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Text Chapter Fifty-Fourth A Day in Yuan's Life

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    After breakfast, I decided to go out for a walk.

    A Yuan didn't have thick clothes, so Zhuang Zhou dug out one of his own coats, which had a strange smell after being left on for a long time.  She didn't dislike it either. When she put it on, it was loose and loose, and she wore a baseball cap backwards, with a bit of hip-hop style.

    It would definitely not work if she walked through it by herself, but there were many emotional foreshadowings before, and she could completely trust Zhuang Zhou.

    When the two went downstairs, Ah Yuan was curious.

    The buildings here are very short, with only six floors, the spacing between the buildings is very wide, and the number is small. There are rows of bungalow warehouses, and the downstairs is crowded with four-wheel, three-wheel, and two-wheel vehicles.

    People come and go without even looking at them.

    "Don't they know you?"

    "Living in a high-rise building, who knows who? Unlike your side, who have gone through difficult times together, there is no neighborly relationship here."

    ? Outside the community, pedicures, express delivery, shops, and restaurants are colorful.  When Zhuang Zhou came to the parking space, the SUV worth more than 100,000 yuan was safe and sound, covered in bird feces.

    He got in, started, started, started

    "Okay, the battery is dead!"

    "Then what should we do?"

    "It's okay, this is my territory!"

    Zhuang Zhou took out his mobile phone and called a buddy who owns a car repair shop: "Hello? Well, I just came back and my car is lying on the ground. Come here quickly for emergency treatment. By the way, I will leave the inspection and car wash to you!

    We will meet again some other day, we will meet again some other day!  "

    Hang up the phone and ask: "Do you want to go, or take a taxi? It's not far anyway."

    "Then let's go."

    So from the community along the road to the east, A Yuan looked left and right, and felt that it was dilapidated, and there were no tall buildings.

    Zhuang Zhou introduced to her: "This is the lc district, and across the river is the new district, but there are no people there.

    Look at that barber shop. I cut my hair there since I was a kid. To put it bluntly, if the boss dies, I don¡¯t know where to get my hair cut.  "

    This restaurant may have bad feng shui, and it will be ruined after seven or eight changes.

    ?Look at this Internet cafe. It¡¯s been open since I was in junior high school, and it¡¯s still open now. There aren¡¯t many people there, so it¡¯s more lively during the winter and summer vacations.

    OK, here we come!  "


    Ah Yuan hasn't calmed down yet.

    "It's a big place, how far do you want to go?"

    He pointed to a comprehensive shopping mall in front of him.

    Lingshui County has a population of more than 600,000, and its history is also very weak. It has been inconspicuous since ancient times.

    In the 1990s, the government built a pedestrian street and built a commercial building, which has been booming since 2010.  Later, comprehensive shopping malls appeared, and Lingshui also had one. It could eat and play, and there was the only movie theater, which took away a lot of customers.

    Arriving here, Ah Yuan finally felt some prosperity, the parking lot was full of cars, and the first floor was full of Decos, pharmacies, Pengpengliang and the like.

    "Why do so many people wear masks?"

    "For the epidemic, if there are cases, it will be stricter, and if there are no cases, it will be looser. It's okay now, no more inspections, but the movie theater keeps checking the green code, so we can't watch it for the time being."

    Going to the mobile phone counter first, Ah Yuan curled his lips when he saw it. He didn't like it at all, so he picked a good-looking one for taking pictures-oppo.

    Follow up to a nearby business hall to buy a card.

    Probably after 2000, when PHS was the most popular, the entire commercial street was full of mobile phone cards.  Usually it's the aunt who sets up a small table and puts up a small sign that reads:

    PHS, Travel to China, Happiness Card, M-Zone Barabara.

    Now the real-name system is rare.

    Zhuang Zhou used his ID card to apply for a card for A Yuan, and transferred 20,000 yuan with a click: "This month's pocket money!"

    Without waiting for her to speak, she counted with her fingers again: "I bought the mobile phone, as well as coats, underwear, shoes and socks, toiletries, and sanitary napkins. Remember it yourself, and think about what you lack."

    "What are you doing?"

    "I'll buy something for you! Does it feel different? Just be different! I'm going to live in a relief station, and you're going to be taken care of by local tyrants."

    "Fart, you're the one being adopted!"

    A Yuan hit him with a wave of his hand, but he grabbed it and didn't let go. He twisted his little hand and went into the mall again.

    In short, after shopping for a long time, everyone came out with two big bags.

    Send the things back first, then pick up the car, and drive to a hot pot restaurant.

    Ah Yuan was really excited this time. He had never seen so many ingredients before. He said: "Split a portion of green vegetables, hand-cut lamb, fat beef, oysters, pissing beef balls, shrimp slippery, potato chips"

    She looked at Zhuang Zhou: "Is it too much?"

      "One serving of each!" Zhuang Zhou beckoned.

    "No, no, no! I'll just order two more"

    Her eyes were stuck to the menu, and some of them still didn't understand: "What is yellow throat?"

    "Heart tube, delicious."

    "Then come one, what is a bullwhip?"

    "It's from a cow, that." The waiter said vaguely.

    "Which one?"

    Ah Yuan opened his eyes wide and bulingbuling.

    "Anyway, it's delicious, let's have one."

    Zhuang Zhou rescued the waiter and ordered another big bottle of Coke.  A Yuan was full of energy, sitting and trembling: "You also have merits here!"

    Not long after, the mandarin duck pot came up.

    She rinsed a piece of bullwhip, chewed it vigorously in her mouth, and nodded repeatedly: "It really is delicious."

    "Eat more if it tastes good."

    A plate of bullwhip in the hotpot restaurant was not much at first, so he poured it in with a splash and gave it to A Yuan.

    The little girl took a mouthful of meat and a mouthful of Coke, and quickly fell in love with the gluttony, her eyes narrowed again, which is a sign of extreme happiness.

    "Hey, you said you want to make money, how do you make money? Just like in our building, conquer the people?"

    "No, no, I never thought of scraping people's money."

    "If you don't scrape the people's money, who do you collect?"ª¬

    "Whoever has the money makes it. Have you been in the entertainment industry?"


    "Come on, let me tell you.

    Now the entertainment industry makes money, relying on off-site.  Celebrities open a shell company, buy capital at high prices, make high valuations, sign a VAM agreement, and use the VAM profits of celebrity shareholders as promised performance to fool shareholders.

    Therefore, the capital wants to promote stars, increase traffic, expand fan effect, and mislead the market.

    When they are popular, the stockholders can leave the market. After the stock price rises and they cash out, the capital money will be returned in full, and the stockholders' money will be divided into 37%.  "

    "Why is it only 70%?"

    "70% belongs to others! To get 30% depends on the face of the capital."

    "Oh, it turns out that all of you in the entertainment industry are begging on their knees?"ª¬

    "No, they lie down and beg for food. That's it, how many people want to lie down but don't have the door!"

    Zhuang Zhou revealed the tip of the iceberg, and said: "But this plate is too big, let's get some pocket money first. Come, eat."

    "You eat too, don't give it all to me."

    "I don't need it, I have strong firepower, and you eat beauty."

    "Then I'll eat it all!"

    A Yuan chewed harder and harder

    It was about four o'clock when I came out. It was a very unscrupulous time, and I almost didn't do anything.

    A Yuan sat in the co-pilot automatically and consciously, and buckled his seat belt: "Go home?"

    "I'm going to see my mother, are you going?"


    She quickly unbuckled her seat belt, rushed out, and pointed at Zhuang Zhou: "What are you doing?"

    "Let's discuss how to open an account for you!"

    "That that"

    "If you don't go, forget it. I have to think about what to say. I will take you home first."

    Only then did Ah Yuan sit up pouting.

    (and) </div&gt
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