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    Before I knew it, it was already the fourth book.

    When writing to a certain extent, there will be a kind of entanglement.

    Repeating the previous ones, I am afraid that people will say that I am relying on my laurels, and I want to innovate, but it is not so easy to create.

    This book was born out of this kind of entanglement. How should I put it? Of course, I can write the old ones, but I still want to be a little different. This book is a new attempt.

    In the first two entertainment articles, the protagonists are saving the film and television industry, this one is tired, so destroy it.

    Having written this, the main story line should be clear, that is, the renaissance in one world and the reshuffle in another world.

    Many readers don't like it, and may not even read it, I completely understand.

    There are also some readers who have been supporting, especially the old friends who have followed from "The Age of Literature and Art". Whenever they see those familiar ids, they are really moved.

    I also attracted some new readers. Although the number is not large, I am very gratified and grateful.

    In short, after writing these hundreds of thousands of words, I jumped out of some of the style and rhythm I am used to. The recommendations, monthly tickets, and chapters are not as good as the previous ones. I actually know the results of the shelves.

    It will be on the shelves tomorrow at 12:00 noon, so the first chapter will be released at 12:00.

    ?I don¡¯t know how many people are still chasing this book, anyway, let¡¯s ask for a first order, the first order results are better, at least it can give me some confidence.

    Tomorrow will be five shifts first.

    Then I will try to break out. This book and the previous book owe more to the cute master. I hope my old waist can hold on.

    ? Finally, I would like to thank the editor Qilin, who has done a lot of work for this book and worked hard.
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