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Text Chapter 61 Small business

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    After talking with the producer of "The Legend of Langhuan", Zhuang Zhou found an intermediary and quickly registered the studio.

    In order to show his sincerity and let him work with peace of mind, the producer actually introduced a project to him: ""Mrs.

    "Okay, I won't delay you."

    "Well, I will give you the contact information, and you can talk about it in detail."

    Zhuang Zhou added the other party's WeChat account, and when he heard about the work content, hey guy, it's almost like changing his head, this is intensive work.  The object is still a teenage mother!

    The girl's mother's headlights are shaking!

    The teenage mother and her young boyfriend have broken up!

    It is said that it is because her boyfriend can't accept her child and doesn't like wearing condoms!

    Simply talk about the special effects.

    Special effects are a general concept, specifically divided into: modeling, animation, rendering, matting, erasing wire, compositing, etc.  Each link is divided into several small projects, and the corresponding teams are responsible for them.

    The cost of special effects includes three aspects:


    Dual monitors + workstation + a large external hard drive of several tons, this is the basic configuration, and the price of a workstation is hundreds of thousands.

    Even with such top-level hardware, it takes 5 hours of continuous operation to render 1 frame.  There are usually 24 frames in 1 second of a film and television drama - more in ultra-high definition.

    In order to improve efficiency, there is only a brutal increase in the number of hardware.  For example, Industrial Light and Magic has built its own rendering farm, with thousands of workstations and servers running day and night, and the cost of photoelectricity is scary.


    Every link requires a lot of professional software, such as Maya for 3D animation, which costs $1,470 per year.  And every machine has to install these genuine software


    This cost the most money, accounting for more than 60%.

    The special effects team of "Avatar" has 1,855 people, "Titanic" has 739 people, and "Transformers 3" has 1,178 people.

    The annual salary of ordinary special effects artists is about 40,000 US dollars, that of senior special effects artists is about 60,000 US dollars, and that of top special effects artists is about 150,000 US dollars.  Based on a team of 1,000 people, the annual salary would be more than 50 million US dollars.

    The domestic calculation method is similar, called "person-day cost", that is, the cost (hardware, software, manpower) consumed by a special effects artist for a day's work.

    For example, to do this project, the person-day cost is 1,000 yuan, and 100 people are needed for 10 days, so the total cost is 1 million yuan.

    The company quotes according to the cost.

    So Zhuang Zhou was distressed. I only had two people and two machines. The cost was almost zero, and the quotation had to be carefully considered. If you have money, you will get it for nothing.

    The technical content of image editing is low, and the price is not high, but the repetitive work is too boring.

    He talked with the other party for a long time, and reached an agreement: "1.2 million, we should pay 30% of the down payment first, and settle the balance within two months after the completion of the project."



    "Stop it, you're all traitors!"

    On a remote road in the outskirts of the county, A Yuan sat in the driver's seat with the seat adjusted to the lowest position, lightly stepped on the accelerator with his short legs, and firmly held the steering wheel with both hands, without blinking his eyes.

    This SUV, which has not been deducted a single point and has not been scratched once, has been scarred and bruised in just a few days.


    The car moved forward slowly, suddenly began to drift, and accelerated inexplicably, hitting the curb.  Ah Yuan yelled, stepped on the brakes and shifted into reverse gear, slowly stepped back, and glanced at the next door.

    Zhuang Zhou propped his cheeks with his hands, life is hopeless, destroy it, hurry up, I'm tired!

    He has already figured out what to buy for a new car.

    "I'm done practicing."

    "Well, it's better than yesterday, and I can pull the handbrake."

    The two exchanged seats, and he had to comfort him: "Learning to drive is easy. In the future, we will buy an RV. Let's go on a self-driving tour, go north to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Cao, and see the real big cities."

    Zhuang Zhou drove the car, didn't go back to the county, and went directly to Shencheng on the main road.

    An hour later, he arrived in Ping'an District, the most remote and poorest district in Shencheng.  When I came to a small street, I found an old small building with a shop downstairs.

    They went up to the second floor, a large spacious room with a sign: Happy Tour Film and Television Culture Studio!

    The logo is a kun like a big fish, and there is nothing inside except a few tables and chairs and a few broken computers.

    Why is it opened in Shencheng?  Because a film and television special effects company opened in the county, it is too conspicuous!  Shencheng has a population of nearly 10 million, a new first-tier city, so it won't be abrupt.

    Don't miss it, the cost is not low.

    ? There are regulations in the state that for the registration of film and television related companies, the capital shall not be less than 3million, there must be more than 3 professionals

    Zhuang Zhou took the identity of Lao Meng and the others, emptied his savings, and borrowed some money from his mother, and finally started driving.  There is no front desk or cleaning, and even the accountant is a part-time job.

    "It's really Xiongguan, the road is like iron, and now I'm going to start from the beginning!"

    He looked at the dilapidated house with great pride.

    "I'll do the math first!"

    He turned on the calculator on his phone, and said: "The two production crews have paid 30% of the initial payment, 1.25 million for "The Legend of Langhuan", and 360,000 for "Ms. Pearl", a total of 1.61 million.

    The accountant said that about 90,000 taxes were paid, leaving 1.52 million.  "

    "The rent is 1,000 per month, and you have to hire two employees to put on a show. The salary is 3-4k, and you eat every month, and your pocket money is 20,000 Hey, it's a small business!"

    He has already finished the face-changing of "The Legend of Langhuan" and the retouching of "Ms. Pearl".

    To be exact, it was done in one day!

    Zhuang Zhou doesn't know how to retouch pictures, but it doesn't matter, he can model the girl's mother at the peak of her appearance, and then load the head into the material, which is almost equal to retouching.

    "That's 1.52 million, it's too easy"

    A Yuan has a feeling that there is money all over the floor, and he picks it up casually.

    What is the concept of a one-time income of 1.52 million in Lingshui County?  is the richest man concept.

    And zero cost, zero cycle.  The other family was eager for more time, and the two of them had to figure out the construction period, a little faster, so as not to be too shocking.

    Really annoying!

    "It's much easier for you to make money here than it is for me. A drama is worth hundreds of millions, and it's just a few million if you scrape it off."

    "That's why I rolled in, I want to eat cake."

    "It's almost time, will you give it to them?"


    "What about the final payment?"

    "The wages of migrant workers cannot be in arrears. They are all honest companies, and they must be trusted."

    A Yuan rolled his eyes.


    "The Legend of Langhuan" continues to be filmed.

    ? Chen Dongjun became the first male lead as he wished, and this drama became popular because of Li Jingyu's bad deeds.  The crew immediately issued a statement about the change of roles, condemning the bad style of the entertainment industry, and also won a wave of favor for survival.

    These days, there is only a thin line between black and red, and you can ride the wind and waves if you grasp the scale.

    Meng Chaoyang's injury was almost over, and he continued to follow the group. He was yawning boredly in a corner when his cell phone rang.

    "Hello? Lao Meng, are you still on the set?"

    "here I am."

    "How much life is left?"

    "It's coming soon, the filming of this scene is almost over. I have to spend the first half of the year writing, and half the year of asking for salary."

    "It's okay, you're my employee now, you've done the job for me, I'll give you a commission."

    "Hey, thank you then!"

    Hang up the phone, Lao Meng is not stupid, just savor the taste and wait and see what happens.

    On the other side, the assistant found the producer: "The face change is done"

    (No more! ?
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