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Text Chapter 53

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    "Sing me happy birthday!"

    "Why are you so busy?"

    "Hurry up, I'll teach you"

    Zhuang Zhou sang: "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you"

    After he finished teaching, Ah Yuan sang again: "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you"

    Then blow out the candles.

    "You don't want to make a wish?"

    "Maybe it doesn't work, no more."

    Zhuang Zhou took out a bottle of red wine, poured a little, cut open the cake and said, "It was a dinner party just now, and now it's a birthday. I have something to say to you."

    "I won't listen! I won't listen!" A Yuan shook his head quickly.

    "Stop watching Qiong Yao dramas, I'm talking to you very seriously now."

    He paused, and said: "There is an old saying that my hometown is where my heart is. Maybe I still don't feel at ease. Even if everyone is very good, I also like stacking buildings, but there is always a sense of alienation.

    I don't know when that broken door will be opened, I may be here for the rest of my life, but fortunately with you, it's too painful for one person to keep a secret, two people can share it"

    He took a sip of his wine and said with a smile: "You know I'm not like this usually, and I'm sentimental only on special days. Anyway, you are already very important to me, and I'm extremely grateful to you."


    A Yuan blushed again and again, and said: "Don't say that, you can definitely go back."

    She doesn't know how to comfort people, so she can only change the subject bluntly: "How did you celebrate your birthday before, tell me about it?"


    Zhuang Zhou thought for a while, and said: "When I was young, my family gave it to me. Later, my parents divorced. I lived in school since high school, and I lived in other places in college. I was with my friends. Then I fell in love huh?"

    "Go on, what's wrong with dating?"

    "No, I came back later."

    "Oh, come back and talk about love."


    Zhuang Zhou directly drank half a glass of red wine, waved his hand and said: "This is over! Let me continue, I have been back for more than a year, and I basically have no contact with my father, and I am fine with my mother."

    "What does it mean?"

    "My family used to be one of the best in the county, and then the family was in decline, but it was okay. I raised them since I was a child, and I was never short of material, and I was never cared for spiritually. Maybe they are busy with their careers, or they don't know how to communicate with their children. Anyway, it's been so long.  big.

    My mother and I don't have much to talk about. She just talks when she asks me, and she doesn't know what to talk about if she doesn't ask.

    Going back for a meal every week is like dealing with an errand.  In fact, I think we also care about each other, but I have been used to it for many years, and I don¡¯t know how to do it.  "

    "Better than me, I only have a grandpa."

    A Yuan was quite envious, and said: "Then what is your hometown like, I haven't heard you talk about it."

    "There is nothing to talk about in a small county. It has a population of hundreds of thousands and no industry. Eight out of ten county magistrates go in, so that's it."

    "Isn't there a little bit of fun?"

    When talking about hometown with others, most people¡¯s first reaction might be to dislike it. Zhuang Zhou really couldn¡¯t think of any advantages, and said: "Lingshui is close to Shencheng. If I want to play, I can drive to the city, shit!"

    He suddenly cursed: "My car is still parked!"

    "Do you still have a car?"

    "Just kidding, I earn hundreds of thousands a year, of course I have a car! I have the opportunity to take you for a ride"

    Zhuang Zhou drank another half cup.

    A Yuan saw that he was getting higher and higher, and moved the wine aside: "Eat the cake, don't drink it."


    Eating and drinking, it was getting late and late, only to hear the heavy rain outside, and thunder.



    "Why is it raining so much today?"

    A Yuan is a little strange. In the past, this season has been continuous drizzle.  She went out to have a look, and the darkness was a bit scary, so she closed the doors and windows again.

    When I came back, I saw Zhuang Zhou sitting on the floor with his legs crossed, playing with 2021's cell phone.

    "Happy birthday, Mr. Zhuang!"

    "Happy birthday Lao Zhuang!"

    "Happy birthday!"

    The phone was full of messages and red envelopes from relatives and friends. He didn't bother to reply one by one, so he directly sent a message of thanks in Moments, and said, "By the way, let's take a photo together?"

    "Why did you suddenly take pictures?"

    "You don't want to be such a straight man? You need a reason for taking a picture?"


    A Yuan NaoGot some salary?

    Of course, with the technology over there, it doesn't matter if people are there or not, and telecommuting is very common

    After finishing it, he wanted to drag A Yuan to have breakfast, but A Yuan still needed to recover, so he had to go downstairs by himself.  In a trance, there is a feeling that there is no sun and moon in the mountains.

    It was still summer then, and it will be late autumn now.

    The weather is much colder. I wrapped my coat and looked left and right. It was obviously a familiar scene, but everything I saw was fresh.  When I went to the "Hangzhou Xiaolongbao" again, the boss actually remembered:

    "I haven't been here for a while, are you going out?"

    "Well, I just came back. Four drawers of buns and two servings of porridge."


    Carrying breakfast upstairs, Ah Yuan was in a better mood. He was washing his face in the bathroom, and complained: "Hey, you are so backward here, and you still use such antique water heaters and washing machines."

    "Haier's latest smart model, home appliance with the highest technology, I bought it last year." Zhuang Zhou proudly introduced.

    "Tch! I want to brush my teeth."


    He dug out a new, dusty toothbrush.

    "Wow, this is what my grandpa used!"

    "Sister, be realistic. The hard days of 2021 have come, and you must integrate into the people as soon as possible."

    After washing up, A Yuan wanted to go back to the small table, but was dragged to the big table in the kitchen by Zhuang Zhou.  She looked at the steamed stuffed bun, quite curious: "What kind of stuffing?"

    "Some kind of beef stuffing made of meat and seasoning."


    "Take a bite first, and I will take you to eat delicious food later."

    Zhuang Zhou turned on his cell phone and sent a voice message to his mother: "I'm back, I just got home."

    After a while, my mother replied: "Oh, you have to check the account at the supermarket, and I will take it back next month."

    "No, my friend and I have found a new project and have no time to take care of it."

    He paused, and then sent another message: "I'll pack up first and see you at night. Mom, I miss you."

    Mom may not be used to it, so she didn't reply.

    Zhuang Zhou continued to eat, and said: "The most important thing is your household registration. But don't worry, you stay here safely, you don't go far, you don't get sick, you may not need an ID card for the rest of your life.

    Let's get used to the environment first"

    He took 2049's mobile phone and computer casually, tapped it, everything was normal, and said with a smile: "I don't plan to open a supermarket anymore, and earn some other money."

    "What are you doing?"

    "Of course I'm doing what I do best."

    "It's better to enter the entertainment circle." A Yuan sipped his porridge.

    "No, no, this time I'm not entering the entertainment industry."

    "Then what are you going to do?"

    "I want to fuck the entertainment industry!"

    (No more! ?
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