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Text Chapter 42: The Outside World 2

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    For mainland audiences, Qi Qin has far-reaching significance.

    Before him, everyone had never heard such a male voice.  Lu Gengxu listened to "The Outer World" and began to practice the piano. Zhang Yadong took the train to Beijing overnight to watch his concert. Li Jian's early singing was deeply influenced by him

    In 1991, Qi Qin held a concert in Beijing Gongti. The staff accidentally kicked off the wire, and the whole venue was pitch black. The audience sang in unison, folded the program list into paper airplanes, and flew all over the sky.

    This is one of the most classic concerts in mainland China.

    "A long, long time ago, you owned me and I owned you"

    "The outside world is wonderful, but the outside world is helpless"

    After the welcome party, the melody of this song wafted everywhere on the campus of Tianhai University.  There are many public screens in the school, and even showing them once a day is enough to have a big impact.

    The campus has always been the main dumping ground for popular songs.

    Blue Star launched two newcomers at once, but unlike Dao Lang, Qi Qin was soon invited by the TV station to make his official debut, singing the song "The Outside World".

    Jiang Chao felt that he was possessed, and suddenly found a goal when he was about to graduate, although it was not a big goal - to practice this song well.

    "Achao is here to form a team, we need someone!"


    Jiang Chao hugged the guitar without raising his head: "You guys play, I can practice the piano."

    "Damn, you're crazy these days!"

    The two roommates couldn't understand it, so they put on their headphones and started playing.

    They did not go to the autumn recruitment, nor did they submit their resumes, and they were ready to go back to their hometown.  In my hometown, I have parents and relationships, so finding a stable job is not a problem.


    The rich second-generation roommate came back from the house again, and was quite impressed when he saw Jiang Chao: "You really paid attention this time."

    "I don't know why, but I just like this song."

    "It's really good, how are you doing?"


    Jiang Chao played a short section, and his roommate nodded: "Yes, you should play under the lover tree."

    After finishing speaking, he saw him standing up, and said in surprise, "Are you really going? Are you not afraid of embarrassment?"

    "When did playing guitar in college become a shame?"

    Jiang Chao left without saying a word, carrying the guitar on his back.

    Along the way, it attracted countless attention, and many people laughed at it, just like seeing a person of the same age using an old bar computer in today's popularization of smart phones.

    There will be a sense of contempt involuntarily.

    Similarly, in Huaguo, where VR is everything, many behaviors and emotions based on people themselves have been weakened.

    There is a large lawn on the campus, planted with a tree that has been around for a long time. It survived the war by chance. It was a holy place for confession a few years ago, so it is called the lover tree.

    In the dusk of autumn, it turns warm and cold.

    Jiang Chao came under the tree with a spirit of generosity, sat on the ground, and took a few deep breaths in the face of the students who stopped one after another, as well as the surprised and teasing eyes.

    I just like playing the guitar, what's wrong?

    I just like playing the guitar, what's wrong?  !  !

    Dad said that when he was in college, he went to the playground every night, which was more lively than during the day. Female classmates who ran at night in twos, boys sitting on the steps playing the harmonica, young couples frolicking and clapping their hands, and the playground was brightly lit.  

    Jiang Chao has always envied that kind of youth.

    Regardless of his attention, he lowered his head and plucked the strings, and began to play and sing by himself: "A long time ago"

    After the first sentence, he completely let go of the burden, so that's how it feels!

    The students are also very curious. Now that there are no vagabond singers, if you have the skills to be a vagabond, it is better to be a virtual idol and lose money.

    "Although it is raining in the sky, I am still waiting for your return date"

    After singing a song, Jiang Chao was refreshed, and looked up again. Many people watched the whole process, and some clapped their hands.  A girl shouted at him: "Warrior, you are so handsome and rustic!"


    "My grandpa told the story, playing the guitar well and having priority mating rights for the next four years."

    Whether it was encouragement or ridicule, Jiang Chao didn't care, maybe as his roommate said, he still retained a little fighting spirit.

    And at this moment, he really felt a little burning.

    Jiang Chao sat down on the bench, took out his mobile phone, and found a job posting.


    after one day.

    The bus entersOn the platform, Jiang Chao jumped out of the car and looked at the steel forest in front of him.

    I don't feel much, because my hometown is also in the stacked area, in the far north.  When he walked into it, the sun suddenly dimmed, and the densely packed buildings felt a sense of intimacy.

    After inquiring about the location of Blue Star Company, I found the club.

    It is only a small house, which looks very simple from the outside.  He was a little hesitant, wondering if it was right for him to be impulsive, but at this moment, the door opened, and a head poked out:

    "Are you here for the interview?"

    "Uh, yes."

    "Come in."

    A Yuan is very excited today. It has been a while since the recruitment has been sent out, but people have ignored him when they see that they are working in a stacked building.  Today is the first one, and she deliberately wore formal clothes.

    And when Jiang Chao entered the room and took a look, he felt cold again, what a mess!

    "I am the assistant to the general manager. My surname is Yuan. This is Mr. Zhuang."

    A Yuan made a decent introduction, Jiang Chao was dumbfounded: just two people?

    He wanted to leave for a moment, so he sat down because of his feelings, and looked at this Mr. Zhuang.

    Zhuang Zhou also looked at the other party. He was slightly fat, simple-minded, with a hint of shrewdness in his eyes occasionally. He was a very ordinary college student, and said with a smile:

    "There is no process, let's start directly. You are majoring in media, which is the perfect match, but I am curious, why do you want to work in Blue Star?"

    "I love your songs, especially 'The Outer Worlds'. It might be hypocritical to say that, but it really hit me, so I wanted to join you guys."

    "If you don't come to apply, what is your career plan?"

    "I don't mean to offend. To be honest, my school and major are not very good, so I can't talk about planning."

    "Then how do you feel now, are you disappointed?"

    Seeing that he hesitated and refused to answer, Zhuang Zhou smiled and said: "Let's not talk about boasting, our strength is obvious to all. If you haven't graduated yet, you can do an internship first. After all, job hunting is a two-way street."


    Jiang Chao hesitated, then slapped his head and reacted abruptly.


    I said that I felt almost something, planting flowers studio!

    This mysterious team was frantically sought out by the industry, but they kept it secret and only provided content to Blue Star.  Blue Star must have a close relationship with Flower Planting Studio, so we can't take it lightly

    Maybe these two people are deliberately released under the guise, and there is a huge creative team of geniuses behind them!

    After finishing his thinking, he nodded again and again: "I am willing to practice here, and I can come here when I have nothing to do."

    "Well, if you haven't graduated yet, your salary will be based on transportation, board and lodging subsidies, and it will definitely be lower."

    "It's okay, I accept."

    "When can I go to work?"

    "It can be done the day after tomorrow."


    Zhuang Zhou shook hands with him: "Looking forward to working together in the future, let's work together."

    A Yuan is also serious, imitating the example: "Come on together!" </div&gt
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