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Text Chapter Fifty-one Aftermath

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    Uncle dumb is dead.

    At the end of the story, Ami returned to the building.

    Living in that old house, she re-rooted here, creating music that is really close to the masses.  In the last shot, she plays the guitar, sits by the fountain in the small square, and teaches the children to sing.

    "The white dove is dedicated to the blue sky, the starlight is dedicated to the long night, what should I dedicate to you, my child"

    When the ending song sounded again, Tianhaitai was filled with jubilation.

    "The highest ratings of the finale broke 2!"

    "The average ratings of the whole drama started to increase from the first episode, and finally won the championship at the end!"

    "As of now, it can also rank third in the annual ratings list!"

    The leader smiled like a donkey suffering from asthma, and patted Chu Jiming on the shoulder: "The credit is so great!"

    "Don't dare to be, don't dare to be!"

    Chu Jiming quickly stood up and took the opportunity to propose: "We also edited some behind-the-scenes stories, do you think it is necessary to show them?"

    "We have already done?"

    "it is done."

    "Broadcast, broadcast immediately, the previous program will be postponed!"

    It's so easy to make a blockbuster, and of course it's delicious. The leader knows it well: "Replay, you coordinate the time, then contact Blue Star, and release the original soundtrack of "Hitch the Wrong Car" as soon as possible. Is the singer's name Su Rui? Immediately  Schedule a Show Show!

    The price is acceptable, continue to strengthen the relationship.  Blue Star has successfully tested the TV drama market, and other TV stations will definitely swarm in. We don't have much advantage, we can only rely on the first move, emotion, and profit"


    I don't know how many drama critics wrote articles overnight, and the mainstream media also gave them a lot of exposure:

    "Ami's tragedy is a reappearance of many people's lives. Her tragedy is not only manifested in the abandonment of her parents, but more importantly, the strong contradiction between the success of her career and the loneliness caused by the loss of love.

    From this perspective, "Hitching the Wrong Car" is also a story of returning to the original heart.  "

    "Time is not forgiving. When children grow up, wrinkles appear on the faces of their parents. You who are far away from home, even if you can't go home, have you ever called to care about them?"

    "The ending song "Dedication" is the emotional epitome of the whole play. It does not encourage self-sacrificing dedication, but emphasizes caring and respecting each other. Parents love their children, children love their parents, love our friends, love our lovers  ¡­

    Don't leave regrets in life like Ami did.  "

    "Tianhaitai has been silent for many years, and once it counterattacked, it proved to us that without big productions, big stars, and big IPs, we can still produce good works. It also taught those guys who use their brains to make special effects and write scripts with their feet.  .¡±

    "The creator of the script is Blue Star Studio. If I remember correctly, they wrote songs, right?"

    Some netizens shouted:

    "Damn it! There was a scene that was actually shot!"

    "You can throw away your brain if you don't need it. How can you shoot real scenes now?"

    "It's true, I am from Tianhai City, so it must have been taken in a certain community!"

    "The director has already revealed that it is indeed a local community, and those people are real people!"


    This is even more astonishing than the ratings, real people filming!


    Jiang Chao has been refreshed recently and sees a bright future.

    A company with two full-time employees can be associated with the ratings champion. He has no choice but to give up and look forward to becoming a regular as soon as possible.

    Today is cloudy and rainy again.

    Jiang Chao went to work on time, and when he entered the door, he saw that Lu Yiyi was there, and he was discussing with Zhuang Zhou: "They are all digital albums, usually 20 yuan per piece for less than 10 songs.

    We have nine songs of "Whether Dry Wine Sells Nothing", "Whether Dry Wine Sells Without Pure Music Version", "Whether", "Come With Me", "The Same Moonlight", "Dedication", "Grasp", "Change" and "Prayer".

    There are official distribution channels in Taiwan. Although it is not as good as the Big Three, but with the popularity of "Hit the Wrong Car", as long as it is sold, people will buy it.

    If you are willing to leave it to us, 0.5% will be given to the Music Copyright Association, which is fixed.  For the remaining 99.5%, we charge 30% of the publicity fee, and if you entrust us to produce, such as re-arranging, the production fee is 9%"

    What Lu Yiyi said is the market price.

    Zhuang Zhou kept listening to the songs of Miss Jun and Grasshopper before, because he wanted to build his own platform and only put his own works.

    But the original soundtrack is different, it is a product that is added to the film and television drama and strikes while the iron is hot.  He is currently accumulating funds and resources, and after thinking about it, he agreed.

      Lu Yiyi completed the task, relaxed all over, and said: "The final payment will be called to you within one month, please contact me if you have any questions."

    As he was about to leave, Zhuang Zhou greeted again: "Come over for dinner the day after tomorrow, let's celebrate."

    "no problem!"

    Lu Yiyi flashed, and Jiang Chao asked: "What is the final payment he said?"

    "Tianhaitai saw that the results were too good, so it gave 2 million more in the name of rewards." A Yuan said.

    "That's 5 million!"

    Jiang Chao's eyes widened: "My grandpa, how long have we been established!"

    Zhuang Zhou smiled and said: "The day after tomorrow, if you have nothing to do, come over here and have a meal together."

    "All right, I'll come even if I ask for leave!"

    A Yuan curled her lips and asked in a low voice, "Why didn't you say it was your birthday?"

    "It's so hypocritical. Telling people about their birthday is like asking for a gift. But you are different. You asked me on your own initiative, so you have to prepare."


    This morning was very busy. Other TV stations watched "Hitch the Wrong Car" and it became popular, which proved that Blue Star really has the strength, and they all expressed their intention to order the TV series.

    Dramas are different from songs, and it takes a lot of work just to adapt the script.  Zhuang Zhou doesn't have so many scripts, he intends to take over first, and talk about it after the project is over.

    It was about noon when I suddenly heard noises outside.

    Pushing open the door, I saw a lot of people not far away, and in the middle was a gaudy woman, who was broadcasting live:

    "Family, take a look, this is the community in "Hitch the Wrong Car". Although the producer didn't say it clearly, I have great powers, and I found it when I checked it. I hope the community is safe!

    Look at this square, is this fountain the same as in the play?  I came all the way in the rain, it's not easy, my family members take a little gift Hey, there is a big house over there, let's go and have a look.  It is said that this drama uses real actors, maybe we can meet a few"

    Damn it!

    Zhuang Zhou hurriedly searched, and just in time to see Master Qian going to join in the fun, he dragged him over: "Old Immortal, it's your turn, don't let her take pictures of the company!"


    "I won't have a happy life in the future!"


    Master Qian came to his senses and patted his chest: "It's okay, just watch me!"

    He swayed over, and squeezed into the lens of others. Balabala said for a while, and the woman rolled her eyes and walked away without knowing what to say.

    "The strength is not enough. I can't stand it after I started my glorious history. She also said that I sucked traffic, bah! Her poor live broadcast room only has a few hundred people, and I brought her a thousand"

    Master Qian came back triumphantly, and said: "However, this is also a matter, you are quite famous now, maybe there is some crooked way to trick your mind.

    Why don't you move the office inward, away from the door, and hang the sign inside.  With us blocking the outside, you can tell who is a stranger at a glance.  "


    Zhuang Zhou nodded, this is the benefit of Master Qian being a consultant.

    He also invited by the way: "We will have a celebration dinner together the day after tomorrow. You, Uncle Wu, and Uncle Lu will all come, and there will be no outsiders."

    "Hey, you don't need to tell me to eat, I will definitely come."

    (Also ?
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