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Text Chapter 55: Being Beaten

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    Speaking of it, Zhuang Zhou's parents can be said to have started from scratch, and at their peak they were also one of the largest families in the county.

    ? I once did business in partnership with others in the provincial capital, but the water in the big city was too deep, and the two county-level entrepreneurs couldn't grasp it. In the end, they were tricked by others and soon fell down.

    But a lean camel is bigger than a horse.

    Today, my mother lives in a beauty salon, playing small mahjong for a few dollars when she has nothing to do-people used to play hundreds of thousands of games.

    Dad has a restaurant, and the business is good enough to have fun with the gang of wine and meat friends.  The two haven't seen each other for a year, and I heard that they have found a young girl again, and they are very hot.

    at dusk.

    Zhuang Zhou didn't go to the beauty parlor, but came to a chess and card room very experienced, where his old lady was wrestling, and several card players also knew each other.

    "Aunt Liu! Aunt Guan! Aunt Zhang!"

    "Yo, Xiao Zhuang!"

    "I haven't seen you for a while, and I'm getting more and more handsome!"

    "Look at those eyes, they are the same as his mother, they are beautiful!"

    "Are you in love? What do you want to find? My niece is a kindergarten teacher"


    Zhuang Zhou leaned over to his mother, whose name was Zhao Yufen, who was nearly fifty years old. Although her property had shrunk greatly, she still looked like a rich elder sister, and she wore a clear jade bracelet on her left wrist.

    "Are you back today?"

    "Well, I have been with my friends all the time, and I plan to set up a small studio to do special effects for film and television."

    "Is the money enough?"

    "That's enough, I won't look at the supermarket anymore, I don't have time. How are you doing, how are you doing? It's okay, stop smoking and exercise every day"

    Zhao Yufen was suddenly so confused that she forgot all the cards.

    Did this kid take the wrong medicine?  She paused for a moment at a loss and asked, "Have you contacted your father?"

    "No, I haven't contacted him for a year, and he didn't call either."

    "It's strange to call. They found someone in their 20s, younger than you."

    "Did you watch it?"

    "I saw it once in the mall, the cosmetics seller, his face was smeared like putty on the wall."

    Zhao Yufen talked about her own affairs without any shyness, and several sisters shared the same hatred, and said one after another: "I saw it when I went shopping that day, and the two of them were holding hands. How old are you? You should be a serious lover."

    "What lover, it used to be called honey."

    "Yes, Xiaosan is not called Xiaosan, but Xiaomi."

    Good guy, Zhuang Zhou didn't dare to say anything, and waited until the wave passed before he said: "I still have something to do, so I'm leaving first, and I'll come see you in two days."

    "You're talking like I'm half paralyzed!"

    "Tsk, you are my mother, let's go!"

    After he left, the sisters suddenly became excited and chattered together: "Hey, Xiaozhuang has changed after going out!"

    "Where did you get so close to you before? Now I look like a wife."

    "If you want me to say, the child is still old. Some things don't need to be taught, and you will understand at a certain stage, like my son also called a few days ago, saying that there is nothing wrong, just ask how I am, ouch"

    "All right, all right!"

    Three people to stop this Versailles behavior.

    Zhao Yufen is more subtle. She is really not used to her son expressing her intimacy so directly, but at the same time, she has a sense of intimacy that she has not experienced for many years.


    Zhuang Zhou bought some meat skewers, chicken wings, and eggplant at the barbecue shop downstairs.

    Teng Teng Teng went upstairs, knocked on purpose, but there was no sound inside, knocked again, and opened a crack after a while.

    "It scared me to death, but luckily it has cat's eyes."

    "The vigilance is good, but this door must be replaced, the safest and most anti-theft."

    He passed the barbecue, and Ah Yuan turned into a cat again.

    Eat, drink, wash and wash.  Although it is an old house, it is much more spacious than her dilapidated building, with two bedrooms and one living room with a balcony.

    At this moment, A Yuan is taking a shower in the bathroom.

    She was a little undernourished when she was young, but she made up for it later. She is small, small-chested, but well-proportioned, with straight and long legs.  The skin is also not very good. A pair of hands that have been digging through the garbage mountain all the year round are rough even with gloves on.

    The water flowed across her body, and her hair was full of foam. She studied a bottle of body lotion she just bought during the day, and then shouted: "How do you use this thing?"

    "Use it after taking a shower, don't dry it too much, apply it evenly, and apply more on elbows, knees, and ankles."

    "We can switch genders, you look like a woman!"

    "It's all about being well-informed!"

    "Where did you meet?"


    There was no sound over there.

    Zhuang Zhou picked out a lot for her, quite a few of them were unused. For the first time, she felt that it was so hard for a girl to take a bath, and she finally finished it, and put on the newly bought underwear and pajamas.

    The pajamas belong to Peppa Pig.

    As soon as the powder came out, Zhuang Zhou wowed, so cute!

    "Hey, don't show a perverted expression."

    "Can you stop calling me hello? I haven't heard your official name for me. Let outsiders see that we don't know each other at all, so it's easy to doubt whether you understand?"

    "Then what do you want my name to be?"

    "I'm several years older than you, so it's not too much to call me brother?"


    A Yuan bit her lip, she didn't have the nerve to scream, she quickly closed the curtain: "It's time to sleep!"

    Sooner or later you have to call!

    Zhuang Zhou was also pia on the bed, took out his mobile phone, and harassed various chat groups. As usual, each group received 200 red envelopes.

    Puff puff!

    One by one came out and spit bubbles.

    "Let me tell you something! I'm building a film and television special effects studio. I have a little investment, and now I'm looking for business. If you have any work, you can introduce it to me, and discuss the commission in private.

    Don't ask me for those who do it while shooting. I want to do special effects alone in post.  "

    "Mr. Zhuang has finally entered the entertainment industry!"

    "President Zhuang is not born in the sky, and entertainment is like a long night!"

    "Please take care of me!"

    "Ask for a dive!"

    "Ask for a cannonball!"

    All of them were snake spirits, Zhuang Zhou was lazy to explain, but suddenly received a message, also an old classmate.

    "Old Zhuang, what happened to Meng Chaoyang?"

    "What's going on?"

    "I heard that this kid was beaten. I'm not sure. I want to ask you."

    "I don't know, I'll ask."

    Zhuang Zhou was confused, so he immediately called Meng Chaoyang, and it took him a long time to answer, his voice was languid, and he felt all kinds of grievances.

    "Didn't I ask for my salary a while ago? I didn't want to come back, so forget it, and continue to work as a screenwriter in the same group. The male lead is praised by others, that's the master, let's take care of him carefully.

    I should be unlucky too, just in time for this man to be angry, I also happened to hit the gun, caught me a few lines and started cursing, slapped the script and threw me in the face, and then he fell down.

    Fuck, he did it himself!  As a result, the bodyguard assistant came up and held me down"

    What nonsense!

    Zhuang Zhou was pained when he heard it, and asked: "Then how are you?"

    "There was a little injury on the face, and a bone was broken."


    "It's okay, I gave 200,000. To be honest, I don't think it's a loss. Maybe I will have a chance in the future."

    Lao Meng is useless.

    The kind of waste that lies completely flat.

    But Zhuang Zhou was very upset, didn't say anything, hung up the phone, lay on the bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep, and simply checked what happened to the crew.

    (One month of continuous improvement, one day off tomorrow. ?
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