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Text Chapter 37 Consummation

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    "60 million likes!"

    Zhang Yue cheered happily in the fan group, and the discussion was in full swing.

    "Yang's mother is Yang's mother, and her influence is too great."

    "It's obviously Miss Jun's bull!"

    "Both bulls are bulls!"

    "I've been watching Yao Shuwen's live broadcast, haha, that idiot finally got speechless and downcast This time, who dares to say Miss Jun's singing!"

    "There are still some, after all, idiots can't kill them all."

    With that said, this group friend sent a screenshot:

    "Am I the only one who thinks it's normal? I really can't stand the old-fashioned songs nowadays. When the moon comes, I ask the wine to the sky, and then I don't know the palace in the sky It's all based on rhetoric, hypocritical and incomprehensible, rubbish!  "


    There was a silence like a downtime in the group. After a while, Zhang Yue said weakly: "Forget it, we are normal people, and we don't have the general knowledge of having a serious brain disease."

    However, those who have gone to school and read books dare not say everything, at least a large number of people resonate with the beauty of words.

    Even if you haven¡¯t read this poem before, you will feel the same when you come across sentences such as ¡°The small building listens to the spring rain all night, and the deep alley sells apricot flowers in the Ming Dynasty¡±, ¡°When you¡¯re drunk, you don¡¯t know the sky is in the water, and the boat is full of clear dreams pressing the stars¡±.  Incomparably beautiful.

    The same is true of "May I Live Long", in which the audience achieved a resonance effect.


    Inside the club.

    Zhuang Zhou and A Yuan's mobile phones were about to explode, and they were all talking about broadcasting rights, platforms, cooperation, business activities, etc., and the two had no time to pay attention.

    Although the party is over, the Mid-Autumn Festival night in the community has just begun.

    The club can't accommodate too many people, but the live broadcast is filmed in real time, and residents can see it at home.

    Tianhai City is the largest city in the southeast, but due to war, reconstruction and other reasons, there are a large number of outsiders living in it, especially in the stacked building area.

    Zhuang Zhou saw it tonight:

    Master Qian is actually from the capital, and he came to Duan Kuaiban; Uncle Lu is from Jingu, and he talked about a cross talk; there are also a few aunts from the Northeast, good guy, and the big Yangko is twisted

    A Yuan huddled in the waiting area, shivering.

    The next one is their sketch.

    "It's okay, it's not a serious performance, everyone is lively, and no one will laugh at you if you make mistakes."

    "I regret it, I regret agreeing to you, umit's too embarrassing!"

    She moaned and almost cried: "You still asked me to play this role, why didn't you do it?"

    "You can act effectively, hey"

    Zhuang Zhou patted her head and said: "If you think about it this way, everyone has helped us a lot. We should give back to others when we put on a show."

    After the yangko dance over there was over, Master Qian announced: "The next program is a sketch, welcome to Xiaozhuang and Xiaoyuan with applause, and bring us "Pepper Noodles"!"

    "Wow, boom!"

    The grandpa and aunt were very excited, and they all stretched their necks to look at the stage.

    There is a table and two chairs on the stage, very old style.  Zhuang Zhou is not nervous at all, just play!  He was wearing a specially bought suit, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and was carrying an old leather bag that he borrowed from Master Qian.

    Come up and shout: "Comrade, two taels of wonton!"

    The waiter who played a guest role of Da Ma came over, and Zhuang Zhou gave an old banknote. Because of the different background, it must be deleted and revised, and the general content has not changed.

    He wanted to finish the wontons, took out the toilet paper from his bag, wiped the table, the chairs, and even the chair legs.  In the end, I looked around, pretending to be casual, and threw the waste paper under the table

    "Ha ha!"

    Grandpa and Aunt let out a chuckle, and in just a few actions, the character stood up.

    When the wontons were on the table, Zhuang Zhou took out his spoon and pepper noodles, and began to perform without real objects.  He has never studied acting, he has a lot of theoretical experience, but he has a relaxed mind and looks good.

    As the saying goes, I am shameless and invincible.

    Immediately afterwards, A Yuan appeared on the stage.


    "Ha ha!"

    The audience roared with laughter, and the child came out with steps that his six relatives did not recognize, wearing a ragged cotton jacket, cotton trousers, and a cotton hat.  This is borrowed from the oldest old man in the community, in his 90s.

    A Yuan stood still, and when she raised her head, the hat was too big to buckle down, and her eyes were gone. She rolled it up again and shouted: "One catty of wontons!"


    A very large bowl was served, and Zhuang Zhou's smallThe bowls are in stark contrast.

    There is no physical performance following A Yuan.

    I ate a wonton first, and it was obviously scalded, and my mouth said, "Oh ah ah"

    Then he picked up another one and pretended to blow: "Huhhuh"

    Zhuang Zhou stared at her, his two little ears turned red visible to the naked eye, which showed how much shame the little girl was bearing in her heart, and now he only hoped that she would survive and not give up.

    The point of contradiction in the sketch is the pepper noodles, which Zhuang Zhou brought himself, but the other party thought it was shared by the restaurant, so you fought over it.


    You bring it!


    You bring it!

    A Yuan Ka Ka Ka is just pouring pepper noodles, especially when she twisted Zhuang Zhou's arm and poured it into the bowl, the little person, there is a tall man over there, and the comedy effect is further enhanced.


    Zhuang Zhou slammed the table and pulled his clothes. Ah Yuan thought he was going to fight, so he stood up.

    Seeing Zhuang Zhou taking off his suit jacket, he became anxious and ripped off his ragged cotton jacket a few times.

    Chen Xiaoer was shirtless, of course Ah Yuan couldn't be shirtless, but he was wearing a ragged cotton jacket underneath, and the matryoshka effect was amazing.  In addition, she threw off her hat and began to dance and dance like Mongolian wrestling

    "Ha ha ha ha!"

    "The two kids are so funny! I laughed so hard!"

    Uncle and aunt were happy, but Zhuang Zhou saw that A Yuan's face was extremely red, and he was also nervous to the extreme. He stumbled and fell down.


    Grandpa and aunt were startled, and there were still some people who had to go up to help.  Zhuang Zhou was also a little confused, and saw the little girl get up quickly, lowered her head, covered her face, and ran away in a hurry.

    When it's over, it's time to drop the pick.

    He quickly waved his hand and quickly chased him out.

    Outside the club, the moon is full tonight, and Ah Yuan is squatting on the edge of the flower pond, sobbing.  He leaned over, squatted opposite her, and said carefully, "Are you okay?"

    "go away!"


    "Get out!"

    She raised her head with tears in her eyes: "You will cheat me, it's too embarrassing, woo woo woo"

    "Oh, it's okay, no one is laughing at you."

    "I don't want to hear you talk!"

    "No one is going to laugh at you, everyone likes it! Didn't we agree to give this show as a gift to everyone? Now that we're running away, what do you ask Lord Qian and the others to do? Are you still holding the event?"

    "But how can I act, I, I fell"

    Ah Yuan burst into tears and sniveled.

    Zhuang Zhou wiped her face and said: "Keep acting, it's not that you can't stand up after falling, if you really think they are laughing at you, then you really don't understand everyone."

    Anyway, after all, A Yuan is sensible, so he went back with him awkwardly.

    As soon as he entered the door, Zhuang Zhou waved his hands to stir up the atmosphere. Mr. Qian was the smartest, and he shouted first: "Okay!"

    Everyone also reacted and applauded loudly.

    "Xiao Yuan is fine, how well you acted just now!"

    "Keep going, we love watching!"

    "Come on Xiaoyuan!"

    The atmosphere group was very considerate, A Yuan pursed his lips, ran to the stage again, and continued to perform.

    Zhuang Zhou couldn't eat anymore, so he got up to tidy up, put the empty pepper noodle bottle and spoon into his bag, and shook his head to show that I don't care about people like you!

    A Yuan only thought he was stealing, yelled a few times, and slipped away with the big bowl in his arms.

    "Wow, boom!"

    "Not bad, really good!"

    "Xiao Zhuang is really talented, and this sketch won't be too much for the Spring Festival Gala."

    In short, the uncle and aunt were happy, and the two of them were also happy. When the event was over, they talked and left in twos and threes.

    The two walked back, and the moon in the sky happened to be exposed from the dense buildings, bright and pure.  Ah Yuan regained his emotions, his crying eyes became brighter, and he stared at the moon in a trance.

    Turning his head for the last time, he found that the man was looking at him and smiling.


    She hurriedly pretended to scratch her head, and took the opportunity to mess up her hair to cover her face.

    Zhuang Zhou pushed her hair back, and she messed it up, and then, and then messed it up again, and finally ran away and went upstairs

    He curled his lips and looked at the bright moon. Up to this moment, the Mid-Autumn Festival is considered complete.

    (and) </div&gt
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