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Text Chapter 48: If the Dried Wine Is Not Available 2

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    "The long road is dedicated to the distance, the rose is dedicated to love, what should I dedicate to you, my lover"

    "The rainy season is dedicated to the earth, the years are dedicated to the seasons, what should I dedicate to you, my parents"

    ? With Su Rui's "Dedication", the first episode ends.


    The real-time ratings have been announced, and relevant personnel reported: "The average ratings of the first episode were 0.510%, the lowest at the beginning was 0.312%, and it has been rising all the way since then, reaching the highest value of 0.748% at the end."

    "The highest value actually broke 0.7?"

    "It's a little better than expected. It's been a long time since the first episode of a drama broke 0.7, right?"

    "Yeah, it seems that the audience is right."

    Tianhaitai is very pleased, and its confidence in advertising has greatly increased.

    In 2021, the ratings of TV dramas have experienced the ceiling myths of "Four Great Masterpieces", "Desire", and "My Fair Princess", and then dived straight. Now if they can break 1, they are considered excellent, and if they break 2, they are considered a hit. No one believes that they can break 3.

    Definitely bought it!

    Except for a few who do not buy, most of them buy ratings, and sometimes they buy too much by accident, such as Zhejiang Satellite TV's "I'm Waiting for You in Beijing", which was 1.9 a few days ago, and it rushed to 2.88.

    As a result, the popularity of the discussion and the ratings are completely out of proportion.

    It is said that due to the Gao Yixiang incident at that time, the audience collectively disgusted Zhejiang Satellite TV, and the ratings plummeted, so they had to spend money to buy face.

    Of course, the water inside is very deep, and there are many unjust dead ghosts.

    For example, a certain annual financial report released by Huanrui Century shows that "Glory of the Tang Dynasty" was deducted more than 38 million yuan by Huitai, "Autumn Cicada" was deducted 30.4 million yuan by Goose Factory, and "Qingyun Zhi" was deducted 414 million by Mango Taiwan.  Wan wait

    The sale of TV dramas is not a one-shot deal.  Usually 20% is paid up front, and finally the money is paid according to the performance of the broadcast.

    All of the above is the final payment that was deducted if the expected results were not achieved.  Then someone asked, why haven't the results been achieved after buying the ratings?

    Because others buy it harder!

    And the 2049 TV station is even worse, 0.7 is considered a success.  You know, just a 0.1% fluctuation can represent millions of advertising negotiations, which has a lot to do with it

    Here at the club.

    Uncle and aunt became restless, those who went to the toilet hurried to the toilet, Master Qian asked: "Is there any more?"

    "No more!"


    "There is one more episode, one more episode! There are two trial episodes, and they will be finished in one go." Zhuang Zhou said hurriedly.

    "That's pretty much the same, otherwise it's always scratching up and down."

    "I think the filming is so good, it's so real, that's how we were at that time."

    "Yeah, the acting is also good, unlike the previous ones, I can't tell, it's just awkward anyway. Hey, what's the name of the dumb guy?"

    "Li Xuejian."

    "Not bad."

    During the conversation, the second episode came. Some originally just wanted to join in the fun, but ended up just sitting there watching.

    At the beginning of the second episode, Ami grew up a bit, about 2-3 years old.

    Uncle Dumb and Ami are the protagonists, but the focus is on expressing the life of the stacked buildings at that time, so many supporting roles with their own characteristics are added, such as the neighbor Mansao's family.

    Sister-in-law Man has a husband, a son, and a younger brother who is an idiot.  The husband works as a handyman and likes to gamble for a small amount of money. The son, Amin, who is a few years older than Amei, is considered a childhood sweetheart.

    ? At the beginning, it was lively and lively. Men, women and children gathered in the square. Because of the Chinese New Year, cultural and art groups came to express their condolences, set up stage performances, and even showed outdoor movies.

    Uncle Dumb can play musical instruments, so he went up to perform for a while.  Amei watched seriously from below, full of surprises, and opened the musical enlightenment of life.

    Today is New Year's Eve.

    Uncle Dumb dressed neatly, and put on a bright red dress for Amei to celebrate.  Altars, incense candles, and fruits are placed in the small room, and the dumb uncle kowtows to the ancestors.

    He held Amei's little hand again and bowed.


    Many older audiences couldn't take it when they saw this, and they nagged and educated their children: "It was like this at that time. There was nothing left after the war. Where can I worship ancestors and cemeteries?

    They all set up a table at home, write their names on paper, and kowtow a few times"



    Sister-in-law Man and Uncle Man's family came over and warmly invited: "Come to our house for New Year's Eve dinner?"

    "Hey, why are you being polite? Let's have a good drink tonight."

    Amin has already run into the house, teasing Amei: "Wow, you are so beautifully dressed.??Ami.

    Amei's eyes were shining brightly, like flowers blooming in the thick smoke, and she uttered the first words in her life: "Dad!"



    "Break 1! Break 1!"

    "The average ratings of the second episode broke 1!"

    Lu Yitiao is like Fan Jin who won the exam, but it's a pity that he didn't slap Hu Tuhu to wake him up, because the whole department is having fun!

    "The ending reached 1! The best record in the past three years!"

    Chu Jiming was even more relieved. He is a young director with no qualifications, and he is obedient and serious.  With the success of "Hitch the Wrong Car", one's status can also be improved a bit.

    When "Dedication" sounded for the second time, relevant people in Tianhaitai were already celebrating.

    "Hello? Hello pre-roll commercial?"

    "Now many companies are competing for this time slot, and we can't answer you at the moment. We will issue a unified notice soon"

    "You took the pit before? You have to take a closer look at the contract, all the procedures are based on it."

    The advertising department was elated, and the station leader was elated, followed by a subordinate reporting, "Many viewers called the hotline to report, do you want to collect them and use them as publicity resources?"



    The office was quiet, strange, there are still viewers calling the hotline these days?

    "Turn a few around here." The leader ordered.

    Not long after, the employee forwarded a few feedbacks, the first one was the voice of the old lady, who said slowly: "I remember I typed this thing when I was young, but I didn't expect you to keep it?

    There is no other meaning, as a person who has experienced that era, I want to praise you for making a good drama.  "

    "I haven't watched TV dramas for many years. My TV is used as a game console for my grandson. You guys are so practical. The stacked building I lived in used to catch fire. It's the same as in the movie. I wanted to cry."  , but when I saw that my relatives were alive, I wanted to laugh"

    "Is it going to be broadcast tomorrow?"

    "How many episodes are there?"

    "The ending song is really nice!"

    Lu Yiyi rubbed his eyes, he hadn't heard such words for many years!

    ? After waiting for a while, all the prime time slots are over tonight, and the national real-time ratings are released, so those who are still paying attention to this are all surprised, only to see a dark horse in the top ten list quietly.

    ""Hitch the Wrong Car", Tianhai TV, the average audience rating of the two episodes is 0.773%, ranking fifth!"

    (No more!) </div&gt
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