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Text Chapter 57: Natou Le

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    In 1995, there was a meeting in San Francisco.

    American expert Brzezinski proposed a "Natou music theory".

    With the rapid development of the world, class differentiation will become more and more serious, and the "28th rule" will inevitably appear, that is: 20% of the people in the world take the express train all the way, and 80% of the people will be marginalized.

    So we need to give these 80% of people a "gift" and let them be leeks in their own right.

    For example, the porn industry, low-quality online games, endless celebrity gossip, garbage idol dramas, reality shows, short videos and other addictive pastime and stimulation products.

    In order to fill people's lives, divert attention and dissatisfaction, and unconsciously lose the ability to think about real problems.

    Many people on the Internet say that this thing is a trap created by the United States for China. It is not clear whether it is a trap or not. It just feels that the whole world is following this trend.

    Regardless of East and West, domestic and foreign

    Early this morning, Weibo was bombed:

    #blueberry jam#


    #Life Assistant#


    #李静宇6-second video#

    Just looking at these hot searches is enough to arouse the g-spot of netizens.

    In recent years, from my sister-in-law's haircut to her humility, from 800 million to Sister Shuangzi, whenever a celebrity has a big event, which time is it not to tell everyone, and the whole people eat melons?

    Today is no exception. I don't know how many people are happily swiping Weibo.

    Since Blueberry Jam didn't care about this account, it was used for one-time consumption. The main battlefield was a long article she posted, and Li Jingyu was also specially targeted.

    "The origin of this long article stems from the jealousy of a humble woman.

    Although I have only been your life assistant for half a month, although I have told myself more than once, it is just for fun But before I left, I still took your vows and sweet words seriously

    It turns out that you change your life assistant once a week on average, but I actually stayed strong for half a month. Should I be proud of myself?

    It turns out that your targets range from men to women, and there are no taboos for meat or vegetables.

    It turned out that I said I love you to every assistant, but turned around and wanted to continue whoring for nothing.

    I put up with your enthusiasm for multiplayer sports and selfies, and foolishly believed that you would really come to me"

    The following has hundreds of thousands of likes and hundreds of thousands of comments:

    ""You said I love you, but you turned around and changed to another assistant""

    "Before there was Luo Xiaozhu's multiplayer sports, and now there is Li Jingyu's life assistant. The entertainment industry really has successors, and the inheritance is proper!"

    "It's over, I won't be able to look directly at the word assistant in the future!"

    "This time, Sister Shuangzi didn't send 'I feel sorry for you for 9 years, and you still love him in your text'!"

    "Hahaha, grab the bamboo shoots upstairs!"

    "Fuck you bitch!"

    "Don't slander my brother!"

    In addition to this long article, more battlefields are fermenting, and marketing accounts are deployed. The most popular one is to take stock of Li Jingyu's recent activity pictures, and circle people who look like female assistants in the pictures. Each picture is different.

    If marketing wants to create momentum, it must bloom from multiple angles.

    Ever since, outside secrets came up, true and false revelations appeared, and a large number of male and female stars were involved.

    "Now the rumors are tight and unhygienic, many celebrities don't go out to play. The management team is like a pimp, male celebrities find life assistants, and female celebrities find bodyguards.

    The assistants are all well-groomed, and the bodyguards are all lively.  Personal service, beauty and life, safety and health, and a little fun, this is the kingly way.  "

    ? Many PR companies are contacting clients:

    "Someone is doing something, Li Jingyu, are you interested?"

    "Someone is doing something, think about it?"


    On the Hengdian set, Chen Dongjun and his agent couldn't keep their legs together while holding the phone.

    Just now, they saw with their own eyes that Li Jingyu was filming, and suddenly, in the bewilderment of the whole audience, he was pulled out by the manager without even a word of explanation.

    Haven't come back yet.

    "Do you think you can beat him to death this time?" Chen Dongjun asked.

    "Don't worry about hammering or hammering to death, you should contact your person right now!"

    "What are you doing?"

    "Let's see if I can turn you into a man!" The manager hated iron but steel.

    the other side.

    Li Jingyu's agent?? shouted overwhelmingly: "I told you a long time ago, we will find what you want for you, forget it when you are done playing, block it immediately, don't make unnecessary moves!

    It's good for you, you have to contact them privately!  Do you think I don't know how many people are on your phone?  Can you be smarter?  "

    "What's the matter? Didn't there have been revelations before? Give me some money, and the public relations will be fine. But that girl is really exciting."

    Li Jingyu didn't care.

    "This time is different! This time is different!"

    The manager really wanted to spit on his face. This guy didn't go to a serious university. He graduated from a technical school.

    "Send the current assistant immediately, and shut up quickly! Delete all the people in your phone, and ask Lao Song again, who is doing things this time"

    "elder sister!"

    The subordinates ran over in a panic, holding up their mobile phones: "It's too late!"

    "What's so late!"

    "The video is out!"

    The manager took a look and found that it was the legendary 6-second video. Although Weibo prohibits dissemination, it has gone viral in various chat groups.

    Her head was buzzing, and she shouted: "Look for Mr. Lei! Find Mr. Lei immediately!"

    "Here, what should I do?"

    Li Jingyu also panicked.

    "Boss Lei stopped answering the phone!" said the subordinate.

    "It's over!"

    When the agent heard this, he had no strength at all, and he was given up.  Unless there are funders who are interested in cooperation, some funders promote stars purely for fun.

    Playing with it means that it can be replaced at will.

    Immediately afterwards, more unfavorable news came:

    "The news from Mango Channel said that there is no need to consider the next episode."

    "XX Variety Show wants to discuss with us, can they quit automatically?"

    "xx declined the endorsement."

    At this time, only fans are still insisting: "Sisters, don't give up, support brother!"

    "The difficulty will pass soon, we will wait for brother to come back!"

    Normal people can't understand the brain circuits of fans, and those celebrities who have touched the law after taking drugs still have a large group of fans shouting

    The Li Jingyu incident has been buzzing on Weibo all day.

    The worst thing is not those reserved resources, but the ongoing or completed variety shows and TV dramas.  The producer was most afraid of this, the filming was finally finished, and it was just about to be released, when something happened to the actor.

    The extent that it must be cut off.

    The film crew of "The Legend of Langhuan" is a hard worker!

    The crew held a meeting overnight, and the atmosphere was dull. The director coughed twice and said, "Li Jingyu must be abolished. Chen Dongjun said that he can get some funds, on condition that he is the male lead. What's your opinion?"


    Everyone is not used to it, and they are all thinking.

    There is still an expert who quickly put forward an idea: "Swap the male one male and the second, and right the emperor of heaven. In the process of constantly abusing the heroine, I discovered the beauty of the heroine and was moved by her. In the end, I was willing to die for her, but was rejected by the heroine."  A drop of tear saves lives, and lovers get married in the end.

    The Immortal Venerable finally fell into a demon, became a villain, and was killed by the hero and heroine.  "

    "How can the heroine's tears save her life?"

    "Fairy! It's really impossible to add a setting. The heroine is born with a forgetful fairy body and has no emotions, but once this kind of person is emotional, she will suffer heartbreaking pain, and the tears shed can bring the dead back to life"

    "Hey, this is good, this is good! The current audience likes this setting."

    "Swapping people to shoot backwards, but what about the ones that were shot before?"

    "Find a technical team and change your face."

    In the early 1980s, ATV's TV series "The Change of Silkworms" was very popular, and the hero was Xu Shaoqiang.

    Due to some reasons, Xu Shaoqiang dropped the pick halfway, so the crew had to change people for filming, and came up with a plot: the protagonist practiced the magic of silkworms, and when he reached great success, he transformed into a butterfly, resulting in a drastic change in appearance

    Very slippery!

    However, the nature of the two is different. "The Change of the Silkworm" was filmed and broadcast at the same time, and the audience had already seen Xu Shaoqiang's face, so they could only play tricks on the plot.

    "The Legend of Langhuan" hasn't been aired yet, so it's ok to change faces.

    As mentioned earlier, face-changing is not uncommon in the entertainment industry, and the film studio has no other way to do research, so it has to do so.

    (Thanks to the new leader, and) </div&gt
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