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Text Chapter Fifty-Six: 800,000 Navy Instructor

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    This play is called "The Legend of Langhuan".

    It is another puppet and fairy tale drama of dog-blood Mary Su Gu who wears the skin of a big heroine.

    The heroine is the librarian of the heavens, the first male is the domineering immortal, and the second male is the emperor of heaven, the emperor likes the immortal, the immortal likes the female protagonist, the emperor abuses the female protagonist, and the immortal likes the female protagonist more and more

    The heroine steals books, imparts spells to mortals, violates the rules of heaven and is punished for ten lifetimes of suffering.  The immortal god secretly descended to protect the heroine, and the heavenly emperor also descended secretly to continue to abuse the heroine.

    However, the Emperor of Heaven abused and abused him, and he actually abused his feelings and fell in love with the heroine.  In the final battle between immortals and demons, the Heavenly Emperor blew himself up and sacrificed himself, fulfilling the hero and heroine.

    It is mixed with various elements, such as sex, lily, sadomasochism, little mother, running with the ball and so on.  An immortal who has lived for tens of thousands of years, does not do business all day long, and is full of shit

    The male protagonist is a young fresh meat in his twenties, who is still popular, and his name is Li Jingyu.

    The second male is called Chen Dongjun. He was born in a web drama, and his image as a muscular man has always been tepid.

    The two are in the same company.

    Li Jingyu was born in the draft, with stable resources and good reviews on the Internet.

    Chen Dongjun is 29 years old and has only one masterpiece, which is the web drama, and he has filmed three in a row.  The other actors in it are doing well now, but he, the protagonist, is the worst.

    However, there are also financial backers, and the resources are not very good, but they have not been cut off.

    Zhuang Zhou checked the two people's chats and post bars, and found that the fans were tearing each other up, and they didn't like each other.

    So I knew it in my heart, and it was not too late to see the time, so I simply called Lao Meng again, and Lao Meng was still sluggish: "Damn, what's the matter with you?"

    "The grandson who hit you was Li Jingyu?"


    "Do you want revenge?"

    "What's the meaning?"

    "I'll just ask you if you want to. If you say you do, just pretend that I never made this call."


    Lao Meng was silent for a while, and suddenly cried: "I'm not a dog, I was beaten for nothing, am I not angry? But I still want to hang out in the industry, so I can only take money, otherwise what else can I do?  "

    "Okay, gentlemen, don't cry and cry, you transfer 100,000 yuan to me."

    "What are you doing?"

    "It doesn't cost money to do things? If it doesn't work, I'll refund it to you privately."

    Lao Meng was unambiguous, and immediately transferred 100,000 yuan.

    Hanging up the phone here, A Yuan has already opened the curtain, gossiping all over his face: "What are you going to do?"

    "Return to the old business."

    Zhuang Zhou ran to the second bedroom, took a box from the closet, opened it, and there were eight mobile phones neatly stacked inside.

    A Yuan stared wide-eyed.

    He didn't explain, he just charged it first, and then made a call with his mobile phone: "Hello, Brother Song? Is it convenient to talk? I want to ask you something How is Li Jingyu?"

    "On the surface, he is an obedient baby, but in private, he behaves perversely, plays very wildly, and is not taboo about meat and vegetables. Recently, his team has been strict in management and restrained a bit."

    Over there is the voice of an old man with vicissitudes.

    "What's the real hammer?"

    "Xiao Zhuang"

    "I want the latest material."

    "Xiao Zhuang, you are a colleague, you know the rules."

    "Just because of a colleague, you should know that I will never sell you."

    The other side seemed to be hesitating, and after a few seconds, he spit out a few words: "He likes to find a life assistant."


    "This is the second article."


    "Weibo, blueberry jam."

    Another name was given over there.


    One piece was 50,000 yuan, and Zhuang Zhou immediately transferred 100,000 yuan.

    Doing public relations is bound to have a lot of black material. Even though there are industry rules and various factors, there are many people who sell news privately.

    Of course, they only sell news, not evidence, such as photos, videos, etc.  Because the influence of evidence is too great, it is easy to cause trouble, and many things have no evidence, and those with evidence will be destroyed in front of the employer.

    Zhuang Zhou got the news and put Li Jingyu aside for now.

    The beneficiary who started looking for Chen Dongjun on the Internet, together with Chen Dongjun, started modeling.  After modeling, I made a picture and a few seconds of video.

    He just happened to know Chen Dongjun's melon: This buddy is a shou, and he is a couple with the gold master.

    Finally, Zhuang Zhou picked one out of the pile of charged mobile phones.  At this time, he looked at A Yuan who was getting more and more confused, and then explained: "He raised money, raised another 3 million from Chen Dongjun, and found a partner with blueberry jam

    He didn't even use his own account, and asked Chen Dongjun to transfer the money to Blueberry Jam and the public relations company.

    He's more of a go-between, threading the needle through a project.

    When the sky was getting brighter, the night passed without knowing it.  Only then did Zhuang Zhou tap his numb legs, stood up slowly, went to wash his face first, and lay back on the bed dizzy.

    "Are you sleeping?"

    "Well, won't you feel sleepy if you sit with me all night?"

    "I'm alright."

    Zhuang Zhou looked at her, and he was indeed full of energy. He sighed: "It's good to be young, unlike me, who is old, what can I do in the future."

    He muttered, and suddenly began to have a backache.

    A Yuan only asked: "Then it's over after Li Jingyu hit someone?"


    Zhuang Zhou yawned: "Go to sleep, there is no such person in the entertainment circle."


    It's another morning.

    The morning of the workers starts with a hand pie. In this city called the capital, there are more than 10 million workers.

    Busy like ants, going round and round, bringing vitality to the development of the city.  Every second of time elapses, one second of their life is consumed.

    It is a rare opportunity to relax when taking the bus or subway without aunt cursing.  One by one holding their mobile phones, numbly scrolling through various information pushed by big data.

    It is everyone's good fortune to have melons to eat.

    Today was very lucky. People who swiped their mobile phones showed a little bit of joy, and they suddenly couldn't wait. They wished they could go to the company to share the happiness with their colleagues.

    (No more!) </div&gt
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