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Text Chapter 58: The First Order

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    Meng Chaoyang was the same age as Zhuang Zhou, and they were considered sunny and cheerful before.

    After becoming a screenwriter, he was beaten like a dead dog by the society, lacking in energy, and getting old day by day.  He is still recovering, but without delaying the code words, he is still staying with the crew.

    When the Li Jingyu incident broke out, he stared at the phone and just wanted to shout, and at the same time he was surprised.

    Lao Zhuang turned out to be so awesome!

    The expert is actually by my side!

    At this time, Meng Chaoyang came out of the hotel with injuries, ran to the set, and found the director during the filming break.  He was in a special situation, and the crew felt that he was wronged, but no one stood up to speak out.

    In the entertainment industry, confusion is the original sin.

    A small coffee position is the original sin.

    "Xiao Meng, what's the matter?"

    "I heard that you are going to change people and need to do some special effects. I have a friend who runs a studio"

    "Xiao Meng, we all have regular cooperative companies, and we will have a chance in the future." The director is quite polite.

    This is true. Now filming is all bundled. The makeup team, photography team, martial arts, art, post-production, etc. are all inertial cooperation.

    Meng Chaoyang didn't give up, and continued: "Director, our price is low, our efficiency is fast, and the effect is goodDirector! Director! If it doesn't work, you can give it a try. You can just give it a shot and see the effect.

    Director!  director!  For my poor sake, give me a chance"

    The director sighed, bad things happen to the crew every day, and he is also a part-time job, so it is not easy to make some money.  He looked at the other party's appearance, he was bullied by Li Jingyu, but now Li Jingyu suddenly disappeared, feeling a little inexplicably:

    Doing this line of work is precarious!

    The investment in "The Legend of Langhuan" is medium, and more than half of it is spent on the leading actor. The film creator is breaking up with Li Jingyu's agency, trying to get back the early money.

    However, when changing roles halfway, the cost increased again. Fortunately, Chen Dongjun's sponsor supported him, so that the filming could continue

    Special effects for film and television dramas are usually handed over to several companies. For example, some are good at Movia, some are good at 3D animation, and some are good at modeling. This division of labor will lead to higher efficiency.

    The director thought for a while, if it is really cheap and easy to use, then there is no harm in trying it, and said: "Let's talk about it first, I only do face swaps."


    "Well, please leave a contact information."

    "Thank you director! Thank you director!"

    Meng Chaoyang smiled and contacted Zhuang Zhou immediately.

    "Haha, buddy doesn't owe favors, I will help you with a job right away."

    "What life?"

    Zhuang Zhou scratched his head when old Meng Babala talked about the matter, but it was inconvenient to refuse, so he accepted it if he kindly asked.  Li Jingyu is a good comrade, he can still use his spare energy after leaving.

    "Someone will contact you later, by the way, what is the name of your studio?"

    "Call it a getaway."

    "Damn it, do you have the score? I almost begged for this opportunity, so you still 'right'?"

    "It's called a free and easy excursion, don't talk nonsense, and see the effect then!"

    Soon, Zhuang Zhou got in touch with the crew.

    He said he was opening a studio and hadn¡¯t registered yet, but he communicated with the crew as the person in charge of the studio, and a digital shot was passed over there, with two actors in it, asking him to replace one person¡¯s face with another  of.

    ? When it comes to domestic films, everyone is complaining about special effects.  In fact, our technology is good, the main reasons are:

    One is that the investment funds cannot keep up, and the time given is too short.  Needless to say, Hollywood's special effects fees, key people also have a long cycle, from pre-production to post-production, it takes 2 or 3 years.

    Domestic films are usually given half a year, or even a few months.  And it costs half of the money to hire a sissy, so how much money is left for special effects?

    Second, the production process is backward.

    Hollywood's special effects team participates in the whole process of filming, and has a dedicated visual director and special effects supervisor.  Many of us are separated, the pre-production is the pre-production, the shooting is the shooting, and the post-production is the post-production, and the director himself does not understand.

    The third is the lack of industry giants.

    Domestic technology has improved rapidly, but there is a lack of giant companies to coordinate the industrial chain, formulate standards, develop software, and advance technology, like Industrial Light & Magic and Vita.

    Of course, objectively speaking, in terms of movies, the country is becoming more and more willing to spend money.  "The Wandering Earth", "Operation Red Sea" and "Assassination of Novelists" are all good.

    TV dramas are still close, like "Twelve Tan", it's already 2021, and the special effects of salted fish can still appear!

    Zhuang Zhou is not goodIn order to bear Lao Meng's wishes, he did a simple operation.

    First convert the footage of a few seconds into the format, and then load it.  After loading it in, with a few clicks, the faces of the two people are perfectly swapped.

    Finally, it is converted into a video format and compressed in size, and the whole process takes less than ten minutes.  According to realistic standards, this is the workload of five people a day.

    So Zhuang Zhou deliberately delayed for a long time before sending it to the crew.



    "Not bad, it's over!"

    On the set of "The Legend of Langhuan", the director stopped the scene and did not continue, but said with a loudspeaker: "Everyone, listen to it! Something happened recently, and the impact was very bad. It seems that you obviously lack morale.

    Now I officially explain that the filming of this drama will definitely continue, and the crew will not disband. The investors still have confidence in us and expressed their support.

    The issue of the actors is already being coordinated, and the details will be changed. We will talk about it at that time.  All you have to do is to relax and make a good show!

    OK, take a 10-minute break!  "

    Everyone dispersed in twos and threes. The director said so, but he was also uneasy in his heart, sitting aside and smoking in silence.

    The assistant came over suddenly and said, "The material has been sent back."

    "What material?"

    "The Getaway Studio."


    Only then did the director come back to his senses, looked at the machine, and asked, "You asked them to change faces, right?"


    "Has this changed?"

    "It's changed, you can watch the original video."

    The assistant brought up the original shot, and compared the two, they were a little confused.

    In this shot, two people are walking side by side. After changing their faces, no details such as outline, facial features, hair, etc., or elements such as background, color tone, light and shadow, will be affected at all.

    It is completely natural, as if it is a picture taken!


    The director watched it over and over again, inexplicably a little apprehensive, and really couldn't see any flaws, and asked, "Did they make an offer?"

    "Not yet, wait for us."

    For a real face change, the actor does not need to make up for the scene, it only needs to capture his entire face in 360 degrees, and then it can be replaced.  But in China, we can't afford it, so we often use the method of changing faces + re-shooting to save costs.

    Currently on the market, the price of AI face swapping is about 250 yuan/second.

    And manual face changing, that is, the price of manual cutout is about 2,000 yuan/second, and even the simplest job, the lowest price is 800 yuan/second.

    "You sent it during the day and sent it back at night?"


    "Then their team is quite big, otherwise they wouldn't be able to have such high efficiency!"

    The director pondered over it, and decided to throw the pot away: "Find the producer and explain what I mean clearly, and say that the effect of this company is very good, and promise a discount. Let him discuss the specific amount."



    All of this happened the day after the Li Jingyu incident broke out.

    It took Zhuang Zhou a whole day's sleep to make up for the loss of staying up all night. For him, the so-called Li Jingyu has drifted away with the wind, and the little days with A Yuan are the most important.

    The farmhouse that I ate tonight is made in one pot.

    It is kidney beans, pork ribs, potatoes, corn on the cob, etc., put them in a pot, and then paste a circle of pancakes.

    A Yuan was not willing to eat or wear over there. After only a few days here, those spoiled by him began to waste extravagantly. Mala Tang dared to add an extra side dish.

    In short, eat and play in various ways so that you can get familiar with the environment as soon as possible.

    After eating, Zhuang Zhou drove to the south of the county seat, where there was a building.  A Yuan got out of the car and took a look. The big plaque read: "Tsinghua Pool!"

    "Where is this place?"

    "Bath center."

    "What are we doing here?"

    "Of course I take a shower."
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