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Main Text Chapter 63 Hey Just Playing 2

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    ? After some white whoring and anti-white whoring, the two parties had different reactions.

    "Ms. Pearl" is a big production, and the girl's mother is the head star, how could it be possible to compromise with Xiaopo Studio?

    Anyway, it¡¯s cheap to edit pictures, and the upfront payment is only 360,000 yuan. I would rather find another person than pay the final payment. Instead of paying, I want to teach this ignorant team a lesson.

    "Langhuan Biography" is different, they are small in size and short of money.

    "Should I ask Chen Dongjun to raise more funds?"

    "A few million is not a problem. The problem is that we don't have the resources to exchange it, and people will definitely not be able to pay for nothing." The producer said bitterly.

    "Let me do it"

    The director sighed helplessly, and said: "My old classmate is preparing a new play, I recommend it to try."

    He was tired and just wanted to finish filming early and take a break. There were too many things to ruin the drama. First, the male lead quit out of nowhere, changed roles midway, and even changed the plot drastically.

    "Director! Director!"

    While the two were talking, the assistant hurried in, holding a mobile phone.

    Suddenly trembling, intuition must be something good.

    "Look at Weibo!"

    The director took a look, it turned out that Xiaoyaoyou had certified an official Weibo account and just posted a long article.  He stared wide-eyed after scanning a few words, and the producer was also shocked when he saw it:

    "Are they crazy?"

    "This team is a newly established special effects studio with no foundation and only a passion.

    Thanks to the appreciation of the seniors in the industry, I was lucky enough to take over two small projects and officially opened for business.  One is "The Legend of Lang Huan". Due to well-known reasons, Li Jingyu took over the job of changing heads.

    The other is "Mrs. Pearl", which took over the job of retouching the heroine.

    Don't dare to exaggerate, seek truth from facts, the team completed the task on schedule and according to the effect, and added a watermark to the material according to the initiative of the industry alliance.

    Because we usually receive a 30% down payment first, and there will be a final payment within two months of completing the task.  After receiving the final payment, we will erase the watermark.

    We followed the standard procedure from beginning to end, but after submitting the material, the producers of the two film studios became furious, insulting, threatening, and intimidating with extremely ugly language

    This is very incomprehensible. Did we do something wrong?  Shouldn't we be watermarking?  Why are they angry, aren't they going to pay the balance in the first place?

    What's more, our watermark is so cute.  "

    Followed by a moving picture of a big fish, gurgling and bubbling

    In short, this article interprets a story of "I do things well, why do you bully me for nothing" in a tea-like tone.

    Finally, don¡¯t forget to place an advertisement:

    "In the big industry of film and television special effects, we are a very professional rookie team, especially good at changing heads and retouching pictures. We welcome all parties to cooperate and negotiate"

    An account that has just been registered and doesn't have many fans yet. It has become a hot search with only a long article, and there are many comments and reposts.

    After fermenting for a while, this account didn't think it was a big deal and posted a second post, directly throwing out the comparison between changing the head and retouching the picture!

    I also deliberately added a sentence: "Infringement must be deleted!"

    Ever since, everyone saw the slumped face of the girl's mother that couldn't be covered by thick makeup, and saw the miraculous spiritual image of intensive cultivation.

    ? I saw Li Jingyu's original video, and saw the head-changing effect without any sense of disobedience.


    The first to fry the pan is the girl's mother's fans.

    "Get out, all cats and dogs come to touch porcelain!"

    "Do you know how big the production of "Ms. Pearl" is? I like your trash team?"

    "Poor young mother, she is always being slandered all day long! Those who slander her appearance are all blind!"

    If there are fans, there must be black fans.

    "Pull it down! Acting for more than ten years, relying on traffic to make a living, have children and still manage girl characters, is it disgusting?"

    "Girl mothers and big babies are cancers in the entertainment industry!"

    When the two sides were fighting, people who eat melons also rushed over.

    "One thing to say, that fish is really good!"

    "This studio's technology is good, I love the big head change!"

    "Suddenly, I am very grateful for such a team. Without you, we would not only have to endure the rubbish drama of elementary school IQ, but also endure the collapse of star appearance."

    This one, like 20,000+


    The operation of the free and unfettered tour made the parties unable to understand.

    ? At first I thought he wanted the final payment, but now I thought he wanted to touch porcelain marketing. "The Legend of Langhuan" and "Ms. Pearl" were very passive, and started urgent public relations.

    Their respective official accounts stood up to refute the rumors: "We just have some differences in communication, and there is no threat or intimidation. For rumors and slanders that do not match the facts, we reserve the right to pursue responsibility.

    Then sublimate:

    "The development of China's film and television industry is inseparable from everyone's efforts. Let us work together to create a good industrial environment and create a brilliant tomorrow!"

    Just after the sublimation here, Xiaoyaoyou directly threw out two phone recordings.

    Everyone on Weibo heard it:

    "Let me tell you, I won't give you a dime Do you know who the investor in this show is? Do you still want to hang out in the industry, and you don't want to get a job in the future"

    Damn it!

    Hi netizens!

    I used to eat melons, and I was always stingy. Some big-mouthed male star asked fans to have their hair done, but the fans took pictures of the evidence and knocked seven figures

    What is Xiaosheng traveling with gay celebrities in Thailand

    What is the imperial tiger addicted to gambling, the ex-girlfriend borrowed 10 million out of righteousness, and it has not been repaid yet

    It's all personal shit.  However, it is rare to see this kind of industry breaking news, directly messing with the crew, especially when it involves the first-line star of the girl mother.

    "It's time for someone to speak up and let us know why the quality of domestic dramas is not improving?"

    ""Legend of Langhuan" was scrapped, and the black material was one after another, even if you bought it, you would throw it in your hands."

    ""Mrs. Pearl" was ordered by Qiyi. With Qiyi's size, there is no need to worry."

    "Is this studio planning a one-day tour, opening today and closing tomorrow?"


    Speaking of film and television, music, fashion, media, finance, writers' associations, etc., no matter what industry it is, it is a subtle rule that people in the industry don't tell the inside story.

    Anyone who breaks the rules will become the target of public criticism.  Those who broke the news were all secretive, and they didn't even dare to say their names.

    ? As a result, Xiaoyaoyou was like a stunned young man, and he pissed off two filmmakers when he came up.  So when people in the circle saw it, they all had the same reaction:

    "Are you crazy?!"

    "I offend people when I come up, I guess it won't last long."

    "Young and vigorous!"

    The reputation of Xiaoyaoyou studio quickly spread in the circle.

    It's not because it adds watermarks, nor is it a technology, but because a newly established team dares to openly criticize Party A and reveal the inside story!

    In the inherent cognition, it seems that if Party B is weak, he should be bullied, he should have no dignity, he should struggle, go through hardships, and finally become like them¡ªParty B with a little dignity.

    This logic is very realistic.

    (Also ?
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