.

    Whether this poem is graceful or unrestrained is controversial.  Later, Gong Linna sang another version, abandoning gracefulness and completely turning into bold and unrestrained, which is also very flavorful.

    "Turn to Zhuge, a low-key household, and sleepless nights. There should be no hatred, so what is the long-term farewell?"

    The brilliant Qin Lang is watching, Liu Geming of Yinhe is watching, and Wei Cheng of Chunqiu is watching.

    "People have sorrows and joys, and the moon has cloudy and sunny waxes and wanes. This matter is difficult in ancient times."

    Countless netizens were watching, and countless fans of Miss Jun were watching.

    "Nung, moon and new moon¡­¡­"

    The barrage was empty at some point, like a ghost live broadcast room. When the chorus was sung and there was an interlude, the barrage was still empty.

    I don't know what to type, or just stare at the screen, for fear of disturbing this moment.

    Following the chorus for the second time, I sang "There should be no hatred, what is going to last forever", the last three words are suddenly pulled up, and it suddenly changes from graceful to bold.

    And at the end of the whole song, it is slowly withdrawn again, tenderness is like water, and lovesickness is infinite.

    "Nung, moon and new moon¡­¡­"

    Until that figure disappeared on the stage, a barrage cautiously came out: "Well, let me ask, did I just listen to a song?"

    "That's right, that's right, we are listening to music!"

    "That's good, I suddenly remembered when I was in school and recited those famous poems handed down from generation to generation."

    "Is this really the lyrics? Wasted! Wasted!"

    "Isn't it the work of some ancient god?"

    "Professional students tell you, absolutely not! This is an original song, shit! Damn! Damn!"

    "I don't think I'm well-educated, but I also think it's so beautiful!"


    Qin Lang let out a long breath, shook his head, and suffered a crushing defeat.

    Not only the lyrics are good, but the tune is also good, the interpretation is even better, everything is perfect, just for tonight's performance, it can be called perfect!

    Liu Geming remained silent, and the assistant said: "Brother Ming, I don't think it's very good. It's really not as good as what you wrote"

    "Fuck, don't be so embarrassing! I can't afford to lose!"

    Half an hour ago, Chunqiu Company, who thought it had gained a lot of limelight with "Firefly", also immediately inquired: "Have the investigation results come out?"

    "Yes, yes!"

    "About 1.12 million people voted, and 83% thought it sounded good"

    "Okay, don't read it anymore!"

    Yao Shuwen's live broadcast room was boiling again, more noisy than before.

    "I take back what I just said, Yao Dazui.If you get on the blue star, you will definitely overturn!  "

    "Plain and simple is his characteristic Hahaha, I am so funny! Cosmic face slap!"

    "Damn it, I was shocked. Is this a word that can be written in modern society?"

    Yao Shuwen looked at the barrage, unexpectedly did not respond, and silently closed the live broadcast room.


    Program group.

    Lao Liu has been watching the party. Even though he has heard it countless times, he still feels different when listening to it live.  He is more like an ancient literati than Yao Shuwen, and he clapped his hands and laughed loudly: "It's a must for Mid-Autumn Festival, so it should be clear!"

    Chief director Hong Jun ignored him and went crazy. He smiled at the enthusiasm on the Internet. Although he had a premonition that it would explode tonight, the enthusiasm of netizens' discussions far exceeded his expectations.

    After a careful search, oh, it turns out that a big boss has ended up.

    The boss' surname is Zheng, a professor of literature in Huaguo. He is humorous and down-to-earth, with strong professional ability and countless fans.  Professor Zheng posted a blog post:

    "The upper tower rises from the sky, and the entrance seems to be empty; the lower tower is layered with waves, returning to the virtual and turning to reality. Finally, the virtual and the real are intertwined, and the knot is slowly formed. The artistic conception of the whole word is bold and grand, the feelings are optimistic and open-minded, and the emotion and charm are both superior.  Magnificent!

    This kind of flower studio is the biggest surprise of the Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish I could see it, and hope to have the opportunity to visit.  "

    The bottom line echoed:

    "It really makes people climb high and look far, raise their heads and sing, transcending dust and dirt!"

    "The character is high through the ages, and it cannot be judged by ordinary tunes!"

    "The replay is released, no, no, the downloaded resources are released, I want to recite! I want to recite!"

    "I don't know if I don't read it. I was shocked when I saw it. Are there so many literature lovers on the Internet? I thought Weibo was a big shithole!"

    "To be honest, I never thought that there are so many people who like it as much as I do, happy!"

    "Haha, it is always said that the audience has low aesthetics. There are indeed many people who are like this, but it does not represent all. There are also many people who are eager to appreciate good works, but unfortunately they have no chance!"

    "You all have too high a style, and I'm not humble. Come and meet friends today by writing. I'll make a couplet first: the front is not convex, the back is not warped, and the small apron is ridiculous!"

    Someone will pick up right away:

    "Let me come to the next couplet: the body is not strong, the head is not moist, two inches, too much!"

    "Yes, yes, yes, borrow one to talk!"

    ? Netizen skill activation: Quickly crooked.

    Hong Jun looked at these comments and thought a lot. As soon as "May I Live Forever" comes out, all future Mid-Autumn Festival songs will be suspended.

    Secondly, he is very concerned about the sentence "There are also many people who are eager to appreciate good works, but unfortunately they have no chance".

    Always criticize capital manipulation, market impetuosity, and audience's poor aesthetics, always saying that this is a two-way industrial chain.  The two-way industrial chain is true, but other than that, is there nothing else?

    Yes, I have!

    This industrial chain is a closed loop, but there is still a vast world outside, but there is no money to support it, and no one will break into it.

    Central TV has money, and it has a bit of weight. The only thing that is bad is people Hong Jun looked at the contacts in his mobile phone¡ªBlue Star Company, it might be an excellent match.  </div&gt
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