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Main Text Chapter 62 Hey Just Playing 1

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    The producer estimated the date: "It's pretty fast, a lot earlier than expected, has it been passed?"

    "It's passed on."

    110 minutes of material, divided into several sections.

    It happened to be a filming break, and Hengdian provided a good environment with everything.  The director came to ask questions, and he and a few people sat around in front of the computer to watch.

    Let's open a section first. As soon as the replaced lens came out, everyone was shocked.

    The outline, facial features, hair, background, color tone, light and shadow of the characters are all natural without any sense of abruptness.  It seems that there was no face change, it was taken directly.

    "Has this technology caught up with Hollywood?"

    "Does Hollywood have this level?"

    "Yes, "Rejuvenation", "Fast and Furious 7", "Captain America", aren't they all head replacements?"

    "That's a movie-level special effect. It costs a lot of money, right?"

    "Who knows, maybe this team is awesome!"

    The director watched it for a few minutes and found that it was flawless. He said excitedly, "How much did you negotiate for?"

    "Thirty-eight thousand per minute, hehe, that person is just a baby, he just wants to start a business But this technology is really awesome, I have never seen it in China."

    The producer was also amazed. While watching, the phone rang suddenly, and he curled his lips: "Yo, there's news from Chu'er."

    "Have you received the material? How is it?"

    "It's pretty good, everyone is very satisfied, and the director even praised you."

    "That's good, we are also worried, it's great to get your approval. Uh, this is already finished, the final payment"

    "Don't worry, we will definitely follow the rules!"

    "Hey, that's good, I won't bother you."


    After the producer chatted and cursed, he directly blocked, and said with a sneer: "A newcomer who has no heels, who the hell will pay the final payment, just stay well!"

    He didn't shy away from it. In front of everyone, no one said a word.

    The director frowned and said nothing.  The production team's special effects fee has always been a metaphysics, and the special effects fee can only be paid after all that should be spent and all that should not be spent has been spent.

    What do you mean should not be spent?

    The production team is the hardest hit area for corruption, and they are all rich in money.  They don't care about breaking the contract. If the contract is really valid, there won't be so many broken things. Not everyone can afford to go to court

    ?The father of a certain host owes more than 400,000 yuan, which is just a drop in the bucket.

    Due to a taunt from the producer, the atmosphere was a little awkward, and immediately after, a person suddenly shouted: "What happened?"

    "What the hell?"

    "Something passed by just now! Hey, here we go again!"


    Many people have seen it this time, there is indeed an object like lightning, whooshing from one end of the screen to the other, it is not clear at all.


    Everyone looked at each other, is this a technical bug?

    And after a few seconds, the thing whizzed back again, this time it didn't disappear, and it stopped firmly in the center of the screen.

    I saw water ripples on the screen. It turned out to be a funny big fish, lying on the bottom of the water and spitting bubbles, making a sound of "cuckoo wave".

    Coupled with its two eyes with large whites and small pupils, it is weird and full of sarcasm.

    At the same time, a watermark of "Xiaoyaoyou Studio" appeared majesticly, firmly bia at the lower right corner of the screen.  It rotates in a circle every few seconds, for fear that others will not see it.


    The scene was eerily quiet, only listening to the constant "cuckoobobo"


    One person couldn't help but squirt, and quickly covered his mouth.

    The director frowned tightly, wanted to say something but couldn't say anything, the producer's complexion turned red and then turned pale, as if someone had pressed his head to eat shit, and he even gave him money!

    He took out his cell phone and wanted to send a message, but damn he realized that he had blocked the other party just now, so he called directly.

    After a few beeps, there was a click.

    Hit again, press again.

    On the seventh or eighth time, the other party answered.

    "I'm xxxx!"

    The producer scolded the street when he came up, and bang, he hung up again there.

    This person is also considered a senior in the film and television industry, with rich experience in shamelessness, but today he was prostituted by a young boy in his mouth.  He took a few deep breaths, managed to slow down, and hit again.Pass:

    "Brother, what do you mean?"

    "Hey, it's good to speak human language, don't bark like a dog."


    The producer almost had a heart attack, and said: "There is something to discuss, it's not kind of you to do this, right?"

    "Why not be kind? I followed the initiative of the industry alliance and did not give the final payment or remove the watermark."

    The industry alliance is a fart!

    The producer cursed in his heart. He really didn't expect the other party to dare to add a watermark. He endured and said: "Brother, the water is very deep here, you can't grasp it. I advise you to remove the watermark."

    "Don't say that, our small business is not easy. You pay the final payment on time, and I'll remove the watermark for you. Your movie hasn't finished filming yet. Two months is more than enough, so it won't delay your post-production."

    "The contract we signed in black and white, we will do what we promise, and you don't need to do this!"

    "Everyone is a sensible person, so there is no need to talk nonsense. You don't need to pay the final payment. Anyway, 1.25 million has already been paid, so let's make friends and cooperate again when we have the opportunity"

    Crack, he hung up again

    The matter of watermarking has been proposed by the domestic film and television post-production industry alliance in the first two years. One of them is: In order to ensure the final payment, it is best to add a watermark.

    However, in actual execution, many small and medium-sized teams can¡¯t persist. You add a watermark once, and the crew communicates with each other, so they won¡¯t look for you next time.

    So over time, this initiative is the same as beating workers, except for the head team, the 996 is still 996.

    Because the special effects are also introverted!

    There are so many special effects in the world, why did Mao Fei find domestic ones?

    For example, many directors like to find Korean teams, which are cheap and easy to use.  Because the South Korean government has subsidies, they will pay to bring the Chinese filmmakers to Seoul, help contact special effects companies, and subsidize the difference.

    The South Korean company quoted 10 million yuan, but the film studio was only willing to pay 8 million yuan, and the government subsidized 2 million yuan.

    Later, special effects teams from Hollywood, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia all flocked to China.  Because the film and television industry here is too prosperous, it squeezes the living space of local teams.

    As for us, until now we don't even have a standardized production process!

    One thing to note: domestic movies and TV dramas are completely two industries, and there are also chaotic movies, but they are relatively formal.  TV dramas are divided into the drama circle and the non-drama circle, and the latter is like shit.

    The main thing here is shit

    "How to say?"

    "I don't know what technology it is, and I can't do it."

    "Can't do it?"

    The producer waved his arms and began to growl: "With so many companies, a broken watermark can't be removed? Are you kidding me?"

    "It's not those words, the key is the fish! They said that they really can't get rid of it, or they have to remake the material, and they can also change the face. Although it is not as good as it, it is cheaper"


    "Hurry up and get out!"

    The producer kicked the assistant, and the assistant scrambled to escape.


    Don't be kidding, it's not that easy!

    Not to mention the extra money, the effect is not as good as it is, and if it is not as good as it is, it will have to be re-shot, and the whole plan will be messed up!

    Seeing that it is almost finished, everything that should be spent is spent, and what should not be spent is also spent. I can eat everything I can, and the remaining money is accurate to a few cents.  And this money is really used for the later stage and cannot be moved.

    After all, the producer was flexible, so he made another phone call: "Brother, hey, I'll just say a few words This time I was wrong, I admit my mistake, I'm damned, but the crew is really in trouble, please help me this time  "


    "Beep beep"

    At the same time, "Mrs. Pearl".

    The producer is also clamoring: "What the hell do you mean? What do you mean by getting a fish? You think you can blackmail us, don't you? Let me tell you, I won't give you a dime. If you want the final payment, go ahead and dream."  !

    We can't do anything if you get a broken fish?  Do you think you are James Cameron?

    Let me tell you, I will find another company to erase it for you in minutes!  Fuck, do you know who the investor in this show is?  Do you still want to hang out in the industry, you don't want to get a job in the future"


    Zhuang Zhou made the same evaluation and asked, "Has it been recorded?"

    "It's recorded." A Yuan said.

    "Why do you say that they are so confident in breaking the contract, squeezing the downstream industry, and being unscrupulous, as long as others resist a little, they will jump up and attack them, as if they are the victim?" He sighed.

    "Get used to it."

    A Yuan talked about the hot and sour noodles, and said indifferently: "Don't you just want to overthrow them? Come on!"

    "Hey, don't say that, I am asking for salary legally."

    (besides¡­¡­)??Resist a little, jump up and attack, as if you are the victim?  he sighed.

    "Get used to it."

    A Yuan talked about the hot and sour noodles, and said indifferently: "Don't you just want to overthrow them? Come on!"

    "Hey, don't say that, I am asking for salary legally."

    (Also ?
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