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Text Chapter 41: The Outside World 1

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    Tianhai University, dormitory.

    At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, Jiang Chao woke up from his sleep, full of fatigue from staying up all night playing games.  He is 22 years old and a senior in college, but regardless of his physical or mental state, he is aging ahead of schedule and has no passion at all.

    Yes, what's the use of passion?

    Who said that being young means being youthful?

    My family background is average, my university is average, my skills are average, my appearance is average, and even my size is average

    In this highly intelligent society, if you want to find a good job, you have to have more outstanding business capabilities than before, otherwise you can only hang out in the middle and lower classes, or even go to remote areas for construction.

    It's not that the construction is not good, Jiang Chao knows that the country needs all kinds of basic talents, but I should not be the candidate, because it is too hard!

    This is a contradiction!

    On the one hand, young people are full of hope for the future of the country, and on the other hand, they are full of pessimism about their personal prospects Jiang Chao lay flat on the bed, thinking about life briefly before he was hungry.

    Then look at your roommates.

    There are four people in the dormitory, one is not here, one is still sleeping, and the other is already up, continuing to fight for the game career.

    Wearing headphones and controlling the touch screen of the holographic projection, it is a shooting game. The screen explodes with explosions, and the flames are soaring into the sky. It is very lively to watch.

    Jiang Chao suddenly felt a sense of superiority. He knew that this guy who played games was worse than himself!


    The door was pushed open, and the roommate who went out came back.  Jiang Chao asked casually: "Going to open a room again?"

    "Hey, freshman girls are just so easy to coax. Last night, the front was convex and the back was warped. The winding path leads to seclusion, tsk tsk!"


    Jiang Chao didn't want to talk to him for a moment, the other party stood at the top of the food chain in the dormitory, and it was nothing, just rich.

    The roommate hurriedly changed into a suit of clothes, and said: "I will host the welcome party tonight, and I have reserved a good seat for you, remember to go."


    Jiang Chao pouted at the other two, meaning they didn't?

    The roommates glanced disdainfully, one was still sleeping, the other was engrossed in playing the game, and said directly: "One is better than the other, you still have a bit of fighting spirit anyway, work hard boy!"

    "Ha, thank you! But I'm about to lose my will to strive. What's the use of hard work? I'm ready to sell and sing on the street."

    "Then what do you want? Do you expect the house price to be low? You can find a job anywhere? No pressure at all? As long as the girl you like, you will agree as soon as you pursue it"

    The roommate couldn't believe it: "No way?"



    Jiang Chao was stabbed several times, but he didn't even have the desire to argue, and continued to lie flat.

    At about 5 o'clock, he got up so hungry that he couldn't take it anymore, washed up, after all, he was attending a party, and it was rare to change into clean clothes. Before going out, he glanced at the guitar hanging by the bed.

    This is my only hobby. I learned it from my father when I was young, and I brought it here to play in college, but I was laughed at.


    "Middle-aged man!"

    "Who still plays the guitar now?"

    He couldn't bear to lose face, so he just hung there to collect ashes.

    ? I went out to look for a meal, and it was night in the blink of an eye, as if I hadn't done anything for a day and it was almost over.

    The students walked towards the stadium in twos and threes. The old students were idle and bored, and the freshmen were full of interest. Jiang Chao also followed.  In fact, the stadium is not bad, it has everything you need, but compared with other super luxurious gymnasiums, it is very rural.

    Gongs and drums are blaring, pennants are flying, and the soil is booming.

    Jiang Chao found a roommate and was arranged in the row of seats with the best view. He waited for the start while playing with his mobile phone.

    No way, he has lost the desire to pursue, because he knows it is impossible.

    After sitting for a while, the party started, and it was as expected, cheap and cheap.  Only the new students were buzzing and screaming, and the old students were getting better and better.

    Halfway through the performance, the host announced: "The following is the only celebrity guest tonight, from Blue Star Entertainment"


    Hearing this, everyone became interested, but the host said again: "Students definitely hope to hear "May I Live Long", but it's a pitybut we have invited another singer from Blue Star.  It's the first time"


    The students booed in response, it was clear that they did not have the money to hire a big name, so they hired a newcomer to fool them.

    The lights in the audience are dimmed, and the lights are on on the stage.??Live performances require a device that allows people to see holographic projections with the naked eye. This technology is already very mature.

    A young man appears on stage with a chair.

    He was sitting on it, hugging the guitar, with a rebellious and handsome face, unrestrained long hair, plucking the strings, and after a very nice guitar prelude, a clear and sad voice sounded:

    "A long, long time ago, you owned me and I owned you. A long, long time ago, you left me to soar in the sky"

    Jiang Chao had already put down his mobile phone and raised his head. He can play the guitar, as if he can understand the moving melody better.

    The huge stadium gradually quieted down. The students hadn't seen such a clean concert scene for a long time, with a guitar for each person and a good song.

    "The outside world is wonderful, but the outside world is very helpless. When you think the outside world is wonderful, I will sincerely bless you here"

    Different people will hear different flavors of this song.

    Wanderers who are working hard in the distance, lovers who are separated from the two places, and friends who are about to part, all are fine.

    Among the students, the freshmen bid farewell to high school and came to the long-awaited university; the old students, under the pressure of life, ended their best youth, and are about to go out to make a living

    "Whenever the sun goes down, I always look forward to you here. Although it is raining in the sky, I still wait for your return date"

    Qi Qin, "The Outside World".

    He encountered many troubles in his youth. He was once sent to a juvenile reformatory for fighting after drinking, and he was depressed in a desolate environment every day.  The only consolation is her sister Qiyu's weekly visits.

    Qi Yu used his prize money from participating in the singing competition to give his younger brother a guitar.

    Combining the state of mind at that time, Qi Qin wrote the song "The Outside World".  The stories behind many works are not as beautiful as imagined, but it doesn't matter

    "The outside world is wonderful, but the outside world is helpless"

    Jiang Chao suddenly felt that the simple two lines of lyrics matched his mood like never before.

    He looked at the goddess of flowers next to him, who was humming softly to the melody; he also looked at the rich second-generation roommate not far away, and there was a rare hint of complexity.

    "This guy is so handsome playing the guitar!"

    The goddess suddenly said to herself, and Jiang Chao answered subconsciously: "Well, the melody of this song is very suitable for guitar expression."

    "Can you play the guitar?" the goddess was curious.

    "know a little."


    The goddess elongated her tone, seeming to be looking forward to it, Jiang Chao swallowed, but still controlled it, and did not answer.  The goddess didn't care, and continued to listen to the song.

    The short question and answer, just like his college career, flowed like water

    He has self-knowledge and doesn't want to be a licking dog.

    (Also ?
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