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Main Text Chapter 50 Dried Wine If Selling 4

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    Early in the morning, the community boiled.

    Chu Jiming was very numb at the beginning, he had never filmed a live-action movie, and it was still a large-scale group movie.  Fortunately, the team is professional, and there is a seemingly omnipotent Mr. Zhuang.

    This time, Mr. Zhuang is directing the group performance.

    "One big mom and two big moms, you guys follow the path You don't need to act, you don't need to act, just do what you usually do."

    "One and two, you two are walking here, don't stop! Don't get on the horizontal bar, or you will fall off again!"

    "Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, what are you talking about when you two come back from buying vegetables? The vegetables are not fresh, and my husband didn't pay the public food last night, anyway, just chat!"

    "Master Qian, you play chess at the entrance of the club. Uncle Wu, take a booklet, yes, stand there and make gestures for Uncle Lu."

    Holding an old loudspeaker, he yelled: "Everyone, don't be nervous. You can't take pictures of your faces in normal activities. This is a panoramic view. The plane flashes overhead and it's over.

    Let's go first!  "

    "What do you mean by walking again?" asked the aunt.

    "Try it first, don't make a formal shoot!"

    "Then do we still need to chat?"

    "Just do as I said just now, and you have to be serious about the test shoot"

    Chu Jiming grinned, this looks more like a director than me!

    Zhuang Zhou told me, and said to A Yuan: "You can help me keep an eye on it for a while, we are all neighbors in the neighborhood, let's communicate more, so as not to have friction with the crew."


    A Yuan also carried a loudspeaker and wore a baseball cap.

    "Okay, let's take a test shot, listen to my password"



    "Stop it! What are you laughing at, Big Mom?"

    "I don't know either, I just want to have fun!"

    "Second Aunt, what are you laughing at?"

    "I see her happy, and I want to be happy too!"


    Zhuang Zhou Yi slapped himself on the face. He didn't fully approve of virtual actors, but at the moment he agreed 100%. Filming with real people is a hassle!

    Coordinate again.


    "This time is not bad, not bad, the improvement is obvious, let's do it again!"

    "It's better this time, awesome!"

    After walking about four or five times, Zhuang Zhou felt that it was ok, and Chu Jiming took over the job: "The drone is in place, fly a few more times, and shoot more material!"


    Two drones are ready, and the pictures taken by the cameras will be sent back and displayed directly in hologram. Chu Jiming suddenly remembered what the teacher said when he was in the film school.

    I used to use monitors, stupid and stupid. It took several years to make a drama at the earliest, and the actors had to experience life, what kind of method school and experiential school, and they were desperate for a role

    "Is it possible?"

    Chu Jiming hadn't seen it before, so he shook his head to regain his senses and said, "Get ready, start!"

    The drone takes off, flies according to the preset route, and the screen is sent back, which is a panoramic view of the stacked buildings in the new era.  Zhuang Zhou watched from the side, speechless, and shouted directly:


    "Everyone, don't look up, don't look up, do what you should do!"

    "Master Qian, what do you mean by comparing yourself?"

    "Uncle Wu, you are distracted, you have to talk! And Uncle Lu, Uncle Wu didn't speak, what kind of tricks are you talking about, you two are on good terms?"

    Everyone found out that Xiao Zhuang was no longer Xiao Zhuang when he was filming, he was taking bamboo shoots!

    Of course they didn't care, they were laughing and joking.

    Adjust again and continue shooting.  A shot of a few seconds, tossed for six or seven hours, when Chu Jiming finally shouted: "Okay, it's over!"

    The crew and extras were all relieved.

    "Oh my god, if I had known filming was so tiring, I wouldn't have come."

    "Good guy, it disappeared after a while, and I feel like I didn't do anything."

    "I didn't even buy any tofu!"

    Zhuang Zhou was not too embarrassed, he coaxed the group performers away, and said to Chu Jiming: "I have caused you trouble."

    "It's okay, it's okay, we have also gained practical experience."

    "It's the last two episodes, let's work hard together."

    "come on!"


    From 2003 to 2014, the production of TV dramas in China was 400-500.

    In 2015, one drama with two stars was implemented, and the number of episodes dropped to 395, but the number of episodes actually increased, from 15,983 episodes in 2014 to 16,540 episodes, which shows that it is insanely flooding!

    theI can't stand that kind of environment anymore.

    Inside the hospital.

    When Uncle Dumb was on his deathbed, Sister Man held his hand and cried, "Uncle Dumb, wake up, you will be able to persevere, you are such a good person I, I will call Amei, do you want to see me?"  Seeing Ami, you can't sleep"


    Uncle Dumb has returned to the light, and he opened his eyes tiredly, still clear.

    Sister-in-law Man fiddled with the new mobile phone in a panic. The more anxious she became, the more mistakes she made. She began to scold herself, A Ming, and how quickly the years had passed.

    Fortunately, A Ming just came to visit, and Mrs. Man hurriedly said: "Call A Mei! Call A Mei! The dumb uncle is going to die!"

    The scene of the event.

    Ah Mei only felt the phone buzzing and vibrating. Seeing that it was A Ming, she hesitated and didn't answer it.  After a while, it started shaking again, text message: "Uncle Dumb is critically ill!"

    "Okay, let's invite our talented composer and"


    The host went through the process enthusiastically, but suddenly the chair fell over, and the audience was stunned, watching tonight's protagonist running out with his skirt in his hands.

    "It's okay, I'll go take a look!"

    The broker quickly chased him out.  Amei ran to the corridor, switched on the video, saw her father lying on the hospital bed, and she burst into tears:




    Uncle Dumb's face regained some brilliance, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, revealing an ugly smile.

    "Dad! Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me?"

    "Amy, what are you doing?"

    The agent ran over and scolded in a low voice: "Do you know how bad the influence is! Do you want your future? Hurry up and go back!"

    "Let go of me Dad!"

    Uncle Dumb barely raised his hand, waved it, and signed again: "Go, I'll watch you."

    Ami was dragged back to the scene, and the host breathed a sigh of relief: "There was a little accident just now, please enjoy a new song by our talented composer and popular idol"

    The music played, the lights flickered, and no one knew her grief.

    She stood in the field like a clown.

    After the idol sang a section, when it was Ami's turn to sing, she clutched the microphone and remained silent.  The scene was buzzing again, the music stopped, and the manager shouted anxiously: "Sing! Sing!"


    Ami trembled her hands, her whole body was filled with regret.

    The son wants to support but does not wait for his relatives. It is an ordinary sentence, but only when it happens, will you feel the great regret in it.

    She opened her mouth, with tears in her eyes, passing through the Vanity Fair that no longer shines, and going back to twenty years ago, the figure riding a tricycle, with a little girl sitting in the car, singing to him in a childlike voice:

    "If you sell dry wine, if you sell it, if you sell it, if you sell it, if you sell it, if you sell it, if you sell it"

    Uncle Dumb smiled.

    "What a familiar voice, how many years of wind and rain have accompanied me, I never need to think of it, and I will never forget it"

    "There is no land without heaven, no home without land, no you without home, no me without you"

    Putting a good song in a specific situation doubles its lethality.

    "Ohh Ohh ohh¡­¡­"

    Master Qian was crying out of breath. Everyone in the club, the elders and aunts in the community, and even many viewers in front of the TV, accumulated eight episodes of emotions.  Can't help venting it out.

    "It was you who raised me up, who spoke the first words with me, and who gave me a home"

    For most people, relatives and home are always a safe haven where they can turn back and rest when they are feeling down and sad.

    Su Rui's extremely explosive and contagious voice, these five words over and over again, is like a heavy hammer, hitting the audience's almost dry emotional touch:

    "When will you come back to me again, let me sing with you again, if the wine is sold, if the wine is sold, if it is sold, if the wine is sold, if it is sold, if it is sold" </div&gt
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