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Text Chapter 40 Customized Services

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    Lu Yiyi asked the leader to study "Hitch the Wrong Car", and soon received a special song for veterans from Zhuang Zhou.

    The army has its own songwriters, who specialize in writing some military songs and main theme songs, and rarely use outside ones, but that doesn't mean they can't be used.

    He thought it was great after hearing it, and sent it to Xiao Zheng, a propagandist of a certain army.

    Tianhai City is the largest city in the southeast, and there are many open and secret troops stationed there. It used to be November and December, but now the policy has changed to August and September.

    It's the retirement season.

    It is the most depressing time for Xiao Zheng every year.

    The first time I sent a veteran away, he had just joined the army and didn't understand anything. He just remembered that the radio had been playing songs since five o'clock in the morning.

    At that time, he was in charge of taking pictures. On the playground, he saw those veterans wearing military uniforms without epaulettes, military caps without cap badges, and carrying backpacks that were still square, lined up neatly waiting to board the car and leave for some reason  Suddenly, they cried together.

    Since then, he has to cry every year.

    But this year is better, he doesn't have to go to the playground, he is sitting in the radio station, reciting a manuscript affectionately:

    "When you should bid farewell to the military flag, leave the army with honor, and are about to embark on a long-distance journey, leave the beautiful military camp and the comrades-in-arms who have been with each other day and night, and go to a new post"

    After reading it again, I started to sing again, those few songs over and over again.

    All right for the time being, I suddenly remembered what Lu Yiyi had sent, but I hadn't listened to it yet.  Due to his work needs, he could access the Internet, so he put on headphones and played it for a try.


    Xiao Zheng cried again.

    He wiped away his tears, sat for a while, and then asked his leader

    At the same time, on the empty playground.

    ? This group of more than a dozen veterans stood neatly. They had already gone through the previous procedures, read out the military retirement order, and were proceeding with the title removal ceremony.

    "Pick up the rank!"

    With an order from the instructor, the comrades staying in the team face to face, and remove the epaulets, hat badges and collar flowers for the veterans.

    "Dai Guangrong Flower!"

    Another one put on big red flowers.

    Before veterans leave the army, they basically just drink, take a walk, and walk around the inside and outside of the barracks.  The instructor knows it well, but never cares.

    They made an appointment, and no one is allowed to cry today.

    "When you enter the company, you will always be a company. We will always remember that you will always be a company!"

    The veterans saluted Lian Qi. Although everyone's eyes were red, they really followed the agreement and no one cried.

    The instructor has experienced it many times. Every time when the veterans are sent away, I am actually the saddest, and I am also suppressing my emotions. Just about to say a few words, a melody suddenly came out from the radio.

    Immediately afterwards, a voice full of the desolation and heroism of the Northwest sounded: "Send off comrades, embark on a journey, and cry silently"


    Everyone was surprised at first, because they had never heard of it before, but listening to it, it was like a needle piercing a balloon, bang!

    "Comrade comrades, dear brothers, beware of the northern wind and cold in the middle of the night, take care all the way!"

    "Comrade-in-arms, comrade-in-arms, dear brother, we will meet again when the good news comes from the spring breeze"

    Anyone who has been in the army knows that if you join the army, you don¡¯t listen to "Green Flowers in the Army", and when you leave the army, you don't listen to "Camel Bell".

    The instructor looked at the familiar faces, from being sad to being uncontrollable, to the unscrupulous seven-foot man crying bitterly.

    His tears also fell down in a flash.

    At the broadcasting station, Xiao Zheng was still beautiful in the room, when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps, the political commissar came in, and he kicked when he came up.

    Xiao Zheng was confused, and saw the other party yelling: "Who told you to play it? Who told you to play it? What kind of broken song is this? Can this be played in the barracks! Do you know how much it hurts morale? Do you know how much it hurts morale?"  have no idea¡­¡­"

    The political commissar suddenly couldn't go on cursing anymore, because his eye circles were also red

    Xiao Zheng was almost punished.

    The publicity officer who agreed to his singing was also almost punished.

    The army contacted the TV station, and Lu Yiyi was ready to make a speech: "Didn't I make a TV film before, this is not only about retiring from the army, but also combined with the city's resettlement policy and veterans' self-employment assistance.

    Now I am doing the post-production, I want to match this song with the part of the army, so I will pass it on to Xiao Zheng, blame me, blame me, blame me for this!  "

    It is not easy for the troops to say anything.

    ?But the matter got out, and the more it spread, the more outrageous it became. It is said that the retirement ceremony of a certain departmentsp; "Let's put it down, as we all know, people generally don't participate in activities. Hey, the other stars of Blue Star are also good, should we try?"

    ""You Will Win If You Fight Hard"? Come on, we will die laughing."

    "I mean "The League of Broken Lovers."

    "That's all out of date."

    "It's cheap!"

    Chen Xiao had no choice but to bow to poverty.

    Ever since, the two sent an invitation letter to Lanxing, asking Grasshopper to perform.

    The efficiency over there was very fast, and they returned within a few minutes. Unexpectedly, they declined, but said that another singer in the company was very suitable for this kind of party, and the cost was not high.

    The two were puzzled, and the other said: "He is a newcomer."

    "It's too arrogant!"

    Chen Xiao was a little angry: "Even if our university is close, it's not something a newcomer can dismiss! Forget it, forget it, don't look for it, save some money and give everyone benefits."

    "Anyway, let's have a look first, before we talk about it."

    Zhang Dingcheng persuaded, the two sides discussed it, and Blue Star made a sample as quickly as possible and sent it over.


    Chen Xiao fell silent after listening, and said, "That's good, but will it be too sad to sing this at the New Year's Eve party?"

    "I think it's very appropriate. There are not only freshmen, but also so many old students, especially those who are graduating soon. And I think no matter whether freshmen or old students, they should like this song."

    "Is that settled?"

    "It's decided! Let's make a bargain."

    The appearance fee for newcomers is very cheap, and campus activities are even cheaper, tens of thousands of dollars can be won.  But they were too poor, so they asked embarrassingly: "Our funds are really limited, can we offer a little more discount?"

    "How much do you want to give?"

    "Uh, how about 20,000 yuan?"

    Lan Xing didn't answer for a while, just when the two thought it was a joke, they said again: "It's free, the song will be played on the public screen of your campus for a month, at least once a day."


    The two were not stupid, and immediately bargained: "One week at most."

    "Twenty days!"

    "Ten days!"

    "Okay, but I'll give you a copy of the guitar score, and you have to post it on the school forum."

    "make a deal!"

    The two agreed, then scratched their heads, Chen Xiao asked, "Why did he ask us to send out guitar notation?"

    "Do you think that college students in this era are still playing guitar?" Zhang Dingcheng also wondered.

    "No way, no way? Who is so old-fashioned now"

    "Whatever, it's free! ?
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