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Text Chapter Forty-ninth If the Dried Wine Is Not Available 3

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    "When Amei called Dad, I broke my defense!"

    "I cried so much with my mother!"

    "Garbage drama, young people have no resonance at all."

    "Don't the upstairs represent young people, okay? I grew up in a stacked building, and later moved to the city. Everything in the play is very familiar!"

    "Yesterday I happened to watch a new drama "Hitch the Wrong Car", and I couldn't help but say a few words. The scenes, props, costumes, etc. are all in the material library, so there is nothing to praise. What I want to praise is the breath of life, a kind of  The breath of life that I haven't felt in a film and television drama for a long time.

    I also grew up in stacked buildings, watching those lively neighbors, greeting each other, fighting in the garbage mountain, Spring Festival condolence performances It's like going back to my childhood, and behind every face can find a representative group.

    This kind of atmosphere will make the audience feel at ease Speaking of this, I have to talk about our domestic dramas.

    A common characteristic of domestic dramas is suspension!

    No matter what subject matter to shoot, it does not fall on the subject at all, it is all suspended.  The gods in Xianxia dramas are not like gods, the elites in workplace dramas are not like elites, the ladies in costume dramas are not like ladies, the warriors in war dramas are not like warriors, and the emperors in court dramas are not like emperors.  There is only one thing in my mind: fall in love!

    It doesn't matter whether you are a monk who has lived for tens of thousands of years, a lady from a scholarly family, or an emperor of the ninth five, the purpose of their existence is to fall in love!  fall in love!  fall in love!

    Congratulations to "Hitch the Wrong Car" for making a good start, I hope it will continue, and there will be no plot that makes everyone feel bad"


    Lu Yiyi was very happy to read the comments, he came back from the stage, ran all the way to the club, and flung himself tremblingly at Zhuang Zhou: "Brother!"

    Zhuang Zhou Yi dodged, and a lump of flesh poured on Jiang Chao's body, covering his head and face.

    "If you have something to say, don't move."

    "Oh, why are you so calm?"

    Lu Yiyi got up and slapped his thigh straight: "Do you know what it means to break 1 in the ratings of the second episode? Look at the ranking list, which one is not a big production, big star, big ip?

    We mixed in like wild boys from the country, click!  Top notch!  "

    "If you have something to say, don't ink it."

    ""Hitch the Wrong Car" got off to a good start, Taili decided to use the final score as a benchmark, and give you some final payment in the form of rewards. Then, how about we study the next play?"

    Tianhaitai is on its way!

    Give more money, don't take it for nothing.  But in the next play, Zhuang Zhou asked, "What do you think?"

    "The current market is actually divided into three categories: IP dramas, main theme dramas, and others.

    Don't think about ip, it is monopolized by the platform itself, and the main theme is generally used as a gift at a special stage, while our station has limited funds, and in recent years, it has mainly filmed family ethics and light comedies.

    "Hitching the Wrong Car" combines realistic themes and ethical drama categories. The station thinks you are very talented in writing such stories, and wants to make persistent efforts.  "

    Oh, thank you!

    Zhuang Zhou has many projects in his hands, including the novel published by "With a Knife and No Umbrella on a Rainy Night".  However, when the novel was released, I made a different option, which resulted in no recommendation, slow update, and no response yet.

    The main reason is that he doesn't want to go so fast, the output of the works is too large, and the value will decrease.

    After "Hitching the Wrong Car", he just wanted to run a section of Su Rui first, to consolidate Qi Qin and Dao Lang, and Sister Jun and the Demon King had also produced new songs.

    "I think about it, this kind of script is not easy to write."

    "I understand, I am used to collecting folk songs, hey, what an old artist!"


    Chu Jiming led the team to produce, Zhuang Zhou was on the sidelines to guide, filming and broadcasting.

    The next week ushered in 3-4 episodes.

    The ratings have risen steadily. The average ratings of the first four episodes have reached 1.028%, making it into the top four of the prime time.

    Although the target group at the beginning was stacked buildings, old men and women in the urban area also like to watch them. Firstly, it suits their appetite, and secondly, during the difficult post-war period, how many of them have never lived in stacked buildings?

    It's just that the conditions are better now, and after staying in the urban area for a long time, many people have developed sky lines.

    Tianhaitai bought a few hot searches in time, and they also fermented on social platforms, attracting the attention of some mainstream media.

    Since the third episode, Ami has grown up.

    ? Describe the adolescent life of a young girl in a detailed and uncomplicated way. She will feel inferior because of the dumb uncle's work, but she feels very distressed when she sees the dumb uncle working hard.

    AminologyThe study is not good, and I am still close to myself, but my mind has become farther and farther away.  Amei has outstanding grades and is extremely talented in music. The teacher encourages her to enter the conservatory of music and become a composer.

    However, the tuition fees are expensive, and Amei can't bear the hard work of the dumb uncle, so she goes to work secretly.

    In fact, Uncle Dumb has already been approached by his teacher, and he knows it well, so he secretly goes to work part-time without telling Amei.  The father and daughter hide from each other, love each other, and there are also generation gaps and quarrels These are all shot delicately and gently, which infects the audience a little bit.

    In the original version of "Hitch the Wrong Car", Sister-in-law Man is the worst.

    The husband drowned, the younger brother burned to death, and the son died after being crushed to death, just like Fugui in "To Live".  But this kind of misery is a bit deliberate, miserable for the sake of misery.

    Zhuang Zhou was not so cruel, he left her a whole son.

    When Amei was working part-time, she met her biological father, and the father and daughter recognized each other.  The father said that he could satisfy her everything, but he wanted to sever ties with the dumb uncle and leave the building.

    May refused.

    Although my father is snobbish, he also has a bit of humanity. He came to see Uncle Dumb, explained it very well, and agreed that Ah Mei would not cut off the relationship, but he would move to the city to live with him.

    Uncle Dumb is also persuading Amei for his future.

    And Amei thought that if she made money, she could buy a big house for the dumb uncle in the city, so she agreed.

    She went to the best music academy, met new friends and outstanding boys, and seemed to be farther and farther away from her previous life.  She wrote a few songs and soon became a minor celebrity.

    Zhuang Zhou took the opportunity to push the song. In addition to the original version of "Please Come With Me" and "The Same Moonlight", he also mixed some private products, such as "Prayer".

    The rb song sung by Wang Yunchan and Wang Jie.

    "Let us ring the bell of hope, how many prayers are in our hearts, so that everyone will not see failure, so that success will always be"

    Netizens are happy to hear and see again:

    "Am I the only one who watches dramas for the episode?"

    "No, you are not alone!"

    "This song is not bad, but the mv is a bit long, 45 minutes!"

    "What kind of fairy drama is this? I watch it with gusto even after I'm 30!"

    Wait until episode 5-6, especially at the end of episode 6.

    Ami is already a talented and beautiful girl composer, and she holds a celebration banquet for her new song in Tianhai.

    The dumb uncle put on the only suit in his life, and went to participate by himself, but his manager asked the security guard to drag him out. How can a dumb man who can only use a broken wine bottle to knock "dry wine if it is sold" be worthy of being the father of a star?  ?

    The audience is from the perspective of God, and it is easy to spray Ami with white eyes.

    In fact, it is just a common contradiction and helplessness. Childhood playmates are far away, people around me are no longer familiar, whether it is studying or working, leaving hometown, working hard for life under various social rules

    The ratings soared to 1.370%, making it to the top three!

    (Also ?
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