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Main Text Chapter Thirty-Eight Sleep More

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    2021, Rongcheng.

    ? The Ninth China Network Audiovisual Conference is being held.

    The conference was of very high standard, hosted by China Radio and Television and the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, and attended by industry giants.  Today is a free forum event, the host first said:

    "As of December 2020, my country's online audio-visual users have reached 944 million, and the pan-market size has exceeded 600 billion.

    In such a huge market, there are various projects included, and several outstanding representatives in the industry are here today, let me introduce"

    "This is Wang Li, vice president of Goose Factory!"

    "This is the famous director and producer Tang Jili!"

    "This is Yang Hua, Vice President of Qiyi Video!"

    There were several people in total, and they introduced them all, and the host said again: "Let's talk about online movies first. In 2020, a total of 784 online movies will be launched on various platforms, of which 79 will break the ten million mark.

    And the revenue shared by film studios is nearly 1.4 billion yuan, reaching 21% of the box office revenue shared by film studios in the theater film market in 2020.  This is quite a large proportion. What do you guys think about the prospect of online movies?  "

    "First of all, let me correct it. The film market was not in a normal state due to the impact of the epidemic last year, so 21% must have moisture. Of course, in the market of Wangda, it is indeed a very fast growth."

    The representative of Goose Factory said: "The three major platforms of Qiyi, Goose Factory and Youku account for 95% of the total number of online broadcasts. Relatively speaking, the average effective playback of Goose Factory is relatively high.

    At present, themes such as action, suspense, and comedy occupy half of the country.  But Wangda has entered a high-speed development track, and the types will definitely increase gradually.

    Like science fiction, realism, and female themes, they all have a large audience.  I personally think that sci-fi will be more prominent, but sci-fi is also the most difficult to do, you have to consider how to let the audience get the essence of the movie in a 90-minute small screen"

    "I agree with this point of view. Action films and sci-fi films are types that are easier to communicate globally. If our projects can sell well on overseas online platforms, it will be better for the development of Chinese film prospects."

    As soon as the representative of Goose Factory finished speaking, Tang Jili spoke up.

    He was originally in the martial arts class, and he was in the family class. He has filmed "Red Fan District", "Thunder Men" and "Myth", and he has often cooperated with Cheng Long.  There have been no good works for many years.

    Followed by the speech was the president of Netflix. This Netflix is ??not like Netflix. The president is quite famous. He used to be the host of Beijing TV. His name was Li Kun. After he resigned, he established the company.

    "Just now Director Tang mentioned the overseas market. I agree with it very much, but I think the local market should be well developed at present.

    For example, there is a label under Netflix called Rabbit Hole, which has been making online movies.  For example, "Legend of the Xing'an Mountain Hunter" is well known at the box office. We got a share of 40 million, which is the highest in NetU.

    But I believe that this record will soon be broken, whether in theaters or on the Internet, our box office ceiling will become higher and higher.  "

    "Online film and television has small investment, short cycle, high rate of return, and bolder content, while the traditional film and television industry is too risky, with loose and irregular industry standards and a long payment cycle"

    The representative of Qiyi also said: "If online film and television can continue to develop healthily, it can completely compete with traditional film and television."

    "Then do you think online film and television will replace traditional film and television?" the host asked.

    "This issue is too complicated and involves many aspects."

    The representative of Qiyi laughed, and the representative of ByteDance also shrugged subtly.

    At the beginning of last year, Xu Guangtou's "‡åMom" was scheduled for the Spring Festival, but the epidemic broke out and all theaters were wiped out.  Xu Guangtou decisively sold "‡åMom" to Bytedance for 630 million.

    As a result, it was collectively protested by the film and television industry.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. No one dares to touch the conflict of interests behind it, just like Netflix was boycotted by Hollywood.

    After chatting about online film and television for a while, the host said again: "Since 2018, the virtual market has exploded in China. In addition to the virtual two-dimensional image, some virtual entertainment content is also constantly produced.

    There are nearly 400 million people across the country who are paying attention to virtual idols.

    It can be roughly divided into two categories, one is mainly two-dimensional singers such as Hatsune and Luo Tianyi.  A real person tending toward digital 3d.

    I would like to invite some of you to share your views on virtual idols and the online audio-visual industry"

    The representative of Qiyi said: "People who don't pay attention may feel that they are far away from themselves, but let me tell you that virtual idols and related industries are already a global trend.

    In China alone, the virtual idol market is estimated to reach 200 billion!

    In the first half of last year, b???There are more than 4,000 virtual anchors broadcasting every month.  Does Luo Tianyi know?  The pit fee for a live broadcast on a certain treasure is 900,000 yuan, which is far more than Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi, and she even sang on CCTV.

    There is a virtual model abroad, named lil miquela, with an annual income of 76 million!

    So don't think this thing is sci-fi, it will become more and more popular.

    Fantastic Art is already doing it, like last year's virtual idol talent show "Interdimensional Rising Star", which is a test of the water.  We also launched the VR movie "Killing the Big Star", which won the "Best VR Feature Film" award at the 77th Venice Film Festival.

    This is the first vr work from the mainland to win an award at a category A film festival!  "

    The representative of Qiyi boasted for a long time, and finally finished, another person said: "In fact, the development of the film and television industry is inseparable from technology. How could we imagine the special effects of today's movies 30 years ago?

    A virtual idol, let's look at it from another angle, isn't it the Hulk in Marvel movies?  Isn't that Gollum from The Lord of the Rings?  Isn't it the queen in "Frozen"?

    It's just that we make it a separate category of industry.

    Big factories have already entered the game, such as Ali, Goose Factory, Baidu, Byte, Netease, etc., the big dog of "Onmyoji" knows it?  Everyone has endorsed Toyota, and even held a concert.

    ?Virtual idols can be used in animation, games, film and television, live streaming, fashion circles, etc. It can expand the current audio-visual boundaries and make the market broader.  "

    After several content platforms finished talking, a technology company finally spoke, and he was very honest:

    "Currently we are in the era of virtual idols, or the 1.0 era of the digital economy, and what we do is industry plus virtual.

    In the second stage, it should be virtual plus industry.  When the virtual really becomes the protagonist, it will have a larger market space.  And we have been researching a very simple virtual human production platform"

    "Can you explain it?" the host said.

    "It's like pinching your face in a game."

    "Oh, I get it."

    "This will reduce the production cost and technical difficulty of virtual humans to a level acceptable to ordinary consumers. This is our vision."

    After chatting for a long time, the host concluded: "Thank you for your wonderful speeches today. I hope our audio-visual industry will get better and better, and the technology will be more and more advanced. Thank you!"


    The day after the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    Zhuang Zhou opened his eyes in a daze, and saw that it was only past five o'clock.

    He turned over and slept for a while.  </div&gt
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