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Text Chapter 43 Production 1

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    "A Chao, sweep the floor!"

    "A Chao, wipe the table!"

    "A Chao, go buy some food!"

    After Jiang Chao joined the team, he was ordered around by A Yuan, and he couldn't refuse to a cute little girl.

    The urban area is not too far from the stacked building. He came by bus in the morning and left by bus in the evening.  But Zhuang Zhou promised that once he graduates and both parties are satisfied, he will definitely provide a dormitory.

    Now Jiang Chao is responsible for maintaining the accounts of his artists, including Junjie, Grasshopper, Dirty Demon King, Dao Lang, and Qi Qin. He is a media student after all, so he can easily understand the company's intentions.

    Create a legend, layered and divided into files!

    Miss Jun currently has four songs, "I Only Care About You", "Sweet Honey", "Walking on the Road of Life", and "I Hope People Live Long". There are also four songs for Grasshopper, two for the Demon King, and one for each of the other two.

    Most of them are high-quality goods, which makes Jiang Chao infinitely yearn for the flower planting studio.

    It's a pity that Zhuang Zhou didn't intend to let him get in touch. This buddy secretly made up his mind that he must perform well, win the favor of the boss, and see Huahua Studio in the future!

    After several days of observation, I thought that Zhuang was always a cover, but he was quite talented.

    He saw with his own eyes that Mr. Zhuang was writing the script "Hitch the Wrong Car", and he was inspired like a spring, and he wrote like a god, and he couldn't help being amazed-the big suture monster!  Just change it, of course it will be fast.

    This morning.

    Jiang Chao was posting on Weibo, when he suddenly saw a person coming in from outside, he was white and fat, he was taken aback when he saw him, and asked, "Are you a new employee?"

    "Hello, I'm an intern."

    "Oh, come on!"

    The fat man is naturally Lu Yiyi, and he raised his voice loudly: "Brother Zhuang, I'm here! This time I have to stay for a while, and I can only leave after I have a connection with you."

    "Well, come and sit."

    The space is small, so a sofa and a coffee table are set aside as the reception area.  His buttocks sank, the sofa creaked, and he said: "Your condition, the stage basically agrees, and I have read the script, and I am very satisfied.

    Now it's time to decide on actors, and then discuss the creative style, performance style, etc.  "

    "What did the actor say?"

    "I'll bring a few, take a look."

    Zhuang Zhou called A Yuan and Jiang Chao together, and Lu Yiyi clicked on the phone, showing several characters.  The first one is a little girl, with big eyes and a little timidity, looking very hurt.

    "This is Ami when she was a child. We think it should be cute and pitiful. The old grandma will take the initiative to give sugar when she sees it. Then this is her image change as she grows up"

    He clicked on a few more, and the facial features were similar, except that they were a little older.


    Zhuang Zhou agreed, sighing in his heart, there is nothing to say about this technology, the gradual sense of age is very natural.  Unlike some live-action dramas, when I was a child and when I was an adult, I was completely different.

    "There is also Ami's high school period, college period, and after graduation"

    "That's unnecessary. Although the women's university has changed in eighteen years, you have made it too detailed. It seems that there are fine-tuning every year, which is unnatural. You should make a face that can accommodate both big and small. You can play both a girl and a girl."  youth."

    Zhuang Zhou turned on his computer and found the material library.

    He modeled the stars of the earth when he had nothing to do, and they were stored in the material library after they were built. At this time, he found one with a very subtle sense of age, whether he was old or young.

    "Her name is Tan Songyun."

    "To be determined, to be determined, well, I will ask for specific instructions. Then there are several other characters"

    ? Lu Yiyi also showed the neighbors with stacked buildings, widows, Ami's own father, Amei's childhood sweetheart and so on.  Zhuang Zhou didn't even think about these roles, so he simply let them go.

    "Hitchhiking" has three remakes.

    In 2004, Li Xuejian and Yin Tao's version; in 2016, Ma Shaohua and Guan Gege's version; in 2000, Li Liqun and Mei Ting's version.

    Except for Guan GeGe not mentioning, the other two editions have a common problem: the heroine is too mature.

    Yin Tao and Mei Ting are born with the temperament of young women. Even when they were young, they were very mature. Acting students are a bit against the norm. Of course, there is nothing to say about their acting skills.

    Now that the acting skills are produced, there is no such problem, so the image must fit.

    "What do you think about the production? By the way, you shouldn't be taking pictures, right?"

    "What style do you adopt?"

    "It is to shoot a certain subject, and collect local customs at the grassroots level."

    "Of course you don't need it. Just find what you need from the material library."

    "It's great, people can make blockbuster movies while sitting at home."

      Zhuang Zhou didn't know whether it was envy or sarcasm, and said: "Then you guys shoot a part first, I mainly look at the performance style."

    "Okay, I can give it to you tomorrow!"



    The three left the office, and Zhuang Zhou locked the door last.

    Jiang Chao waved his hand and ran to the bus stop. A Yuan looked at his back and said suddenly: "This kid is very good ah, why did you hit me?"

    "It's not big or small, you always make people work, and you've learned to be lazy!"

    "I'll test him, I have to find an honest man!" A Yuan spoke eloquently.

    When they got off work, the club was busy, but it seemed that the company's small room was pitch-black and huddled in a corner alone.

    As the two walked back, Zhuang Zhou felt a chill on his face, and it was drizzling, and he said casually, "It rains too much here, it was falling when I came here, and it is still falling in autumn."

    "The climate is getting warmer, and it rains a lot in winter."


    As he was talking, Lei actually hit him. Zhuang Zhou didn't bring an umbrella, so he took off his coat and covered his head: "Come in!"


    "Stop the rain!"

    "What does this little rain block?" A Yuan wondered.

    "A guy like you will be called a straight man in 2021"

    Zhuang Zhou put on his coat resentfully, and walked with her in the drizzle.

    The dark buildings are towering into the sky, and the lights are like stars, hazy in the rain. If there is another holographic projection advertisement, it will be Cyberpunk Benke.

    When he walked to the square in the central area, he found that there were many colorful lights wrapped around the trees, some red flags and red lanterns were inserted on the street light poles, and said: "What is this for? There are no lights in the morning."

    "National Day."


    "National Day!"

    A Yuan explained: "100 years, National Day!"


    Zhuang Zhou was shocked at first, then excited, and then calmed down again: I am so excited!  If you write too much, you will get 404.

    But he thought about it, at least dedicate a song!

    "Singing the Motherland" is inappropriate.  There are red flags in it, and teachers

    "My Motherland" is also inappropriate. It represents the spirit of the Shangganling period, transcending all flesh and material desires, and purely spiritual sublimation and yearning.

    After much deliberation, he called Hong Jun: "Hey, Director Hong, are you going to hold a National Day party?"

    "Yeah, I just wanted to invite you to sing."

    "There just happened to be a song called "My Motherland and Me". There is no singer, no request, and I just suggest that you use children to sing."

    "Children's chorus? You send it first, I'm too busy here."

    hang up the phone.

    In a strange mood, I returned to Building No. 6.

    As usual, I went to A Yuan's house to surf the Internet, sat on a small bench and played with my mobile phone, as if I answered a lot of words, and then disappeared.  He behaved very plainly, but Ah Yuan was keenly aware of something wrong.

    His 2021 mobile phone has been kept here. A Yuan knows all the passwords, and at first helped him reply to the message, so he couldn't help taking a sneak peek:

    Lao Wang: Mr. Zhuang, I'm getting married on the 11th!

    Lao Wang: Now all the invitations are electronic, don't be disgusted, I will send you one!

    Me: I'm so sorry, my itinerary for November has already been booked out.  May you grow old together and give birth to your son early!  Have a chance to meet again!

    ? Transfer to Pharaoh


    Mom: "Aren't you coming back for your birthday?"

    Me: "I won't go back, a bunch of buddies have already arranged for me."

    Mom: "You have been out for several months."

    Me: "I've been helping my friends all the time, it's still a bit of public relations work."

    Mom: "Oh, I played cards."

    (Also ?
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